Burgess Owens Wife: Has He Married After Josie Owens?

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Burgess Owens’ wife has been integral to his life, contributing to their shared journey of raising a family and embracing spiritual milestones.

Despite the challenges leading to their divorce in 2015, the lasting impact of Burgess Owens’ wife resonates in pivotal moments, particularly their joint baptism into the Mormon faith in 1982.

While the details of Burgess Owens’ romantic life, post-divorce from Josie in 2015, remain private, the enduring impact of their union is evident.

Burgess Owens Is An American Politician, Nonprofit Executive, And Former Professional Football Player
Burgess Owens Is An American Politician, Nonprofit Executive, And Former Professional Football Player (Source: Instagram)

Burgess Owens is more than just a former NFL player turned politician; a man of diverse achievements and impactful experiences.

From his stellar career as a professional football player, where he triumphed with the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV, to his dedication to helping troubled youth as the CEO of Second Chance 4 Youth, Burgess Owens embodies resilience and compassion.

Beyond the football field, Burgess has ventured into politics, currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Utah’s 4th congressional district since 2021.

A proud Republican, he brings a unique perspective to the House of Representatives, contributing to discussions on various issues.

Burgess Owens Wife

Burgess Owens, a multifaceted figure celebrated for his accomplishments in both sports and politics, has navigated a journey defined by triumphs and personal growth.

After sharing 34 years of marriage with his wife, Josie Owens, the couple embarked on the journey of raising six children and navigating the complexities of life.

Despite facing the challenges that led to their divorce, Burgess Owens approached this chapter of his life with characteristic strength and resilience.

The impact of their union, reflective of the family they built together, extends beyond the timeline of their marriage.

In 2015, the couple faced the difficult decision to part ways, yet the enduring influence of their shared history persists.

Burgess Owens Divorced With His Wife, Josie
Burgess Owens Divorced With His Wife, Josie (Source: Teen Vogue)

A pivotal moment in their lives occurred in 1982, when Josie and Burgess, hailing from different religious backgrounds, Josie raised Catholic and Burgess raised Baptist, experienced a transformative baptism into the Mormon faith.

This shared commitment to spirituality marked a poignant chapter, revealing the depth of their connection that transcended the surface.

In the aftermath of his divorce from Josie, the details of Burgess Owens’ romantic life have not been widely publicized.

Whether he has entered a new marriage or chosen a different path remains a private aspect of his story.

Burgess Owens, known for his dedication on and off the field, carries this same commitment into his personal life, where discretion and privacy become integral.

From Gridiron Glory to Congressional Leadership

Burgess Owens is a true trailblazer who went from scoring touchdowns in the NFL to making critical decisions in the U.S. Congress.

Growing up in Tallahassee, Owens made history as one of the first African American players on a predominantly white high school football team.

His skills on the field didn’t end there; he became an All-American player at the University of Miami and even snagged a Super Bowl ring with the Oakland Raiders.

But Owens didn’t stop at sports. After his NFL days, he delved into the corporate world, working for WordPerfect.

Later, he found a new calling as a motivational speaker and commentator on Fox News.

Burgess Owens Is Serving As The U.S. Representative For Utah's 4th Congressional District
Burgess Owens Is Serving As The U.S. Representative For Utah’s 4th Congressional District (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Not just an athlete, Owens is also an author, sharing his views on liberalism and personal empowerment in published works.

Beyond the public eye, Owens embraced a significant personal shift, converting to Mormonism in 1982.

This spiritual journey, influenced by his teammate Todd Christensen, added another layer to his fascinating story.

In the political arena, Owens made waves by testifying against reparations and eventually winning a seat in the U.S. Congress, representing Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

Inducted into the University of Miami Sports Hall Of Fame and celebrated in the NFL, Clarence Burgess Owens remains an inspiring figure, showcasing resilience and leadership both on and off the field.

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