Carter Hart Health And Illness Update: Is Cause Of Absence Investigation Of Scandal?

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Carter Hart Health: The Philadelphia Flyers goaltender has announced an indefinite leave of absence from the team due to personal reasons.

Carter Hart’s absence follows his recent struggles with an undisclosed illness that led to weight loss, limiting his playing time in December.

Fans speculate Carter Hart’s indefinite leave of absence due to alleged involvement in the 2018 WJC s*x scandal.

Flyers' Carter Hart Granted Indefinite Leave Of Absence Citing Personal Reasons
Flyers’ Carter Hart Granted Indefinite Leave Of Absence Citing Personal Reasons (Source: Daily Faceoff)

Carter Hart is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL.

He was raised in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and has been significantly interested in hockey since childhood.

At ten, Hart began training with a sports psychologist and played minor hockey in the Alberta Minor Midget AAA Hockey League.

The Flyers drafted Hart in the second round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

Moreover, he was the highest-drafted goaltender that year.

On December 18, 2018, Hart became the youngest goaltender in Flyers history to win his NHL debut.

And in 2020, he became the youngest Flyers goaltender to win a postseason game.

Internationally, Hart has represented Canada at several international tournaments.

Some include the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament, IIHF World U20 Championship, and Ice Hockey World Championships.

Furthermore, he has received numerous awards from the Western Hockey League (WHL) and the National Hockey League.

Carter Hart Health Complications

Carter’s play in goal has been a little erratic lately, particularly in a game with the Colorado Avalanche.

Having conceded five goals, he was replaced in the third quarter. Despite this, his season stats were still quite good.

It Is Confirmed that Hart Is Not Suffering From Any Health Issues Or Injuries
It Is Confirmed that Hart Is Not Suffering From Any Health Issues Or Injuries (Source: Getty Images)

Previously, Hart suffered a terrible illness in December 2023, causing him to lose a significant amount of weight and preventing him from playing for 19 days.

In a conversation with Jordan Hall from NBC Sports Philadelphia, Hart mentioned that his illness comes and goes.

Carter stated that he has finally identified what is causing the problem and is trying to rectify the situation.

Following Hart’s absence from the day’s practice (January 23, 2024), the team’s coach, John Tortorella, finally stated that Hart was not experiencing any medical problems or injuries.

Fans Speculating Carter’s Absence Related to 2018 WJC Scandal 

Naturally, there is already a great deal of conjecture as to the precise motivations underlying Hart’s leave of absence request.

A lawsuit was filed against Hockey Canada in April 2022.

The lawsuit claimed that a woman was sexually assaulted by members of the 2018 World Junior Championship team for Canada.

Fans Have Different Theories For Carter's Absence
Fans Have Different Theories For Carter’s Absence (Source: RTA Muebles)

At that time, Carter Hart was the starting goalie for the World Junior Championship.

Later, the lawsuit was settled in May 2022, but fans heavily theorized the scandal as the reason for Carter’s absence.

Shortly after the case was filed, the NHL began investigating it. However, there has been no update.

Along with Carter, Dillon Dube, a Calgary Flames forward and also a member of that Canadian team, took an indefinite leave of absence on January 21.

The Flames stated that the leave was due to mental health reasons. There’s no confirmation that Hart’s and Dube’s leaves are connected.

It’s critical to emphasize that no official explanation has been provided for Hart’s leave of absence, and any “explanations” that have surfaced are merely speculation.

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