Top 12 Popular Christmas Sports Games

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Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday season. It is a great time for friends and families to gather and spend the festive season together. But do you have any idea about everyone’s favorite and the top popular Christmas sports games?

Having a family gathering and having no entertainment could be pretty dull. Long talks or sitting in front of the TV is no fun.

To celebrate the Christmas spirit and entertain your family and friends, we have come up with a compilation of some of the popular Christmas game sports. These games are ideal for younger kids but also for adults.

Christmas sports games
Christmas sports games (Source: 5minutesformom)

These games’ main objective is to provide family-friendly entertainment that everyone can participate in. We have listed some of the well-known traditional Christmas games with modern ones.

These games will give you and your family a fun Christmas gaming experience. 

Without further ado, let us get dive into the list!

Top 12 Popular Christmas Sports Games

We have made this list with the help of references from internet sources like GoodHouseKeeping

S.N. Christmas Sports Games
12. Twelve Days of Christmas Relay
11. Christmas Bingo
10. Crown of the King
9. Snowman Bowling
8. Christmas Cup Tower Game
7. Christmas Scavenger Hunt
6. Stocking Guess
5. Christmas Mad Libs
4. Christmas Trees Decorating Competition
3. Who am I?
2. Sled Races
1. Build a Snowman Contest

12. Twelve Days of Christmas Relay

Twelve Days of Christmas Relay is a relay that centers on Christmas where the players gather a collection of items to represent those named in the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The game is an English Christmas carol, therefore the host has to gather a collection of items represented in the carol’s lyrics.

The pictures can be found on the internet, on recycled Christmas cards, or items around the house. However, if kids are playing, you need to make sure the kids can understand which lyrics match each item.

Popular Christmas Sports Games, Twelve Days of Christmas Relay
Twelve Days Of Christmas Relay (Source:

You can divide into two teams and give an empty bucket to each team. You have to place the two buckets with items at the other end of the room. Each team will have to gather the items in order of the lyrics.

The team who can collect all the twelve items first inside their bucket wins the game. Although the game is more suited for children, adults can also join in the fun.

11. Christmas Bingo

Bingo is an excellent entertainment source; what’s more, everyone can join in the fun. Whether kids or adults alike, there is no way you can go wrong with a Christmas bingo.

You can find many free printable Christmas Bingo games on the internet. The game is ideal for a family and a great choice if you are throwing class parties or group parties.

Christmas bingo
Christmas Bingo (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, there are many different kinds of bingo you can choose from. From simple ones to fun and interactive ones, it is also a great way to encourage socialization among the players.

So for next Christmas, get a Christmas bingo set or download the free versions available on the internet! You and your family will surely love it!

10. Crown of the King

We have the Crown of the King on number 10 of the top Christmas sports games. It is a fun traditional British game played as a party starter during Christmas.

The game begins with a host who writes a Christmas word on the front of each paper crown. The terms are Christmas-related, such as an ornament, present, Santa, eggnog, snowman, etc.

Crown of the King
Crown Of The King (Source:

The crown is handed to each participants, and the players must guess the word on their crown. They can only ask one yes or no question about their word at a time, and it moves on from player to player.

The player who can guess the word first by asking a few questions wins the game.

You can also make your version of the game or use Christmas carols as an alternate version.

9. Snowman Bowling

Snowman bowling is a fun Christmas sports game that you can make yourself at home. You can buy a snowman bowling set online or make one using cardboard boxes or paper cups.

This game is designed for young children, you can encourage them to make one. This will also keep them occupied while you do the chores around.

Snowman bowling
Snowman Bowling (Source: Pinterest)

You can find many DIY versions to make your snowman balling set on the internet. An easy version is to stack uniform-sized containers like tissue boxes.

You can paint the boxed white, attach the paper, the nose, painted eyes, mouth, and some sticks for arms. Then you can grab a ball and just bowl. It is pretty easy and great fun!

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8. Christmas Cup Tower Game

Our eighth pick for the top Christmas sports games is the Christmas cup tower game. It is fun and easy, and all you need is a few tricks up your sleeve to play the game.

You can set the challenge to build a Christmas tree with 100 cups. However, to play this game, you will need many cups, actually a lot of cups.

Christmas cup tower game
Christmas Cup Tower Game (Source: Pinterest)

After building the Christmas cup tower, you can let the kids or yourself decorate it any way they like.

The Christmas cup tower game is a great way to engage everyone with the game; the best part is to knock it down!

7. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Another great Christmas game is the Christmas Scavenger Hunt. You can find many printable versions on the internet or personalize them with sentimental items for your family.

