Cash Nasty Girlfriend: Who Is The Basketball Content Creator Dating In 2023?

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Cash Nasty, the basketball content creator, and his YouTuber girlfriend Ashley had fans’ hearts broken after their split, ending a decade-long relationship.

But recently, the YouTuber stirred up a storm of speculation and chatter after the revelation of having a daughter with an undisclosed partner. 

So, it buzzed whispers about his romantic escapades with his new girlfriend. Moreover, fans have queries online about whether his new sweetheart is the baby mama of his daughter.

American Basketball Content Creator Cash Nasty
American Basketball Content Creator Cash Nasty (Source: Instagram)

A Louisiana native, Cash Nasty, went from working at Walmart to an influencer, specifically speaking, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

He ascended to fame with his enthusiastic and humorous commentary on NBA 2K gameplay. His favorite player is LeBron James.

As of this writing, Cash, whose real name is Cassius Jeremy Clay, boasts over 4.45 million subscribers on his YouTube channel CashNasty. His Twitch account (@cashnastygaming) has more than 904K followers.

Beyond gaming, his ventures extend to collaborations, vlogs, and discussions on various topics, resonating with millions. No wonder why he captivates a massive audience.

Cash Nasty Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating In 2023?

Even if Nasty teased fans with his potential romance after breaking up with Ashley in the past years, nothing more of his new girlfriend came up.

But it seems the YouTuber is gradually opening up to the public about his dating story.

In December 2023, celebrating his 33rd birthday, Cash made an Instagram post with a carousel of pictures & videos from his birthday dinner.

Seemingly, it was a birthday dinner and date as an enigmatic female figure joined him in the celebration. The sparking intrigue with a mysterious companion led fans to abuzz about his new girlfriend.

Cash Nasty, An American YouTuber Allegedly Has A Secret Girlfriend
Cash Nasty, An American YouTuber, Allegedly Has A Secret Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Some even claim that the basketball content creator could be more than a girlfriend (maybe fiance or so) with his new lover.

However, further details about his relationship and partner remain shrouded in mystery.

Back in January 2023, Cash posted a YouTube video titled “I Found A New Partner,” which featured a lady named Briana Green.

Fans thought she was Nasty’s girlfriend and the video would give insight into their courtship.

However, in reality, unlike the video title, Bri was Cash’s partner for a 2 vs 2 basketball event by House Of Highlights.

The Basketball Content Creator Has A Daughter

On December 12, 2023, Cash Nasty posted a YouTube video, “Meet My Daughter Ava!” where he opened up about his fatherhood & introduced his daughter Ava.

In the video, the internet personality said that being a father is “difficult and rewarding” at the same time. It later featured him & his daughter as they went shopping in a mall.

Cash Nasty And His Daughter Ava
Cash Nasty And His Daughter Ava (Source: YouTube)

However, Cassius didn’t mention about his baby mama. There are speculations that the mysterious lady who joined him at his birthday dinner is the mother of his child. But still, the confirmation remains.

Cash Nasty & His Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend Ashley

The American basketball content creator and his then-girlfriend Ashley were one of the most loved internet couples at one time.

As reported, the two began dating in 2007 and were in a relationship for a decade before calling it quits in 2017.

Cash announced their break up in February 2017 but later addressed via Twitter that it was a “joke.” However, things were already out of hand as they split for good and didn’t disclose the reason.

Nasty With His Ex-Girlfriend Ashley
Nasty With His Ex-Girlfriend Ashley (Source: Twitter)

While together, his girlfriend (now ex) Ashley went by the moniker AshONasty. Even more, the duo had a joint YouTube channel, CashNAshVlogs. It’s since been defunct.

After they separated, they removed pictures of each other from their Instagram.

However, Cash’s YouTube channel still has videos featuring his ex-lover; for instance, a video titled “Surprising my girlfriend on her birthday” from May 2017.

Ashley Dyer, born on May 18, 1991, is also from Louisiana, like her ex-boyfriend Cash Nasty, born on December 4, 1990. She is 32 now, while Cash’s age is 33.

Now, Ashley is in a relationship with her new boyfriend, whom she often features on her Instagram (@ashmmm18).

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