Dani Busboom Kelly Salary: What Is Her Net Worth And Contract?

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Head coach Dani Busboom Kelly earns a salary of $400,000 per year. Her transition from a player to a coach is indeed remarkable.

Dani Busboom is a renowned name in the women’s volleyball realm. She is a former player and has become a full-time coach.

Moreover, she has a solid contract running through to 2028 with multiple bonus clauses included.

Cardinals Coach Dani Busboom Kelly
Cardinals Coach Dani Busboom Kelly (Source: NCAA)

Dani Busboom Kelly is a 39-year-old former volleyball player from Cortland, Nebraska.

She is currently the coach of the college volleyball team Louisville Cardinals.

Dani has been on the athletic path since her childhood. During her schooling at Adams Freeman High School, she was a multi-star athlete competing in volleyball, basketball, and hurdles.

In order to further bolster her career, she chose volleyball, or should we say volleyball chose her.

When Dani was 14, she impressed the head coach of John Cook of the Nebraska Cornhuskers during a camp.

Moreover, she joined the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2003 and played there for three years. She was most prominent in her role as a setter and sometimes as a libero.

She won the 2006 NCAA Championship in her senior year.

Dani Busboom Kelly Salary: More On Her Networth, Contract And Coaching Career

At present, Dani is the head coach of the Cardinals women’s volleyball team.

She earns a hefty salary of $400,000 per year. This increment came from a $225,000 base salary, which she was earning until 2022.

Net Worth And Contract

Dani Busboom is definitely making a reputable salary as one of the best coaches in the business. However, the details regarding her net worth remain discreet.

Nonetheless, her contractual details are pretty descriptive. Dani signed a new contract after her older deal expired on December 31, 2022.

Currently, she is on a 6-year contract with a base salary of $400,000 and other various clauses.

Her contract also includes a retention bonus through which she will receive $500,000 if she is still with the Cardinals until December 31, 2025.

Furthermore, she is set to earn another bonus of $150,000 if she fulfills her contract until December 31, 2028.

Dani Busboom Is On A New Contract
Dani Busboom Is On A New Contract (Source: UOLA)

The new deal also has provisions on a buyout clause of $400,000, which will drop to $300,000 in 2025.

Likewise, there are several bonus increments: $20,000 for ACC championships, $10,000 for the final 16, $15,000 for the elite eight, and $30,000 for the final four.

Moreover, other bonuses include an increase in academic performance. 

Regarding the justifications for such a contract, the Director of Athletics, Josh Heird, said, “We just want to try and make sure she feels like we are doing everything we can to keep her here.

Coaching Career

Dani’s coaching career has gained significant highlights, even more than her playing career. 

Furthermore, she landed her first role as an assistant coach at the University of Tennessee. Then, a year later, she took on the same role at the University of Louisville. 

Dani Is A Top Coach
Dani Is A Top Coach (Source: Volley)

Subsequently, she made a new record of winning the NCAA championship as a player and coach.

She achieved this feat during her time at the University of Nebraska as an assistant coach in 2015.

Busboom Kelly then returned to the Cardinals, but this time as a head coach. She graciously took on this role and has led the team to historic achievements.

Moreover, she has won ACC Coach of the Year for three consecutive years. And also has multiple other accolades to her name.


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