After preparing the scavenger hunt riddles, you can hide them throughout the house. Then, let the game begin!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Christmas Scavenger Hunt (Source: Moritzfinedesigns)

You will need an activity guide, scavenger hunt cards, and a scavenger hunt checklist for the game. You can add your twist to the game, even for the printable version.

The players must follow the clues and get their hands on the final surprise. One who finds the most items wins the game.

Furthermore, you can take the fun outdoors to explore the wintery landmark.

6. Stocking Guess

Stocking guess is among the popular Christmas games and is therefore on our number 6 of the top Christmas sports games. Only a few items are needed for this game, which any age group can play.

You will need large stockings, holiday projects, pens, and papers for the game. Then place the Christmas holiday or winter objects in one sock or keep them separately in several Christmas stockings.

Then tie the stockings with a ribbon or rope and ensure nobody peeks. Also, make sure you don’t put any items that are breakable or have sharp edges.

Christmas Stocking Guess
Christmas Stocking Guess (Source:

After you have made the preparation, let the players feel around the stocking for a minute and then write down their guesses on the paper.

Once everyone is done, take the paper and pull out the objects.

The player who gets the most object correct wins the game. Stocking guess is a pretty simple game but guaranteed fun.

5. Christmas Mad Libs

Christmas Mad Libs is a great fun activity that will give you and your family a lot of laughter. It is a phrasal template word game created by Leonard Stern and Roger Price and has made its way as a Christmas game.

One player prompts the next player for a list of words to substitute for blank spaces in a story. It is then read aloud.

There are many different versions of the games you can buy and also versions you can download from the internet for free.

Christmas Mad Libs
Christmas Mad Libs (Source: Instagram)

You can fill the blanks and turn the stories into silly, hilarious, or personalized stories. The story almost always ends up being a funny one.

It is an excellent form of entertainment, and you and your family can laugh for hours with the game.

4. Christmas Trees Decorating Competition

We have the Christmas tree decorating competition on number 4 of the top Christmas sports games. There are different yearly contests during Christmas, and you can host the tournament at home.

You can get several small Christmas trees and divide your family into teams. Then you can decorate the tree along with your team managers as you wish.

You can, along with our family members, choose a judge unanimously.

Christmas Trees Decorating competition
Christmas Trees Decorating Competition (Source:

You have options to set the time limit, and after finishing, let the judge decide which team did the best. It is the best game to get into the Christmas holiday spirit!

3. Who am I?

The Who am I game is our third pick for the top Christmas sports games. It is one of the games that is popularly played at family gatherings and parties.

It is a guessing game that everyone can play. For a festive twist, you can make the cards with pictures of your family. There are also many different kinds of Christmas versions of the game that you can buy.

Popular Christmas Sports Games, Who am I?
Who am I? (Source: Pinterest)

You only need a few things to play the game, like a piece of paper and pen, and a few tapes or pins. You can put the picture or paper on the player’s back without letting them know. Then the players must guess the answer by asking yes or no questions.

The player who can answer the most a few questions wins the game. It is simple and entertaining, which must be why it is popular.

2. Sled Races

Seld Races is a great winter sport and one of the great sports to play during Christmas. You can bundle up, head to the top of the hill, and slide down.

However, you will need at least three inches of snow for the sport. Then you will need ice sleds which you can easily get online or from a sports store.

Sled Races
Sled Races (Source: Goodhousekeeping)

After you get all the equipment required, have the participants line up at the top of a hill. Make sure all the participants are at a safe distance apart to avoid any mid-hill crashes. Then off you go!

The player who reaches the bottom wins the game. This is a great outdoor game, and you can fully have fun in the snow.

1. Build a Snowman Contest

Building a snowman is our number 1 pick for the top Christmas sports game. It might not be fair for those who live where it does not snow, but Christmas is all about Santa Claus and snow!

You will need plenty of snow, a few sticks, and accessories for this game. And do not forget a carrot for the nose.

Popular Christmas Sports Games, Build a Snowman Contest
Build A Snowman Contest (Source: Pinterest)

Gather your family and friends around, either split them into a team or individually challenge them to build a snowman within a specific timeframe.

You can also add a little twist and let the team or player sabotage other’s snowmen. Then you can judge the snowman and give awards like the best snowman, fattest snowman, best-accessorized snowman, etc.

Its truly a celebration of the Christmas holiday!


The main thing about Christmas is the holiday spirit. While having all the family members together is joyful, you need something to entertain everyone. It is where the Christmas sports games come to the rescue.

Having games that everyone can participate in makes the holidays even livelier. So why not try these games for your next Christmas holiday or your family tradition of playing these Christmas sports games?

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