Burrow Fantasy Names: Top 40 Picks For 2023

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Best Joe Burrow Fantasy Names

Joe Burrow’s swagger, even just stepping off a plane, is a league of its own. It’s almost like he’s an NFL quarterback effortlessly strolling through life while the rest of us are busy brainstorming Joe Burrow fantasy names.

Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback, Joe Burrow, is often regarded as one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks. Still, when it comes to fantasy football, he lacks the rushing potential seen in other top QBs.

Additionally, his preseason was marred by a calf strain that kept him sidelined. The question arises: Should fantasy football managers invest in Burrow at his current Average Draft Position (ADP) this season?

While Burrow has shown immense potential and could deliver impressive passing stats, his limited rushing contributions might affect his fantasy production compared to quarterbacks who excel in both throwing and running.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow (Source: Cincinnati Enquirer)

Furthermore, the calf injury raises concerns about his early-season performance and durability.

Fantasy football managers should weigh these factors carefully when considering drafting Joe Burrow.

It’s essential to assess your team’s needs, overall strategy, and the available alternatives at the quarterback position before deciding on his ADP.

Top 40 Joe Burrow Fantasy Names

S.No Fantasy Team Name
1 Joe Cool
2 The JoeKer
3 The Top J
4 Boe Jurrow
5 Joe Burrowed
6 MarlBurrow Man
7 The BurrowHead
8 Jonly Burrow
9 Joenas BurroThers
10 JeoMp Starter
11 BurrowIto Joe
12 JoeMbie
13 Taco Burrito
14 Joltin’ Joe
15 Jolen Joe
16 Joe DiMario
17 Joe Voltage
18 Burrowed Treasure
19 The Joe of All Trades
20 Joe-Dacious
21 The Joe-nado
22 Burrow Magic
23 Joeminator
24 The Joe-Rushers
25 Joe’s TD Troopers
26 Electric Burrow
27 Joemastery
28 The JoeFlames
29 Gridiron Joe-volution
30 Burrow Beyond
31 Joe’s End Zone Extravaganza
32 Joetroopers
33 The Burrow Brawlers
34 JoeDash
35 Burrow Crusaders
36 Joemighty


Joe Burrow’s Fantasy Outlook

Joe Burrow‘s NFL journey, spanning three seasons, showcases consistent improvement year after year.

Over the past two seasons, he’s crossed the 20-fantasy-point-per-game threshold, recording 20.5 in 2021 and an impressive 22.7 last year.

In a different era, Burrow would likely reign as the supreme quarterback in fantasy football. He commands an elite offense armed with two WR1 talents in Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins.

The Bengals’ penchant for a pass-heavy approach is evident, leading the league with a 65% neutral game script pass rate last season.

Burrow’s exceptional accuracy, especially on deep passes, ranks him among the league’s best. Predictably, he’s a near-lock for 4,500 passing yards and 35+ touchdowns.

Surprisingly, Burrow’s performance should have been even more stellar last year. According to Inside Edge, he faced adversity with five dropped passes in the red zone during the last eight weeks of the regular season.

Burrow Fantasy Names: Top 40 Picks For 2023
Joe Burrow (Source: Sports Illustrated)

So, why isn’t Burrow considered a top-three fantasy quarterback, and perhaps not even top-five? The answer revolves around his rushing capabilities.

Out of last season’s top nine fantasy QBs, no one averaged fewer rushing yards per game than Burrow.

Nonetheless, he managed to outshine the next-worst rushing QB, Tua Tagovailoa, by an impressive 4.3 points per game.

In the grand scheme, quarterbacks who lack mobility tend to rank as low-end QB1s or high-end QB2s.

Think Tua Tagovailoa, Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff, and even Dak Prescott, despite his early career rushing stats.

Burrow’s ability to break into the top five fantasy quarterbacks despite his limited rushing potential is impressive.

How Safe Is It To Pick Joe Burrow?

Joe Burrow is an exceptionally safe pick for your fantasy football team in a vacuum. However, we can’t ignore the circumstances.

Burrow sustained a calf strain early in training camp, which caused him to miss the entire preseason, although it’s unlikely he would have played much during those games anyway.

I’ve publicly stated my expectation that Burrow might miss the season’s first 2-3 weeks.

Burrow Fantasy Names: Top 40 Picks For 2023
Bengals QB Joe Burrow (Source: Billboard)

However, it’s important to emphasize that this is speculative, and there’s no guarantee of it happening. Despite this uncertainty, I’m not inclined to significantly downgrade his rankings.

Even if Burrow is ready for Week 1, calf strains can be tricky injuries. They pose a higher risk of reinjury compared to a situation where he had not been injured in the first place.

While this shouldn’t deter fantasy managers from considering Burrow, it’s a factor worth considering during drafts.

Burrow’s Average Draft Position (ADP) currently places him as the QB5.

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