Caleb Downs To Ohio State Rumor: Will He Transfer Or Stay In Alabama?

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Due to the transfer of a prominent coach and open transfer window, fans are speculating about a move of Caleb Downs To Ohio State.

Downs has even started following the accounts of multiple players from the Ohio football team.

Caleb Downs In Ther Middle Of A Game
Caleb Downs In The Middle Of A Game (Source: Instagram)

Caleb Downs is a defensive back for the Alabama Crimson Tide in American football.

He decided to move to Alabama on July 27, 2022. He selected Alabama despite Clemson, Georgia, Notre Dame, and Ohio State.

They selected Downs as a senior All-American Bowl Player of the Year.

Furthermore, he was among the top players in the 2023 college football recruiting class and the nation’s top safety prospect.

He was ranked ninth nationwide by, eleventh by ESPN, and eighth by 247Sports. In July 2023, USA Today named him Defensive Football Player of the Year.

Rumor Or Truth? Caleb Downs To Ohio State

Amidst the chaos after Alabama’s coach Nick Saban’s retirement, there are rumors that Caleb Downs will now transfer to Ohio State.

The retirement gave Alabama players a 30-day window to consider transfers.

Fans also speculate that Washington coach Kalen DeBoer is keen to keep Alabama’s elite group together. 

The move of defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson from Tuscaloosa to Georgia is said to have influenced Downs’ choice.

There Are Massive Rumore Of Caleb Downs Going To Ohio
There Are Massive Rumore Of Caleb Downs Going To Ohio (Source: Instagram)

In 2023, Downs had barely decided to dodge Georgia’s recruitment efforts. With this new transfer window activated, fans are speculating something big. 

There is already noise on social media after Downs followed multiple football players from Ohio like Denzel Burke, Cameron Martinez, and Brandon Inniss.

However, College football reporter Tom VanHaaren had something different to add to the fold. 

Earlier today, he posted a Tweet saying,

“I was told that Alabama freshman Caleb Downs hasn’t made a decision on his future yet if he’ll stay or transfer.”

VanHarren further adds,

“He’d like to see who’s added to the Bama defensive staff, but very likely could make a decision either way tomorrow. Travaris Robinson staying at Georgia factors in.”

Since Downs is still silent on the issue, we can do nothing more than wait and watch. 

Who Is His Brother Josh Downs? 

Joshua Downs, aka Josh, is the brother of Caleb Down, who was born on August 12, 2001. He has been a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts since 2023.

Josh went to the North Gwinnett High School and had a fantastic football career there. The board had also named him to the 2020 All-American Bowl.

Later, Josh committed to playing college football at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Downs played 10 games for North Carolina as a freshman in 2020. The team allowed him to play majorly on special teams.

Josh Downs Is The Brother Of Caleb Downs
Josh Downs Is The Brother Of Caleb Downs (Source: Instagram)

The Indianapolis Colts drafted Downs in the third round, 79th overall, of the 2023 NFL Draft.

He finished his first season second on the club in receiving and seventh overall, with 68 receptions for 771 yards and two touchdowns.

The siblings’ father, Gary played collegiate football at NC State and is currently an assistant coach.

Their uncle, Dré Bly, also played for the Tar Heels and spent 11 years in the NFL.

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