Daniel Ricciardo Sister Michelle: Parents, Brother And Family

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Daniel Ricciardo and his sister, Michelle, were raised in Perth, Australia. The F1 driver has no brothers, and Michelle is his only sibling.

The 34-year-old Daniel Ricciardo is probably the most loved racer F1 racer on the planet. Growing up, Ricciardo was heavily supported by his dad, Joe Ricciardo, who most of the time gets confused with multimillionaire and owner of GR and JR Engineering. 

Daniel Ricciardo Wears Thom Browne As He Gets Ready For 2023 Met Gala Event
Daniel Ricciardo Wears Thom Browne As He Gets Ready For 2023 Met Gala Event (Source: Instagram)

After having a poor season with McLaren in 2022, Ricciardo returned to his former team, Red Bull, but as a third driver to Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. But many Ricciardo fans wanted to see him in the driver’s seat.

And on July 11 wishes of those fans were granted as Ricciardo was loaned to Alpha Tauri. The former Alpha Tauri driver, Nyck de Vries was removed from the team as the Honey Badger is now set to race alongside Yuki Tsunoda at the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix. 

Daniel Ricciardo Sister, Michelle

Daniel Ricciardo’s sister, Michelle Ricciardo, has tried her best to remain away from the public limelight. 

But Michelle has been previously seen at her brother’s races, rooting for him. And though she remains away, her two kids, Isabella and Isaac, are quite popular among Ricciardo’s fans. 

The two kids of Michelle are seen now and then with their uncle at F1 races. Last year, they were present at the Abu Dhabi race, with Daniel’s former teammate, Lando Norris, sharing a picture of Isabella holding her uncle’s hand and walking beside him. 

Daniel Ricciardo With His Nephew Isaac Enjoying Family Time
Daniel Ricciardo With His Nephew Isaac Enjoying Family Time (Source: Facebook)

Though he may be the best uncle most times, Daniel had previously said he had taught his nephew a curse word. In an interview from 2019, the former McClaren driver said he taught his nephew to say the B word. 

Honey Badger said the word was stuck with his nephew and that Michelle was working hard to make him stop saying it as he was preparing to start school. 

Daniel Ricciardo Parents, Joe, And Grace Ricciardo 

Daniel Ricciardo’s parents, Joe and Grace Ricciardo, raised the F1 driver and his sister in Perth, Australia. 

Daniel’s father, Joe, has been confused several times with Joe Ricciardo, the founder of GR and JR Engineering. And though he comes from a well-to-do family, his family nowhere near had the wealth of a multimillionaire businessman. 

Daniel’s dad, Joe Ricciardo, a man with Italian roots, owns an earthmoving business, Ricciardo Earthmoving. In his interview from 2014, Daniel said he worked hard even on weekends when he and his sister were growing up. 

When he was go-karting, his father would have to drive him everywhere. At 17, when Daniel left Australia for Italy, his family financially backed him despite it being costly. 

On Left: Young Daniel Ricciardo Falls Asleep On His Dad, Joe's Lap, And on right: Daniel Celebrates Winning The Race With His Mom
On Left: Young Daniel Ricciardo Falls Asleep On His Dad Joe’s Lap, And On Right: Daniel Celebrates Winning The Race With His Mom (Source: Facebook)

Every penny his father made on the weekends was being spent entering Danil into various races. Ricciardo said he wanted to give back to his parents for the sacrifices they had made for him. 

In an interview from 2011, Ricciardo Snr said he and Grace tried their best to steer their son away from racing. They wanted him to pick up normal sports, like soccer and tennis. 

But Daniel was naturally inclined towards racing because of the sports magazines and the news coverage they received.

Joe loved racing and drove sports sedans on a small budget several times. When Daniel turned 16, Joe decided to fund his son on scholarship and compete in Formula BMW Asia Series. 

He built a group of sponsors to help Daniel pay for living expenses, flights, and hotel rooms. Grace and Joe have been seen several times at their son’s races. And are probably happy with the investments they previously made. 

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