Who Is Dawn Lester, Tim Lester Wife? Iowa New OC

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Former college football and XFL player turned coach Tim Lester has shared a long-lasting marriage with his wife, with whom he shares a strong bond.

The newly appointed offensive coordinator of the University of Iowa football program, Tim Lester, boasts over two decades of experience as a coach.

Behind the scenes of his success is his wife, who shares his passion for football and has stood with him through thick and thin.

New Iowa OC Tim Lester
New Iowa OC Tim Lester (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Tim Lester is an American football coach who formerly played college football and in the XFL.

To begin with, he started his coaching career as an OC for a high school team. Following that, he had stints in various coaching roles in high school and college.

Moreover, he has also worked as a senior analyst in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers.

Coach Lester’s football journey has now gone to Iowa, where he is the new offensive coordinator of their football program.

Tim Lester Wife, Dawn Lester

The new Iowa OC has been married to his wife, Dawn Lester, for nearly two decades. The pair share a strong bond of love and trust that has lasted for a long time.

Tim and Dawn exchanged wedding vows in 2004 and have shared a long and happy marriage. Additionally, they have four children: Quinn, Cooper, Carter, and Camden.

Tim Lester With His Family
Tim Lester With His Family (Source: X)

As a football coach, Tim is vastly experienced and has worked in teams around the United States.

This involves a lot of traveling and moving homes. That is why having a supportive partner like Dawn has been a boon to Tim and his footballing career.

Dawn has mentioned in interviews that moving from one place to another can be difficult because they are embedded in their culture and lifestyle.

In addition, she is also an avid football fan. She often attends the games and supports her husband and his team.

They Are Active On Social Media

The couple’s love for each other can be seen on their X accounts. They frequently share pictures of their travels, holidays, and adventures.

Moreover, they also wish one another happy birthday and post beautiful pictures of their wedding anniversary on the platform.

On his last birthday, Tim received a heart-warming message from his wife that melted the hearts of many.

“Happy Birthday to the love of my life! You’re the best husband, father, brother, son, brother-in-law, son-in-law, friend & coach ever! We are incredibly blessed to call you ours! Love you billions!”

What is fantastic to see is that she always remains positive regardless of the football results. Undoubtedly, her attitude and personality are a great reassurance for Tim as he navigates the competitive realm of coaching.

More About Dawn Lester

Talking about her interests, she has a passion for animal care. Moreover, she is also interested in home and interior design.

On top of that, she describes herself as a foodie. Tim and Dawn are firm believers in giving back to the community and are involved in various charities.

Tim Lester And Wife Dawn Lester
Tim Lester And Wife Dawn Lester (Source: X)

In terms of her profession, she is a primary school teacher. Balancing her job and raising four children along with supporting her coach husband, Dawn handles everything flawlessly.

Overall, Tim and Dawn maintain a happy family with four children, seamlessly juggling work and personal life.

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