Carleigh Frilles Parents: Mother Meredith And Father Alan Frilles

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Carleigh Frilles’ parents Meredith, and Alan Frilles, raised three kids, with two turning out to be athletes. Carleigh is the middle child of the family.

The US-born Philippines-representing soccer player, Carleigh Frilles, made her international debut last year at the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup. The youngster has already won a gold medal for her country, as the Philippines beat Thailand in the 2022 AFF Women’s Championship.

Carleigh Frilles Takes A Selfie With Her Mother, Meredith, And Sister Alexandra During The Women's World Cup Tournament
Carleigh Frilles Takes A Selfie With Her Mother, Meredith, And Sister Alexandra During The Women’s World Cup Tournament (Source: Instagram)

Though both her parents come from a non-sporting background, they have supported her soccer career. And it is not only her parents but her grandparents and siblings who are currently Down Under to watch the Philippines compete in the World Cup.

The Philippines team comprising Carleigh and teammates Olivia McDaniel and Hali Long, shocked the host nation, New Zealand, as they beat them 1-0. The Philippines will next play against Norway, hoping they can qualify for the next round. 

Carleigh Frilles Parents, Meredith, And Alan Frilles 

Carleigh Frilles’ parents Meredith, and Alan Frilles, raised the soccer player in Fairfax, Virginia. 

The US-born soccer player, Careligh represents the Philippines Women’s National Team, as her father’s heritage traces to the Asian country. Carleigh began representing the Philippines at age 13 when she was approached at a training camp.

The soccer player’s dad, Alan Frilles, graduated from Radford University with a psychology degree in 1999. And Carleigh’s love for the sport might come from her father, who has voluntarily managed FC Virginia for the last 13 years. 

Carleigh Frilles' Parents, Meredith, And Alan Frilles Pictured In 2019
Carleigh Frilles’ Parents, Meredith, And Alan Frilles, Pictured In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Alan is the senior manager at T-Mobile USA, a position he has been managing since December 2022. Previously he worked as a Government Account Executive for T-Mobile.

Previously, Alan worked for AT&T Wireless as a business account executive for five years until 2005. He then joined Liberty Mutual Insurance and worked there for four years before beginning his journey with T-Mobile.

He joined the company as a regional account manager in 2009 and was promoted to sales manager in 2015 before becoming a senior manager in 2016.

Alan then left the communication company to join Samsung, where he worked as a senior manager for four years before rejoining T-Mobile in 2021. 

Carleigh’s mother, Meredith Frilles, remains one of her biggest cheerleaders and has shared several posts relating to her daughter’s success on her Facebook handle

Carleigh Frilles Sister, Alexandra Frilles 

Carleigh Frilles has an older sister, Alexandra Frilles, who, unlike Carleigh, has craved her path in a different field. 

Alexandra graduated from Battlefield High School in 2017 and enrolled at James Madison University, graduating in Musical Theatre. She works at Norwegian Creative Studios and has shown her vocal talent on social media platforms.

On her second Instagram handle Alexandra, who also goes by the name Lexxi on social media, has showcased her vocal ability. Alexandra has previously even performed a solo show on a cruise ship.

Alexandra Frilles Pictured In Front Of Her Room At The Riviera Lounge Earlier This Year In April
Alexandra Frilles Pictured In Front Of Her Room At The Riviera Lounge Earlier This Year In April (Source: Instagram)

The older sister of Carleigh Frilles shared a video of her beautiful performance last year in June. Earlier this year, in June, Alexandra shared a compilation of all her solo shows from April. 

Alexandra also has a TikTok handle, where she flexes her vocal talent and has garnered over 45k likes. On her website, Alexandra has called herself the “black sheep” of the family as she is the only non-athlete sibling.

Alexandra and Carleigh have a little brother, Brady Frilles, who is part of the baseball team at Battlefield High School and will graduate next year.

The entire Frilles family has traveled Down Under to root for Carleigh and team Philippines. Alexandra shared a few family pictures on her Instagram handle from the Philippines’ match against New Zealand. 

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