Camila Giorgi Sister: Who Is Antonella Giorgi?

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Camila Giorgi’s sister, Antonella Giorgi, was only 23 when she lost her life in a car accident in Paris. The Italian tennis player also has two brothers, one of them being a former soccer player.

The 32-year-old tennis player, Giorgi, has always talked about how supportive her brothers have been towards her career. Leandro and Amadeus have been vital figures in her life.

Camila Giorgi Keeps Her Eye On The Ball As She Shares The Picture In 2021
Camila Giorgi Keeps Her Eye On The Ball As She Shares The Picture In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Since she picked up the tennis racquet as a little girl, Camila has been trained by her father, Sergio Giorgi. The father-daughter duo was earlier this year a topic of controversy, but Camila cleared the rumors.

The Italian tennis player won her fourth WTA title at the 2023 Merida Open in February against Rebecca Peterson. Giorgi will be hoping she can show the same magic at the Canadian Open, having defeated Bianca Andreescu in the round of 64. 

Camila Giorgi Sister, Antonella Giorgi, And Her Tragic Demise

Camila Giorgi had an older sister named Antonella Giorgi. The Italian tennis player lost her older sister at age 23 in 2011. 

According to the sources, Antonela passed away in a car accident that happened in Paris. In an interview in 2015, Camila’s father, Sergio Giorgi, talked briefly about Antonella. 

At the time, Camila was 23, the same age as her sister when she died. Sergio said the incident was a dramatic time for the family and still haunted them, but at the time, it was causing Camila great stress. 

Camila hasn’t talked in depth about her sister during an interview. At the time of her sister’s demise, Camila was 20, and maybe talking about it would only reopen the old wounds. 

On Left: Camila Giorgi With Her Younger Brother, Amadeus, And On Right With Both Leandro and Amadeus
On The Left: Camila Giorgi With Her Younger Brother, Amadeus, And On The Right With Both Leandro and Amadeus (Source: Instagram)

Though Camila might’ve lost her sister in a car accident, the tennis player still has the support of her two brothers, Leandro and Amadeus.

In an interview, Camila said it was with her older brother, Leandro, that she started playing tennis. In 2018, it was revealed that her brother, Leandro, was trying to find his feet in the acting world. He is available on Instagram with the username @leogiorgi16 but hasn’t shared any posts.

Camila’s younger brother, Amadeus Giorgi, is an athlete like her. He previously played soccer for the Italian club AC Campodarsego but has been without a club since the 2019 season. 

Amadeus has supported his sister throughout every step of her tennis career. Previously, Camila would wear a necklace with Amadeus’s name while playing tennis.

In 2021, the sibling duo also walked the red carpet of the 78th Venice International Film Festival together.

Camila Giorgi Parents, Sergio, And Claudia Giorgi 

Camila Giorgi’s parents, Sergio and Claudia Giorgi raised four kids in Macerata, Italy. If Claudia has maintained her life away from the public limelight, then her husband is the opposite of it.

Sergio and Claudia are Jewish and Argentines of Italian descent, hailing from La Plata, Argentina. Sergio is a war veteran, having fought in the Falkland Islands War at age 19. 

In an interview with the English media in 2012, Sergio said he was lucky to get out alive. After the war ended, Sergio returned to Argentina in 1982 and later received a scholarship to study medicine in Rome.

There he met his wife, Claudia, and started a family. During an interview, when Sergio was asked why isn’t Claudia seen much, he replied Claudia doesn’t want to be a public figure and is very reserved.

Camila Giorgi And Sergio Giorgi Are All Smiles As They Enter The Tennis Court
Camila Giorgi And Sergio Giorgi Are All Smiles As They Enter The Tennis Court (Source: Instagram)

Since Camila started playing tennis, Sergio has taken the reigns and has always been her tennis coach. And there has been a fair share of controversies that the father-duo have shared throughout the years. 

In 2014, Sergio was handed a subpoena by an investor from whom he allegedly took the money, saying it was to invest in his daughter’s tennis career. 

But after the money wasn’t returned, the charges were brought forward. Earlier this year, Camila had to take to Twitter to clear the rumors of her father being overly controlling of her career. 

Giorgi said the rumors were false, and she dedicates all her success to him. She also cleared the false rumors that her father has asked her to play till she is 40. 

Sergio is available on Instagram with the username @giorgisergio, where he has shared several random posts. 

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