What Is Bruce Cassidy Net Worth? Knights Coach Contract And Salary

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Bruce Cassidy, the NHL team Vegas Golden Knights head coach, is considered one of the highest-paid coaches. Many wonder how much net worth Cassidy has- no doubt, it is in the million-dollar figure.

As of June 2024, the ice hockey player-turned-coach has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Since his playing career retirement in 1996, Bruce “Butch” Cassidy is working as an ice hockey coach & won the Jack Adams Award (of the 2019- 20 NHL season).

After a season of joining the Vegas Golden Knights, he led them to the 2023 Stanley Cup victory after a 4-1 win series over the Florida Panthers.

It is the team’s first-ever triumph since its foundation in 2017.

Vegas Golden Knights Coach Bruce Cassidy
Vegas Golden Knights Coach Bruce Cassidy (Source: Boston Sports Journal)

Before joining the Golden Knights, Cassidy coached other NHL teams Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Capitals, and Boston Bruins.

Not to mention, his coaching portfolio includes the ECHL, OHL, IHL & AHL teams, inclusive of Jacksonville Lizard Kings, Kingston Frontenacs & Providence Bruins.

As of this writing, Bruce Cassidy has coached in 591 games recording 343 victories.

Bruce Cassidy Net Worth- Millionaire From Coaching

In his stellar ice hockey career, Cassidy has appeared as a player, assistant coach, and head coach.

He has been able to earn a respectable amount of fame and riches thanks to his career. The current Las Vegas team’s coach is thought to be worth about $10 million.

The Champions Of Stanley Cup Got $3.75 Million
The Champions Of Stanley Cup Got $3.75 Million (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, throughout the years, his enthusiasm and tenacity enabled him to build himself a prosperous existence.

Bruce Cassidy Bought A Million Dollar Home

Bruce is a married man and wants to provide the best for his family

As a result, the former athlete purchased a $4.9 million house outside of Sin City in Las Vegas to provide the best for his family.

The property has three garages, five bedrooms, and a gigantic 5,952 square feet of space spread across two stories.

Moreover, the house also has several additional amenities, such as a spa, built-in BBQ, and a swimming pool, in addition to those rooms.

Additionally, he makes money via a variety of sponsorship and endorsement agreements with businesses.

Before moving to Sin City, he also put his house worth a whopping $2.9 million for sale. 

The house, they moved to in 2017 has 4805 square doot with six bedrooms with five bathrooms. 

The Cassidy family also bought the house for $2 million in Hutchinson St., Boston. 

Contract And Salary

Butch did not earn much during his playing days. 

However, via his contracts and payments, Bruce has been able to acquire a substantial sum of money as a coach.

He held a contract from 2002 to 2004 and was paid $350,000 a year as the Washington Capitals coach.

However, his employment abruptly ended on December 11, 2003, and he was sacked.

Unfortunately, the 2004/05 season was canceled due to the NHL lockout year, and no salaries were paid. 

He then had brief stints with Kingston Frontenacs (2006 – 2008), and Providence Bruins (2008 – 2016). 

Unfortunately, the details surrounding his contract during that time are not known. 

Bruce then moved to Bruins on May 24, 2016, as an assistant coach, before finally getting the head coach job on April 26. 

Additionally, his next high-profile contract came in the 2019 season. 

Cassidy signed a contract with Boston Bruins on September 11, 2019, agreeing to a four-year, whopping $3 million contract.

A Young Bruce Cassidy
A Young Bruce Cassidy (Source: Facebook)

The NHL played a 56-game season as opposed to an 82-game season as a result of Covid-19, and wages were not prorated.

He was fired by the Bruins in the 2021–22 season nonetheless, following some unsuccessful stints with the teams.

Bruce still had one season left on his $3 million deal when his contract was terminated by the Bruins.

On June 14, 2002, Cassidy became the head coach of the Golden Knights who signed him to a five-year deal with a contract of around $22.5 million.

However, he only had to wait eight days to get the coaching gig after his former employers terminated his contract. 

The former Bruins coach earned their respect by winning the Stanley Cup in his debut campaign.

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