Does David Luiz Have A Brother? Meet Sister Isabelle Moreira Marinho

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Fans wonder if Brazilian soccer player David Luiz has a brother- well, he has an elder sister Isabelle Marinho.

Whether it is a celebration or a moment for emotional support, Luiz always has the back of his parents & sister.

But also, the former Chelsea star’s brotherly relationship with fellow Brazilian soccer player Thiago Silva can’t go unnoticed too. That’s why many think David has a brother.

Isabella, the eldest of two siblings, maybe into a different profession than soccer but has immense support for her brother’s passion.

A supportive & mentor sister, she is also an entrepreneur & a doting mother of two with her high school sweetheart husband.

David Luiz And His Sister Isabelle Marinho
David Luiz And His Sister Isabelle Marinho (Source: Instagram)

And as for her soccer star brother David Luiz, trademarked for his curly hair & skillful footwork, he barely needs an introduction.

The 37-year-old player currently plays for Flamengo, a Brazilian football club, following his transfer from Arsenal, where he played from 2019 to 2021.

Having started his soccer career at Esporte Clube Vitória in 2006, David went on to play for various clubs across the globe: Benfica (of the Portuguese league), Chelsea (of the Premier League) & Paris Saint-Germain (of the Ligue 1).

While in Chelsea, Luiz won a UEFA Champions League (2012) & UEFA Europa League two times (2013 & 2019).

Moreover, the center-back has represented the Brazilian national football team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup & Copa America (2011 & 2015).

Meet David Luiz’s Sister: Isabelle Moreira Marinho

Luiz and his elder sister Isabelle Moreira Marinho were born to Regina Celia Moreira & Ladislau Marinho. Both of them are former teachers.

Isabelle was born on June 24, 1983, while her younger brother was born on April 22, 1987. The two siblings have an age gap of three years, nine months & 29 days.

According to her Instagram bio, she runs an online clothing store, LaBelle Vestiti, which primarily focuses on women’s wear.

Isabelle Moreira Marinho Shared Picture With Her Brother David On The Occasion Of His Birthday
Isabelle Moreira Marinho Shared Picture With Her Brother David On The Occasion Of His Birthday (Source: Instagram)

There is no denying her own family obligations & business keep her occupied, but it can’t limit her adoration for her brother.

Isabelle often mentions her soccer player brother David Luiz on her Instagram posts. Not to mention, she attends his games & cheers him from the stands.

Married & Mother Of Two

Mrs. Marinho leads a happy family of four with her high school sweetheart-turned-husband, Leandro Rafael. Her beau Leandro is also a teacher like her parents.

The two began dating in 1999 during their teenage & often share throwbacks on their Instagram.

For instance, on September 4, 2017, Leandro tagged his wife, Isabelle celebrating 18 years of their relationship.

Isabelle With Her Husband Leandro Rafael
Isabelle With Her Husband, Leandro Rafael (Source: Instagram)

Around her mid-20s in 2007, Isabelle and Leandro Rafael got married, but they rarely post pictures from their wedding.

They wished each other their 13th wedding anniversary on March 17, 2020.

Together, the duo are now parents of two sons but have kept details regarding their identity low-key.

Who Are His Parents?

David Luiz’s parents: Regina (b. January 1962) & Ladislau, who were both teachers, always respected their kids’ passion.

Even though they were going through financial struggles, they would do everything their parents would to ensure Luiz gets to play soccer.

In an interview, his father, Ladislau, told that they were not able to afford David’s soccer cleats. Also, when their soccer prodigy son went to the Salvador-based club Vitória, they paid for the flight tickets in installments.

David Luiz's Parents
David Luiz’s Parents (Source: Instagram)

Now upon seeing Luiz as an aspiring soccer figure himself, his parents are more than proud!

The Brazilian soccer player’s parents are together for more than four decades. They married in December 1980 & are together ever since.

Needless to say, they are not only his supporters but also his protectors.

In 2015, when David Luiz was criticized for his poor performance as PSG lost to Barcelona by 3-1 in the Champions League quarter-final, his mom came to his defense & gave him moral support.

Does David Luiz Have A Brother?

David does not have a brother, but he had a strong brotherly relationship with one of his childhood best friends, Thiago Silva.

On his side, Silva has two siblings: a brother Erivelton Emiliano da Silva & a sister named Danila.

It’s interesting to note that David’s father was once an amateur soccer player.

Ladislau’s support and influence encouraged David and Thiago to take an interest in soccer. David’s father got both of them into their respective young professions by using his contacts.

David Luiz & Thiago Silva Are Considers Brothers
David Luiz & Thiago Silva Are Considers Brothers (Source: Daily Mail)

Together, they used to serve as the Brazil national team’s mascots.

Although Neymar may be the face of Brazil’s World Cup campaign, there is no doubt that the defensive connection between Luiz and Silva is the backbone of Selecao’s success.

David Luiz and Thiago Silva were a formidable pair during games because of their excellent communication skills.

Brazil had an 83.33 percent winning record under Scolari when Luiz and Silva started together.

They have teamed up 12 times in his 20 appearances, recording 10 victories (nine of which were against World Cup-bound opponents), two draws, and one loss.

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