Charles Tillman Wife Jackie Tillman And Kids: Is He FBI Now?

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Charles Tillman and his wife’s love story is like a fairytale, as Charles Tillman Wife, Jackie Tillman, has been with him since the seventh grade.

Tillman’s wife now helps him run their foundation and also drags him along whenever she feels like running.

Charles Tillman Showing Off His Drip In the City Streets
Charles Tillman Showing Off His Drip In the City Streets (Source: Instagram)

Charles Anthony Tillman, aka “Peanut,” is an American former professional football player who played as a cornerback in the NFL.

The Chicago Bears drafted Tillman in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft. After playing wide receiver in high school, he started all four years as a left cornerback.

He attended the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and played football for the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns from 1999 to 2002. Tillman earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from ULL.

He frequently organizes, runs, and promotes a variety of humanitarian events. His Aunt Renee called him “Peanut” because his physique resembled that of a peanut when he was a child.

Later, Mike Brown popularised the moniker after meeting Tillman during his first year. Tillman was well known for his “Peanut Punches” that he threw in the game. 

It was his ability to induce mistakes by stripping or “punching” the ball away from his opponents.

Charles Tillman Wife: Jackie Tillman, And Kids

Charles Tillman turned his childhood sweetheart, Jackie Tillman, into his wife. The couple have been dating since they were in the seventh grade. 

They both come from a military family and were moving around a lot. They crossed paths during the same process. 

Jackie completed her degree in Interior Design and played basketball in college. She comes from a mixed heritage, as she is Native American, Spanish, and white. 

They are blessed with 3 daughters and a son. The names of their children are Talya, Tiana, Tysen, and Tessa.

The couple have together established Tillman’s Cornerstone Foundation with a mission to help improve the lives of critically and chronically ill children throughout Chicago.

Tillman established the foundation after his second-youngest daughter was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, which resulted in a heart transplant. 

Charles Tillman Loving Wife Jackie Tillman And All Of Their Children
Charles Tillman Loving Wife Jackie Tillman And All Of Their Children(Source: Twitter)

Jackie loves running, and she is constantly going on several marathons and other running events with her husband.

Charles and his wife are very concerned regarding racism and how it will affect their children.

However, they believe that unique qualities are what make individuals special and beautiful, and it’s important for children to understand and appreciate them.

Both of them constantly encourage their children to explore and learn about different cultures is beneficial. They believe that engaging in meaningful conversations about diversity is crucial.

Their children have experienced remarks about their skin tone, and when they wear braids, people are often curious to touch them.

Is Tillman Now An FBI Agent? Rumors Explained

Yes, you heard it right. There was massive noise on the internet after Tillman said that he was going to be an FBI agent. 

If you’ve read this article carefully, you will not be surprised when you hear that the former NFL superstar is now chasing criminals. 

He comes from a military background, and he graduated from the University of Louisiana with a degree in criminal justice.

Charles Tillman Showing Off His Bowling Skills In Front Of An Audience
Charles Tillman Showing Off His Bowling Skills In Front Of An Audience (Source: Instagram)

Following his retirement from the NFL in 2015, he attended the FBI’s 20-week training program in Quantico, Virginia.

However, Tillman had until his 37th birthday to acquire his badge by February 23, 2018. 

Thanks to his hard work, he graduated and started working as a full-fledged FBI agent. In 2018, he was also part of a raid involving Chicago rapper Lil Reese.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Charles Tillman Wife?

Charles Tillman wife is Jackie Tillman. 

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