Dale Davis Wife: Is The Former NBA Player Married?

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Dale Davis former wife/partner, Karla Davis, is the mother to his child. The couple’s only son, Trayce Jackson-Davis, was drafted in the second round by the Warriors earlier this year.

Tracye Jackson-Davis wasn’t as close to his biological father, Dale Davis, as his stepdad Raymond Jackson. The former Pacers player was mostly absent during his son’s formative years. 

Dale Davis Pictured During His Time As A Pacers Player In The 90s
Dale Davis Pictured During His Time As A Pacers Player In The 90s (Source: Instagram)

After separating from the former NBA player, Karla started her family with Ray, with whom she shares another athletic son, Tayven Jackson. 

Tracye’s recent performances have made many say he deserves a spot in the Warriors’ rotation. And with the popularity, many fans are interested in whether the power forward shares a good relationship with his biological dad, who has been out of the limelight for several years. 

Dale Davis Wife: Is The Former NBA Player Married?

Dale Davis was previously in a relationship with a woman named Karla Jackson. The two went on to have a child named Trayce Jackson-Davis, who most might know as Warriors’ power-forward. 

It isn’t known whether Dale and Karla ever got legally married. The couple’s only child says it is his stepdad, Ray Jackson, who made a huge impact on his life. 

After breaking up with Dale, Karla tied the knot with Raymond Jackson. The couple has two kids, Tayven and Arielle. The former Indiana Pacers player has kept himself out of the public limelight since he retired from the NBA in 2007.

Karla Gives Her Son, Tracye Jackson A Kiss After He Is Drafted By The Warriors
Karla Kisses Tracye After The Warriors Draft Him In The Second Round (Source: Instagram)

There isn’t much information about the former NBA player and what he is up to now. But in an interview from 2018, Tracye said his birth father was a busy man and needed to handle several businesses. 

Karla is available on Instagram with the username @karlajack13 and has shared a few posts. Most of her posts are of her family, and earlier this year, she was seen attending Tayven’s football game for Indiana. 

Karla also posted a snap of her attending the Warriors’ game in October. Karla’s youngest child, Tayven Jackson, plays QB for Indiana University Bloomington. 

He had previously committed to the University of Tennessee, for whom he appeared in three games. He transferred to Indiana earlier this year. Karla’s daughter with Ray, Arielle, is already married and shares a cute little son with her husband. 

Dale Davis Relationship With Son Tracye Jackson-Davis 

In an interview from 2018, Tracye said his relationship with his biological dad was evolving. He said it was a work in progress. 

Many articles have written that Tracye has followed in his father’s footsteps. But the truth is that Dale wasn’t very active throughout Tracye’s development as a person or athlete. 

During high school, Tracye added Jackson to his last name as he felt it was unfair to his stepdad. Nowadays, Tracye only uses Jackson on his social media profile as his last name. 

Tracye Davis Pictured With His Family, Including Mother, Karla, Stepdad, Ray, And Half-Brother, Tayven Jackson
Tracye Davis Pictured With His Family, Including Mother, Karla, Stepdad, Ray, And Half-Brother, Tayven Jackson (Source: Instagram)

In his interview, Tracye said, “When I got to high school, I did not think it was fair. Ray raised me my whole life, so I did Jackson-Davis.”

Tracye said Ray would take him to the gym and help him in his training sessions. Dale was mostly about mindset but would take him to the gym if he was in the town. 

A former athlete, Ray Jackson played collegiate football for Washington State and made appearances in two bowl games, including the 98 Rose Bowl. After retiring from sports, Ray served in the police and is part of the Center Grove Police Department. 

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