Who Is Susan Persichitte Duval? David Duval’s Wife Age And Wikipedia

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The former World No.1 Golfer, David Duval, has been married to his wife, Susan Persichitte Duval, for almost 20 years.

The couple is still going strong and has a beautiful and happy family with their children. His wife Susan and their children are his biggest support system.

American Golfer David Duval Playing Golf
American Golfer David Duval Playing Golf (Source: GolfDigest)

David Duval, born November 9, 1971, is an American professional golfer. He comes from a golf-centric family as David’s father, Bob Duval, was a golf instructor, and under his guidance, David started his journey in golf.

He graduated from the Episcopal High School of Jacksonville in 1989, the same year he won the U.S. Junior Amateur championship. Later, Duval continued his success at Georgia Tech, becoming a four-time All-American and earning the 1993 National Player of the Year title.

From 1997 to 2001, Duval secured 13 PGA Tour victories in his early career, notably winning The Open Championship in 2001. Duval’s major titles include the 1997 Tour Championship and the 1999 Players Championship.

However, the golfer faced a downturn in his career after 2001 due to his medical issues. His performance declined without any notable victory again on the PGA Tour, and as a result, he lost his tour card in 2011.

Later, Duval transitioned into a golf analyst and commentator role, continuing to contribute to the golfing community. Currently, he is associated with Golf Channel and ESPN.

Recently, in 2021, he started playing in the PGA Tour Champions circuit in 2022, embarking on a new chapter in his golfing journey.

David Duval And His Wife Susan: Relationship Timeline

David Duval and his wife Susan met almost 20 years back in 2003 at a Denver restaurant while he was in town for an international tournament.

After a year of meeting, they decided to tie the knot in 2004 and have been together since then. They happily live in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, a suburb south of Denver.

David’s wife, Susan Persichitte, is an interior designer. She was born and raised in Denver. Before David, she was in another relationship as she had married relatively young and started a family.

American Golfer David Duval with His Wife And Kids
American Golfer David Duval with His Wife And Kids (Source: Instagram)

The couple also has two children together: a boy, Brady, born in 2005, and a girl, Sienna, born in 2008. Moreover, Susan has custody of her three children from her previous marriage: Deano, Nick, and Shalene Karavites.

David also has a great relationship with them. Duval once said, “Those are my kids; those are the brothers and sisters. We are a perfectly blended, blessed family that you could ever ask for.”

David Duval: Personal Life and Family

Duval comes from a family with a golf background. His father, Bob Duval, was a golf instructor and club professional, and his mother, Diane Poole Duval, was a member of the FSU Flying High Circus during college.

He grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, with two siblings: his older brother Brent and his younger sister Deirdre.

David Duval And His Father Bob Duval
David Duval And His Father Bob Duval (Source: The Florida Times-Union)

The Florida-born has had a lot of struggles and tragedies in his personal life. When David was nine, his brother Brent developed aplastic anemia. David underwent surgery to help his brother and donate bone marrow.

Sadly, the transplant was unsuccessful, and Brent died due to sepsis at age 12. Unable to cope with the tragedy, Duval’s father moved out of the family house.

He also had many moments in his career where he struggled with his health issues. However, experiencing the highs of his significant victories and the lows of the challenges, Duval continues to contribute to the world of golf with his determination.

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