Casey Mittelstadt Brothers: Who Are Luke And John Mittelstadt?

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Casey Mittelstadt brothers, Luke and John have followed in the footsteps of their elder brother. They diligently pursue their hockey goals while Casey makes waves in the professional league. 

Despite all the attention on Casey, the brothers are close and continue to inspire one another.

Casey Mittelstadt The Ice Hockey Prodigy
Casey Mittelstadt The Ice Hockey Prodigy (Source: Youth Hockey Club)

Casey Mittelstadt, born in Minnesota, emerged as a hockey standout from an early age. He was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in 2017 as the eighth overall pick.

Mittelstadt decided to spend a short period at the University of Minnesota, where he demonstrated his exceptional scoring abilities. Since his 2018 debut with the Sabres, Mittelstadt has shown glimpses of brilliance.

Moreover, the prodigy solidifies his importance to the Sabres’ future and establishes him as a promising NHL talent.

Casey Mittelstadt Brothers Luke And John Mittelstadt

Casey, a standout hockey player from Eden Prairie High School, made headlines when he became the highest-drafted Minnesotan in over a decade after being selected by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2017 NHL Draft.

John and Luke are making their marks in hockey, carrying on Casey’s legacy. As a forward with the Green Bay Gamblers, John is inspired by Casey’s accomplishments and shares his brother’s enthusiasm for the game.

The Mittelstadt Brothers
The Mittelstadt Brothers (Source: X(Twitter)

Furthermore, John is creating waves on the ice like his older brother with an offensive skill set and determined mentality. He wants to make the same kind of impact that Casey did.

Meanwhile, Luke, a talented defenseman, adds to the Mittelstadt hockey legacy with his skills and determination. 

Raised in a competitive household where excellence is the standard, the Mittelstadt brothers push each other to new heights.

As John prepares to join Casey at the University of Minnesota, he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to represent his home state and continue the family’s hockey legacy with the Golden Gophers.

With Casey paving the way, John and Luke Mittelstadt are ready to make their mark on the hockey world.

Casey Mittelstadt Family

Casey Mittelstadt hails from a close-knit family deeply rooted in Minnesota. Born in Eden Prairie, Casey’s journey in hockey began early in life.

He attended Eden Prairie Secondary School, where he earned the prestigious title of Minnesota Mr. Hockey in 2017.

With his talent evident from a young age, Casey’s path led him to the Green Bay Gamblers of the US Hockey League (USHL).

Moreover, he was drafted eighth overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2017 NHL Draft.

Casey Mittelstadt Family
Casey Mittelstadt Family(Source: Youtube)

Casey’s parents, Tom and Dede Mittelstadt, both work at North Light Tone, a prominent company in Minnesota.

Tom, a St. Olaf College graduate, serves as the President of North Light Tone, while Dede joined the company in September 2020.

Furthermore, they helped Casey with his high school and college hockey pursuits, and Tom even built a home rink for Casey to train on. Their commitment to Casey’s hockey adventure was clear.

The Mittelstadt family’s commitment to hockey extends beyond Casey, with his brothers Luke and John excelling in the sport.

With Casey as a trailblazer, the Mittelstadt family continues to leave its mark on the hockey world, embodying a legacy of passion, dedication, and excellence.

What Is Casey Mittelstadt’s Net Worth And Salary?

With total career earnings of $12,137,851, Mittelstadt has secured his financial standing in the league.

His salary history reflects steady increases, from $925,000 in his rookie season (2017-2018) to $2,600,000 in the 2023-2024 season.

Casey Mittelstadt, Drafted By Buffalo Sabres
Casey Mittelstadt, Drafted By Buffalo Sabres (Source: USA Today)

Notably, Mittelstadt’s three-year contract extension with the Sabres in 2021, worth $7.5 million, solidifies his financial stability for the future. 

While his net worth is substantial, it’s also important to consider factors such as taxes and other expenses associated with a professional athlete’s career.

Nonetheless, Mittelstadt’s financial success underscores his value as a prominent figure in the NHL.

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