Once, the Los Angeles Lakers would have won the NBA Finals in five games if Green had made the game-winning three-pointer.

By 7.1 seconds left in the fourth and the most crucial quarter, Danny let go of a wide-open shot from the top of the 3-point line on a pass from LeBron James, and the Lakers trailing 109-108.

Green lost a game-winning, last-second shot in an NBA Finals game. Unfortunately, the Lakers had to play one another game.

If he had made the shot, the Lakers would probably have won the game and the championship. This fitted one reason for huge criticism, and a few people lost all feeling of virtue.

Following that error, Green was forced to a lot of hate on the internet. From cracks to threats, he got it all.

He made an appearance on the Ringer Podcast, where he talked about this missed shot.

Green and his wife, Blair Bashen, got extensive death threats on social media. He received the hatred he HAD never expected his whole life.

Both he and his wife were highly distressed. As the hate was way too much, he had to talk about it.

Reply To Critics

Soon, he made a reply.

It’s just a basketball game. The public is full of emotions. Fans are full of emotions,” Green said. Further, he added, “I wish they don’t take it that severely. I accept that they are that enthusiastic about voting or getting equity for these people who merit equity or get some better change in the country.”

It’s just a normal basketball game at the end of the day, and they’re taking out their views in the form of an emotion, and they need someone to accuse. It led down to the last play, and of course, I’m the light victim.”

“Basketball wise, it was a good look,” Green said.

He added, “I had more time than I realized and should’ve taken more time. Probably it was me who sped it a little bit and also was a little off balance.”

But we got a good look. We had a second chance. Acting to come out and playback over. I’ll do everything possible to get that shot back, trust me. You’re going to make some. You’re going to let go some. It’s just a part of the game.”

Such spots have hit plenty of times, and I have also made some. I’ve missed some. Sadly it was for us to close out the series; that would’ve been great to win it.”

Green struggled with his shot in the first three games facing a hip injury, making just four of twenty 3-pointers. But he got four of his next ten leading up to his final shot in Game 5.


He added,

“I should plausibly be a wee bit more sick, a little bit safer. I am safe, usually. I’m just not one of those guys who will live my life that way.”

Also, I am eager about what other people think, say, or do. I’m usually secured. I’m usually safe, and I’m usually OK and bold and firm in my own mind and my home.”

Moreover, he makes a point that is even more alike now than usual with so much going on outside of the NBA sac linking social law kinds of stuff, the coronavirus, and a state poll with high pales.

Danny Green | Contract, Net Worth, And Salary

According to recent data, Danny currently 2024 has a net worth of $12 million, which is rare for a player of his caliber who has played for many big teams.

Nevertheless, he has earned over $90 million in the entirety of his career with the Cavs, Spurs, Raptors, Lakers, and 76ers. Through his contract with the 76ers.

The former Raptor point guard earned $10 million in salary after winning the 2019 NBA championship. Subsequently, he signed a two-year contract worth $30 million with the Lakers. 

He won the 2020 Championship title with the LA team. However, he was traded to the 76ers after the 2020 season.

Besides, Green added up big numbers for the Reno Big Horns during the start of his career and made a San Antonio deal. But Green’s job along the Spurs could not get off to a good start.

As he played exactly eight games before being ascribed to the Austin Toros, another D-League squad, making just $94,000 in his first term in San Antonio.

Nonetheless, after playing nine-season and earning a championship title in 2014, his total career-making with the Spurs was over $42 million.

On August 7, 2021, the shooting guard signed a 2-year contract worth $20 million with the Philadelphia 79ers. However, he was traded to Memphis Grizzlies along with David Roddy for De’Anthony Melton on June 24, 2022.

To facilitate the trade with Memphis, the 76ers guaranteed $6.96 million for the 2022-23 season.

Danny Green | Social Media Presence

The former Raptor is quite active on several social media platforms. Hence, he is on Instagram. 

The athlete usually shares his life as an NBA player through his Instagram handle. Besides, he has several adorable pictures with his family, girlfriend, and dogs. 

Green also paid tribute to late basketballer Kobe Bryant and actor Chadwick Boseman through his account. Furthermore, the former Laker is also available on Twitter and Facebook.

The NBA player mostly tweets and shares basketball-related news, events, and highlights through his Twitter handle. He has also utilized his platform to raise awareness against systemic racism in America. 

Likewise, the point guard has view clips on the Cameo app. He has connected with several fans through his Cameo account.

Danny Green | Popularity

Danny is a popular shooting guard for the Memphis Grizzlies. His proficient shooting and rebound skills have gained him an impressive number of followers.

Green's Popularity
Green’s Popularity (Source: Google Trends)

The above image gives brief information about Green’s popularity in the United States over a year.

Danny Green | FAQs

What ethnicity is Green?

Green was born as an American. However, his ethnicity is Mixed, as his roots are Black.

Is Danny Green married?

Green proposed to her at Surfer’s Point in Ventura and shared the vows on August 14, 2021.