Cavs Pride Jersey Signed by Kevin Love

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  • When Cleveland Cavaliers, also called Cavs, dominates the game, you are the loudest fan to cheer your favorite team. Heading to the basketball court sporting the Cavs jersey can be the perfect way to show your dedication to the team.It’s a game day, and you are fully charged to support your team. Your outfit that includes a Cavs jersey is ready, but it seems like that’s not enough to prove your fandom. Every fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers has a Cavs jersey.  How will you show your love for Cavs?Cavs pride jersey is a definite way to tell people how dedicated you are to Cleveland Cavaliers. But most of Cavs’ fan has that too.The best way to prove your loyalty is by owning a pride jersey autographed by Kevin Love.

    Of course, Kevin Love, the heart of Cleveland Cavaliers holds numerous records in his basketball career. So, owning your favorite basketball team’s pride jersey signed by one of the finest players is a great way to tell people what Cleveland Cavaliers means to you.

    Kevin Love Autographed Cleveland Cavaliers Pride Jersey

    Cavs Pride Jersey
    Cavs Pride Jersey

    Check the Price of Kevin Love Autographed Cleveland Cavaliers Pride Jersey

    You always make sure that you have the latest gears of Cleveland Cavaliers. You got a specials spot in your room that has a collection of Cleveland Cavaliers. And you are always the first guy in your squad to add the newest Cavs gears in your collection. So, this Cavs pride jersey will embrace your collection.

    And of course, you want to show off your pride too. The sporting Cavs pride jersey autographed by Kevin Love on the basketball court may look too much. But heading to the watch party wearing this pride jersey signed by Kevin love can get people’s attention. All other people in watch party are the fan of Cleveland Cavaliers but entering watch party with this jersey proves that you are the proudest and most loyal fan of Cavs.

    If you don’t want to wear it casually, you can preserve it—the best way to show people your fandom is by framing the autographed jersey. Let every people who visit your house know that you are a die-hard fan of team Cleveland Cavaliers and player Kevin love. Framing the jersey and hanging it on the wall maintain the shape for a longer time than wearing it on every game day.

    You really want to show your die-hard fandom to people in the court, then you may wear it a few times. Eventually, it’s better to add it to your Cleveland Cavaliers collection to perverse it.

    Good luck charm- Cavs pride jersey

    Back in 2016, Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title. Since then team considers black to be their lucky color. Black color became their official and permanent addition to the Cavaliers color palette.

    This pride jersey of Cleveland Cavaliers features a large “C” logo with gold trim on the center of the chest, numbers with a gold outline, and gold lettering on the back. The V-shaped neck and Shorts have wine and gold trim.

    Sleeved basketball uniform is not common in the court. The basketball team usually wore a sleeveless and bright color uniform in their game. But Cleveland Cavaliers entering the basketball court wearing sleeved uniforms surprised many. There were people who didn’t like the new uniform addition, but others were ok with the change in jersey.

    People had a different opinion regarding the new jersey of Cavs. However, this pride jersey gave them wins in many games.

    When Cavs wore the black-sleeved uniform in games 5 and 7 of the NBA finals, they beat the Warriors in Golden State. The Cavs were the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit en route to winning the 2016 NBA Championship.

    Kevin Love in Cleveland Cavaliers

    In 2014, the Minnesota Timberwolves traded Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a three-team trade. And Timberwolves received Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett from Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Kevin Love, the highly productive player in Cleveland, has averaged 17.2 points, 10.0 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game in his six seasons.

    Love is one of the only remnants from the Cavs’ championship team and center Tristan Thompson and guards Matthew Dellavedova.

    Before 2019-20 seasons, Love helps build a winning culture, as he averaged 17.6 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game.

    Kevin Love Professional Basketball Career

    Career debut 

    • Kevin Love was in Minnesota Timberwolves from 2008 to 2014
    • In his NBA debut, Love to contribute 12 points and nine rebounds in a 98-96 win over the Sacramento Kings

    2009 -10 Seasons

    • Love missed the first 18 seasons of the game because of his hand injury.
    • He returned against New Orleans Hornet and made an immediate positive impact for the Timberwolves.
    • He was selected to play in NBA All-Star Weekend Rookie Challenge.
    • Finished the season as NBA’s best rebounder per 48 minutes (18.4)

    2010-11 Seasons

    • First, play to record a 30-30 game since Moses Malone in 1982
    • He set a team record with his 38th consecutive double-doubles in Timberwolves, 112-108 win over the Houston Rockets.

    2011-12 Seasons

    • First time in his career he scored 30 points in the three consecutive games
    • Made a three-point buzzer-beater to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers

    2012-13 Seasons

    • Played 35 minutes and scored 344 points while grabbing 14 rebounds against the Denver Nuggets
    • Scored 36 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers

    2013-14 Seasons

    • First career triple-double with 37 points, 12 rebounds, and a career-high 10 assists in a 121-104 win over Utah Jazz
    • First player in NBA history to record 2000 points, 900 rebounds, and 100 3-pointers in a single season

    2014-15 Seasons

    • Love was traded to Cleveland Cavaliers in a three-team trade
    • Scored season-high 32 on 11of 18 shooting in a 120-105 win over the Los Angeles Lakers

    2015-16 Seasons

    • His season-high 34 points in the first half and win over the Orlando Magic
    • Scored 29 points and won over the Detroit Pistons

    2016-17 Seasons

    • His 34 first-quarter points to help the Cavs defeat the Portland Trail Blazers were the second-most all-time in the quarter.
    • Love was named as an Eastern Conference All-Star

    2017-18 Seasons

    • Recorded his 400th career double-double with 13 points and 13 rebounds in a 98-87 win over Dallas Mavericks
    • Fourth player in Cleveland history with 500 career playoff rebounds.

    2018-19 Seasons

    • Signed 120 million dollar extension with the Cavaliers
    • Had surgery to rectify a toe injury on his left foot.





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