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The American professional football player Darnell Mooney has achieved so much in his life, but his father, Larry Mooney, is no longer in this world to witness them. It has already been around eight years since his dad passed away, but Darnell often misses his presence, mainly while in the field.

Mooney has been playing as a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL) since 2022. 

Darnell Mooney
Darnell Mooney (Source: Windy City Gridiron)

Although an immense credit for Darnell having a successful football career goes to his mother, Valerie, his dad’s contribution to shaping him in such a short time cannot go unnoticed.

Despite mostly being away from home, Larry was always supportive of Darnell, and he was the one who gently convinced him to focus on football rather than basketball when, at the same time, his mother was strictly telling him to choose basketball.

This article is about Darnell’s late dad, Larry, his family, his struggles with illness, etc., among many other things. So, please stick with us till the end of this article to know him well.

However, before we proceed further, here are some quick facts about Larry Mooney.

Darnell Mooney Father | Quick Facts

Full Name Larry Mooney
Nick Name Not Available
Birthdate June 2, 1972
Year of Death July 3, 2014
Birthplace Chicago, United States
Permanent Residence Gadsden, Alabama
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Education • Foreman High School (Chicago, Illinois)

• ITT Technical Institute (Illinois, United States)

Wife’s Name Valerie Hutchins
Children Three (Sons-Darnell and Denzel, Daughter-De’ Licia Hutchins)
Height  Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Computer Technician
Popular as Darnell Mooney’s Father
Marital Status Married
Ethnicity African American
Net Worth Not Available
Social Media of Darnell Mooney InstagramTwitter
Merch of Darnell Mooney Signed Helmet 
Last Update July 2024

Darnell Mooney Father | Early Life & Education

The NFL star Darnell Mooney’s late father, Larry Mooney, was born on June 2, 1972, in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

He grew up in Chicago with his siblings and attended Foreman High School after passing middle school education at a local academy nearby his residence.

After high school, Larry attended ITT Technical Institute in Illinois, where he graduated with a degree in Information Security.

Before his untimely death, he worked as a computer technician for different companies across cities such as Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago.

Besides, no significant information about his family is known.

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Darnell Mooney Father | Wife & Kids

Larry Mooney was married to Valerie Hutchins for a long time. She was from Ohio State and spent her childhood in Lima, Ohio. Sadly, there is no information about how Valerie and Larry met and got to know each other.

Hutchins has been an avid football fan since she was a kid, and now, she is happy that her son Darnell is playing in the NFL.

She was a football athlete herself and said she would have been a professional football player if girls were allowed to play back in her days.

Larry Mooney and Valerie with their children (Source: Facebook)
Larry Mooney And Valerie With Their Children (Source: Facebook)

After their union, Larry and Valerie had three kids. The eldest daughter, De’ Licia Hutchins, officially had her mother’s surname, so maybe Larry was her stepdad. De’ Licia is now married and has three children.

Furthermore, Larry’s sons, Darnell and Denzel, are twins. Hutchins gave birth to them on October 29, 1997, in Gadsden, Alabama. 

Denzel was born a little earlier than Darnell and growing up, the boys were very athletic and held competitions against each other.

Valerie had wanted her sons to excel in football, but only one could make it to the highest level.

Denzel attended Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado, where he played college football as a wide receiver.

Darnell Mooney Father | Illness & Death

Larry Mooney had been healthy all his life. His family members do not remember taking care of him because of any chronic diseases before his encounter with white blood Cancer in the early 2010s.

The doctor diagnosed him with leukemia as he went to see them after he ruptured his spleen while at work.

It was a tragedy for the Mooney family, but they were calm as Looney initially showed no signs of serious illness.

However, the family was relieved when the doctors informed them they could save his life with a bone marrow donation. One of his twin sons, Denzel, donated it, but it could not save him.

Larry fought the disease for a few years more but eventually gave up on July 3, 2014. He was just forty-two at the time of his death.

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About Darnell Mooney

As mentioned above, Darnell Mooney is an American-born football player, currently playing professional league football in the NFL for Chicago Bears.

Born as one of the twin sons of Larry Mooney and Valerie Hutchins, Darnell grew up in Gadsden and attended Gadsden City High School.

After high school graduation, he joined Tulane University in Louisiana and played college football for the Tulane Green Wave.

Darnell Mooney with the Tulane Green Wave (Source: Twitter)
Darnell Mooney with the Tulane Green Wave (Source: Twitter)

Mooney finished his college career with 19 touchdowns in four seasons.

Following his college, he enlisted in the 2020 NFL Draft list, and subsequently, the Bears chose him as the 173rd overall pick in the fifth round.

Even though Darnell failed to become one of the top prospects while going for the draft, the Bears trusted in his game skills, and as a result, he got more playtime.

He recorded four touchdowns playing 16 games in his rookie season. In his second season, Mooney appeared in 17 games for the Chicago Bears, finishing the season with 81 receptions and four touchdowns.

Darnell Mooney Father | Relationship With His Children

Mooney’s relationship with his three little children had always been exceptional. His oldest daughter, De’ Licia, loved him for everything he did and sacrificed for his family.

She frequently posts about him on her social media, especially on days like Father’s Day, his birthday, and his death anniversary.

Denzel and Darnell Mooney with their father Larry (Source: Facebook)
Denzel and Darnell Mooney With their Father, Larry (Source: Facebook)

As mentioned earlier, Larry was always away from home, yet he was always there for his children whenever needed.

Valerie was stricter, so Larry was their go-to guy for sharing everything.

Darnell still has memories of his dad taking him to visit Chicago City and seeing its giant restaurants, colorful lights, and gigantic skyscrapers.

He and Denzel often hung around and played ball games with Larry whenever he was home during the weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Who wears jersey number 11 for Chicago Bears?

Darnell Mooney wears jersey number 11 for the NFL team Chicago Bears.

How tall is Darnell?

Darnell Mooney is about 1.80 meters (5 feet 11 inches) tall.

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