Does Chad Henne Have A Brother? Meet Sister Tracie Henne

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The Pennsylvania native and two-time Super Bowl champion Chad Henne has made a lasting impact in the National Football League. Did he have a brother with whom he shared his passion for football?

To answer that question, the NFL star did not have a brother but grew up playing football with his family, including his sister Tracie Henne.

Their upbringing involved a shared passion for the sport.

Moreover, Chad attributes his strong work ethic to his parents, who instilled in him the value of giving 100% effort in everything he does.

Chad Henne With The Vince Lombardi Trophy
Chad Henne With The Vince Lombardi Trophy (Source: Instagram)

The former NFL quarterback Chad Henne had an impressive career spanning over 15 seasons with the Miami Dolphins (2008-2011), Jacksonville Jaguars (2012-2017), and Kansas City Chiefs (2018-2022).

Chad made his NFL debut in the second game of the 2008 season while playing for the Miami Dolphins, facing off against the Arizona Cardinals.

Moreover, his crowning achievements came during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs when he secured victories in Super Bowl LIV and LVII.

Who Is Chad Henne Brother? 

Chad Henne, born on July 2, 1985, is the son of Sheldon and Suzanne Henne.

As mentioned earlier, he has a sister named Tracie Henne; however, little information is available as she leads a very private life.

When Chad was in third grade, both he and his sister Tracie moved with the family to Wyomissing.

Chad’s father, Sheldon Henne, worked as a high school football coach and held a full-time welding job to meet their needs.

Chad Henne Wife, Mother, And Children
Chad Henne’s Wife, Mother, And Children (Source: Instagram)

Watching his father’s dedication at the welding job motivated Chad to work hard in anything he did.

Remarkably, both siblings never heard their father complain about the challenges of his profession.

On the other hand, Sue Henne, Chad’s mother, has been working as the office manager at Reading Family Dental Center for more than 33 years.

When Chad played for the Miami Dolphins, both Sheldon and Sue, alongside Tracie, made it a priority to attend most of his games.

Wife, Brittany Hartman

Chad Henne is happily married to his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Hartman.

Their relationship began in high school back in 2000, and they dated for ten years before getting married in July 2010.

Moreover, the couple’s affection for each other is evident as they are frequently featured on each other’s social media handles.

Throughout Chad’s NFL career, Brittany has been a constant support and pillar of strength for him.

She has stood by his side through all the ups and downs. And she considers their shared experiences as the ingredients that make up their amazing life together.

Parents Of Two Children

The couple has two children: a son named Chace Henne and a daughter named Hunter Henne.

Chace, born in 2014, shares a strong bond with his younger sister, Hunter, who was born in December 2016.

Like his father, Chace has inherited his athletic genes and has an outgoing nature.

He is enthusiastic about sports and currently plays for a junior baseball team at his school.

Chad Henne With His Wife And Children
Chad Henne With His Wife And Children (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Hunter began attending preschool in September 2018. She was enrolled at Awesome Kids Preschool in Leawood, Kansas.

Moreover, Hunter has also displayed a keen interest in dance from a very young age.

Sharing through her Instagram, Brittany has described Hunter as an empathetic and animal-loving individual who has taught them valuable lessons.

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