Carles Falcon Wikipedia And Familia: Dakar Accident Claims Life Of Rider

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Carles Falcon Wikipedia- The Spanish motorbike rider, made his professional debut in 2018. Falcon passed away on January 15, Monday, after suffering injuries at the 2024 Dakar Rally. 

He only wanted to return to Dakar so he could cross the finish line with his best friend, Isaac Feliu. Falcon had previously conquered the Dakar Rally in 2022. 

Falcon, a former computer engineer, left his job to follow his passion for motorbike riding and was rightly rewarded. Alongside his Twin Trail team, Falcon had created a niche following on social media platforms.

This Was Second Time Falcon Participated At The Dakar Race
This Was The Second Time Falcon Participated In The Dakar Race (Source: Instagram)

But the crash on January 7 during the second stage of the Dakar Rally ended the life of Carles Falcon. He was in an induced coma since he was flown to hospital with severe injuries from the fall.

The TwinTrail racing team shared on their Instagram handle about Carles’ death. They wrote that the neurological damage caused by the cardiorespiratory arrest at the time of the accident was irreversible, leading to Carles’ demise. 

Carles Falcon Wikipedia: Life Of The Motorbike Rider

Carles Falcon, 45, tragically died on Monday after suffering from injuries during Stage 2 of the Dakar Rally. Falcon was the company manager at Twin Trail Experience, a Spanish adventure motorcycle firm founded in 2015.

Falcon hailed from Spain and was previously a computer engineer before following his passion for motorbike riding. As a part of his role at Twin Trail Experience, Falcon was an instructor and adventure bike route guide.

Early in his career, Carles had practiced enduro at an amateur level. It was later that he became interested in trail bikes. After his best friend Isaac Feliu established Twin Trail, Carles left his job as a computer engineer. 

Carles Shows His Medal Won During The Hellas Rally In 2023
Carles Shows His Medal Won During The Hellas Rally In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

In 2018, Carles made his professional debut at Hellas Rally. In his interview with ADV Road, Carles briefly discussed his love for riding. He recalled a few childhood memories and that his first bike was a little Italjet Victory 50cc, which he got when he was six. 

Carles was fifth-classed in the M5 category in Hellas Rally. In 2021, he participated in the Andalusia Rally, returned to the Hellas Rally, and was second-classified in the M6 category. 

That year, Carles also participated in the Dinaric and Morocco Rally. After they were confined in their houses due to the pandemic, Carles and Isaac started their YouTube channel, TwinTrail. 

They would make videos analyzing the Dakar Rally and discuss their time at various motorcycle shows. Last year, in November, the two had attended EICMA, or the Milan Motorcycle Shows, and shared their experience. Carles was also seen reviewing the Voge 300 Rally.

They were also filming everything during their time at the 2024 Dakar Rally.

Carles Falcon Familia

The motorbike rider Carles Falcon’s familia has asked for privacy during this difficult time. Carles has never shown much of his private life on his social media platform. 

In an interview, Carles Falcon had shared that his love for racing stemmed from his father. His dad owned an old Bultaco Alpina 350cc, which made him want to test it. 

He was eight when he started riding motorbikes with gears. In his interview, Carles mentioned that his family had a little house in the mountains near Tarragona, where he spent his youth riding enduro bikes.

For Carles, Issac was no less than a family member. It was because of Issac that Carles decided to follow his passion. Carles participated in the 2024 Dakar Rally because he wanted to finish the race alongside Issac, as the latter was injured in stage nine of the 2022 Rally. 

Isaac Feliu Was No Less Than A Brother For Carles Falcon
Isaac Feliu Was No Less Than A Brother For Carles Falcon (Source: Instagram)

His other good friend, Aleix Llovet, is also part of the Twin Trail team, and like Carles, Aleix had also given up on his engineering job to pursue his passion. 

Aleix shared a tribute for his friend on Instagram and captioned the post, “Companion, friend, and guardian angel! We have enjoyed a lot of trips, rallies, and vacations together. Thank you for everything.”

Isaac had been sharing Instagram posts for Carles since his injury on January 7. On January 8, Isaac shared an image of him kissing Carles on the cheek and captioned the post, “I promise that very soon we will enjoy life together again as we have so many times in the past. I promise.”

He shared another post on January 9 and captioned it, “Soon we will repeat this photo. I promise you that. And we will be Laif, as we have always been. And we will continue to enjoy as we have always done. I promise you that.”

But now, it’s upon Isaac to carry on Carles’ legacy with their Twin Trail team. 

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