Brian Daboll Kids: Raising One Daughter And Five Sons

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A Canadian-born American football coach who is the head coach for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL), Brian Daboll kids are Mark, Christian, Aiden, Haven, Avery, and Luke.

Born in Welland, Ontario, Canada, Brian Daboll’s upbringing was under the care of his grandparents in the nearby West Seneca, a suburb of Buffalo, New York.

During his formative years, he attended Saint Francis High School in Hamburg, New York, where he excelled as a football letterman.

Brian Daboll Kids: Raising One Daughter And Five Sons
Bryan Daboll With His Son And Grandson (Source: Instagram)

Notably, he shared the field with future coach Brian Polian and eventual NFL front office executive Dave Caldwell as teammates.

His pursuit of higher education led him to the University of Rochester, where he showcased his skills as a letterman and two-year starter in football, primarily as a safety.

Daboll’s academic journey culminated with achieving a degree in economics upon graduation.

Brian Daboll Wife

Brian Daboll is married to Beth Daboll, and together, they are proud parents to six children, including two of their own since their union in 2009.

However, Beth Daboll passionately asserts that the 20th head coach of the Giants stands out as truly authentic, setting him apart from many of his predecessors who held the same position.

During his tenure as the offensive coordinator in Buffalo, Daboll had a charming habit of inviting his players and fellow coaches to their residences for spontaneous barbecues and refreshing swims in the backyard pool.

These gatherings were so impromptu that, at times, Beth was entirely caught off guard when a group of hungry, imposing 300-pound men suddenly descended upon their home.

Brian Daboll Kids: Raising One Daughter And Five Sons
Brian Daboll With His Wife (Source: New York Post)

Beth and Brian met in 2006 at a bar in Buffalo. Brian was celebrating his 30th birthday with some buddies, and Beth was out with some girlfriends on their way to see a local band. 

Beth revealed that what initially drew her to Brian was his physical appearance. She said shyly, “I do have a thing for bald guys, so the bald head got me first.”

When we first crossed paths, the number one thing that attracted me to him was his deep caring for his kids,” she reflected.

“Brian and I were on remarkably similar life paths, running parallel to each other. We both married young, had two children, and amicably parted ways with our former spouses. Going through divorce wasn’t exactly enjoyable for either of us, and we both vowed never to get married again.”

Three years later, however, they did tie the knot.

Brian Daboll Kids

Brian and Beth’s connection deepened shortly after they first met, and it didn’t take long for them to discover that both had been previously married and had two children each.

Their first date took place at Ilio DiPaolo’s, a restaurant Beth described as a “fantastic Italian spot.”

At the time, Brian’s children were Christian, aged five, and Haven, aged one, while Beth’s children were Mark, aged six, and Aiden, aged two.

As their relationship blossomed, Brian and Beth welcomed two more children into their lives, Avery and Luke, after being together.

They currently parent six kids together.

Brian Daboll Kids | Son Christian Daboll

Brian Daboll’s son, Christian, is New York Giants Offensive Assistant. 

He graduated from Penn State on December 18, 2022.

The New York Giants officially brought Christian Daboll on board as an entry-level offensive assistant within the coaching staff on February 2023.

In the world of the NFL, it’s not uncommon to see large coaching staffs that include relatives and, on occasion, father-son pairs.

Brian Daboll Kids: Raising One Daughter And Five Sons
Christian Daboll With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

Christian Daboll had been serving as a student coach at Penn State for the past 3 ½ years, gradually progressing to the point where he was entrusted with the responsibility of signaling plays, as confirmed by his father, Brian, in an interview with

Brian took the time to visit Christian during Penn State’s Senior Day celebrations, which took place over Thanksgiving weekend following the Giants’ holiday game.

Haven Daboll Plays Lacrosse

Haven is a student at Nardin Academy in Buffalo, New York, where she actively participates in lacrosse as a midfielder, representing Empress 2023 Blue, as indicated on her Connect LAX profile.

Standing 5 feet 4 inches tall, Haven is a versatile athlete involved in various sports.

Haven Daboll With His Friend
Haven Daboll With His Friend (Source: vsco)

She has competed in varsity basketball, soccer, cross-country, lacrosse, and squash, showcasing her athleticism and dedication to sports.

On the social media front, Haven maintains an active presence on VSCO, sharing snapshots of her life with her boyfriend, friends, and family. While she also has a TikTok account, it currently remains private.

Stepsons Mark Vogel And Aiden Vogel

It’s heartwarming to hear that Mark and Aiden have a close and affectionate relationship with Brian, regarding him as a father figure.

Beth’s frequent postings of their photos on Facebook likely reflect the strong bond they share as a family.

Mark, residing in West Seneca, New York, has an active Twitter account that he created back in July 2014.

He’s an avid sports enthusiast, displaying his passion as a devoted fan of the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Avery And Luke

Baby Avery came into the world in November 2015, a delightful addition to the family, arriving six years after Brian and Beth’s wedding.

Beth joyfully shared the news of her pregnancy on August 18, 2015, accompanied by a caption indicating she was 26 weeks along.

Following Avery’s arrival, the family welcomed another member, Luke, into their lives. Beth lovingly captures moments with all six of her children and regularly shares their photos on social media for friends and family to enjoy.

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