Is Curtis Jones White? Ethnicity And Parents

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Is Curtis Jones White? Curtis and his team’s recent remarkable victory has captured the attention of many, prompting others to delve into Jones’ details.

At a very young age, the English soccer player Curtis succeeded in making a name for himself in the soccer world.

Moreover, the midfielder hails from a mixed ethnic background besides being English.

Curtis Jones The Mid-fielder Of Liverpool
Curtis Jones The Mid-fielder Of Liverpool (Source: Instagram)

Curtis Julian Jones was born on 30 January 2001 in the city of Liverpool, Merseyside, England, and grew up in the Toxteth area of the city.

Jones attended Rainhill High School in Merseyside, England, and studied at Liverpool FC’s official school.

He joined Liverpool’s academy at nine and signed his first professional contract with the club in February 2018.

In 2019, he made his first-team debut and was a member of Liverpool’s 2019–20 Premier League-winning squad.

Likewise, Jones debuted for the England national under-21 team in October 2020.

Regarded as a tenacious, silky, and lively player, Jones is described as being in his best form.

Curtis Jones Is White? What Is His Ethnicity?

Curtis Jones, the midfielder, was born in England and holds British citizenship. However, he comes from a mixed ethnic background.

Jones has a White and Nigerian ethnic background. His mother, Sandara Jones, belongs to the White ethnic background, while his father’s side is of Nigerian descent.

Sandra and his little-known father are the parents of Jones, who is the youngest among their four children.

Similarly, the media and fans are not privy to the identity of his siblings.

Curtis Girlfriend Revealing His Ethnicity
Curtis’s Girlfriend Revealing His Ethnicity (Source: Twitter/X)

However, he has a girlfriend named Saffie Khan, who, like Curtis, also comes from a mixed background.

She revealed in a video that she is of Pakistani and English ethnic background.

Furthermore, Curtis’s ethnicity came to light when his girlfriend posted a video revealing his Nigerian roots in the same TikTok video.

Additionally, after the video was uploaded, the news went viral among soccer fans in England and Nigeria.

Curtis Is Considering To Leave Liverpool?

Jones stole the show during a recent match by scoring two goals. 

Jurgen Klopp praised the midfielder following their victory against West Ham United, expressing his hope that the match served as an “eye-opener for him.”

Moreover, in the current scenario, English soccer fans highly love Jones, considering him one of the most beloved midfielders.

Curtis Jones Recent Victory Against West Ham
Curtis Jones’s Recent Victory Against West Ham (Source: Instagram)

During a podcast, Curtis revealed that fans of the senior national team of Nigeria had sent him messages to switch allegiance from England to Nigeria after his ethnicity was revealed.

He expressed amazement at how highly the Nigerian fans thought of him.

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