Clint Dempsey Brother Ryan Dempsey- Sister And Parents

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Clint Dempsey, an American former soccer player, used to play soccer with his older brother Ryan Dempsey. It would inflict him with an immense passion for the sport.

Though, unlike Clint, his brother Ryan didn’t board the professional flight to the soccer world.

Dempsey is in a family of seven, including two elder sisters & two brothers (one elder & one younger).

His siblings & parents were fans of soccer but neither of them ever saw themselves in the professional shoes. Rather, they are avid supporters & fans of Clint Dempsey.

Clint Dempsey With The New England Revolution Of The Major League Soccer (Source: The Bent Musket)
Clint Dempsey With The New England Revolution Of The Major League Soccer (Source: The Bent Musket)

Better known for his incredible goal-scoring abilities, Dempsey spent almost ten years playing club football.

A club legend at New England Revolution, he scored 25 goals in 71 matches, with numerous assists to his credit.

However, Clint became internationally famous after playing in the English Premier League. He appeared in around 189 matches for Fulham, where he scored 50 goals.

Appearing in over 140 international games for the United States, Dempsey has scored 57 goals. He is the top goal scorer for his national team, alongside his former teammate, Landon Donovan.

Clint Dempsey Brother: Ryan Dempsey

Clint’s older brother was born in 1978 as the second son of their parents in the United States. Before the two brothers, his mom had given birth to their oldest sister, Jennifer.

Growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood, Clint’s elder brother always played soccer. Even though soccer was not that popular in their nation, their hometown was different. 

After  Clint saw his brother play the game, he, too, tagged along. The two boys played soccer from dawn to dusk when they did not have school.

Clint Dempsey's Older Brother Ryan (Source: Instagram)
Clint Dempsey’s Older Brother, Ryan (Source: Instagram)

During World Cup season, they often chose a country for themselves and pretended they were playing in the tournament.

Likewise, staying up late at night to watch Latin American football and Spanish Leagues with Spanish commentaries used to be their favorite time.

However, only Clint could make it to the professional level later. Even though Ryan had opportunities, he turned them down to attend college. After graduating high school, he even went to train with clubs like Pumas and Azul.

He says one thing he regrets the most now is his decision to leave Mexico and return to the United States to pursue a different career instead.

Clint’s Parents And Sister

Clint Dempsey was born to his parents on March 9, 1983, in Nacogdoches, Texas. Although he and Ryan had the same mother, Debbie, they had different dads.

Before Debbie met Clint’s dad, she was a mother of two children. Clint’s eldest sister and brother were born before her marriage to Aubrey, Clint, and his younger siblings’ dad.

Clint Dempsey With His Parents Wife And Kids (Source: Pinterest)
Clint Dempsey With His Parents, Wife, And Kids (Source: Pinterest)

Fortunately, his mom Debbie was a nurse and worked at a hospital to raise two kids as a single mom. Things got easy for her after she met Aubrey Dempsey.

Dempsey’s dad, Aubrey, was an engineer and was good at almost everything. Besides doing regular jobs, he supported his family by making furniture and once worked in bridge construction for the Southern Pacific Railway. 

No doubt, life was tough for everyone in that neighborhood. However, Aubrey’s inherited money helped him have a trailer house for his family in Nacogdoches.

Besides, his oldest sister, Jennifer, was a youth tennis player. However, Clint’s younger sister died in 1995 due to a brain aneurysm when she was sixteen.

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