Cory Alexander Wife: Is The Analyst Married? Past Relations

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In Cory Alexander’s life journey, Anjanette Alexander-Brown played a significant role as his previous wife, contributing to the foundation of a beautiful family with their children, Cory Alexander II, Landyn, and Aiden.

However, a recent chapter unfolds as Cory embraces a new love story, stepping into marriage with someone special.

Cory Alexander Is An American Former Professional Basketball Player
Cory Alexander Is An American Former Professional Basketball Player (Source: Instagram)

Cory Alexander, born on June 22, 1973, is a basketball maestro with a journey that started in Waynesboro, Virginia.

From high school stints at Waynesboro High and Oak Hill Academy, he made his mark at the University of Virginia despite setbacks like a broken ankle.

In 1995, the San Antonio Spurs drafted him, marking the start of a colorful NBA career.

Post-NBA, Cory pivoted seamlessly to the mic, joining ESPN in 2009 as a basketball analyst.

Beyond talking hoops, he stepped into coaching at Hampden–Sydney College and Oak Hill Academy, shaping young talents.

Cory Alexander Wife: Married Life And Past Relations

Cory Alexander’s journey includes an incredible love story with Anjanette Alexander-Brown and a recent marriage, creating a beautiful new chapter in his life.

Together with Anjanette Alexander-Brown, they’ve built a beautiful family with their son, Cory Alexander II, daughter Landyn, and Aiden.

Their son, Cory II, played baseball for the Old Dominion Monarchs.

Cory Alexander With His new Partner, Along With His Son Cory Alexander II
Cory Alexander With His new Partner, Along With His Son Cory Alexander II (Source: Instagram)

Now, in a new chapter, Cory has tied the knot with a special someone.

While we know little about her, Cory shared their love story on Instagram, dropping a sweet trailer.

They met on May 11, 2018, married on the same date in 2022, and their love journey premiered on May 24, 2022, marking their first date.

From Courtside Glory to Broadcasting Brilliance

In the hoops universe, Cory Alexander isn’t just a basketball star; he’s a broadcasting maestro.

His journey started as an analyst for Virginia Cavaliers’ radio broadcasts in 2008–09, teaming up with the lively Dave Koehn.

However, Cory’s initial goal was to bridge his coaching aspirations with the Cavaliers, leaving an indelible mark on the radio waves for three seasons until he set out to pursue dreams in television and coaching in 2011.

Fast forward to 2009, and Cory Alexander becomes a household name on ESPN, serving as a college basketball analyst on both ESPN and the ACC Network.

His insightful commentary and infectious enthusiasm for the game quickly made him a fan favorite on the national stage.

Cory Alexander, ESPN Basketball Analyst
Cory Alexander, ESPN Basketball Analyst (Source: Twitter)

But his love for the game doesn’t stop at commentary; Cory also founded the Cory Alexander Basketball School in 1995, investing in grassroots basketball.

Despite reaching the pinnacle of the NBA with stints at the San Antonio Spurs, Orlando Magic, and Denver Nuggets, Cory’s dedication to basketball transcends professional arenas.

A proud 1995 graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in psychology, Cory’s legacy as a four-year letterwinner still resonates.

His accolades include being a McDonald’s All-American and Parade First Team All-American in 1991 at Oak Hill Academy.

A proud UVA graduate, Cory’s journey from courtside to commentary continues to elevate the game, making him a beloved figure in Virginia Cavaliers history.

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