DeAndre Hopkins Wife- Is He Married To BreAnna Young?

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No, the NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is not married to BreAnna Young. Yet.

DeAndre Hopkins, a 30-year-old NFL star player, has been dating Breanna Young since 2022.

Breanna is a licensed commercial flight pilot and has gained popularity on Instagram since being involved with Hopkins.

DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins (Source: Texas Monthly)

Hopkins, known for his exceptional skills as a wide receiver, was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2013 and has since been named to the Pro Bowl and First-team All-Pro three times.

However, he is currently a free agent.

DeAndre Hopkins Wife- Is He Married To BreAnna Young?

BreAnna Young, Deandre Hopkins’ girlfriend, is not your average girl. She holds a commercial pilot’s license (CPL) with a multi-engine class rating, making her a skilled pilot.

In addition to her flying expertise, she also has a passion for fitness and Instagram modeling.

Despite her impressive qualifications and career, Young prefers to live a quiet and private life away from the media and public attention.

Young is dedicated to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. She regularly hits the gym to stay in shape and has a toned physique that she maintains through a combination of exercise and healthy eating.

Additionally, she enjoys cooking and takes on the role of a chef during festive seasons, showcasing her culinary skills.

Interestingly, Young’s Instagram bio mentions her love for “long strolls through Costco at peak sample hours.”

Overall, BreAnna Young is a multi-talented individual with a successful career as a pilot, a dedication to fitness, and a love for culinary adventures. She values her privacy and prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye.

BreAnna Has A Son

BreAnna Young has a son named Kayson from her former relationship.

In her journey toward success, BreAnna faced a challenging situation at the age of 18 after losing her virginity and becoming pregnant.

Encountering morning sickness during classes, she endured hurtful comments from her sorority peers, unaware of her presence.

Many suggested abortion as the path to success, while others on social media attacked her faith and judged her choices.

Feeling alone, she navigated her pregnancy without the support of the child’s father and chose not to attend birthing classes due to fear of judgment in a culture that glamorized a different image.

BreAnna Young's Son Kayson
BreAnna Young’s Son Kayson (Source: Instagram)

Despite her fears, she found strength within herself when the time came for delivery. Supported by her mother, she went through the miraculous process of bringing life into the world.

The experience of carrying and giving birth to her child transformed her, instilling a profound strength that permeates every aspect of her being.

Now a proud mother, she cherishes the moments spent with her little one, sharing activities like cooking and soon introducing music and sports.

Witnessing her child’s growth brings her immense joy and has shaped her into the unexpected role of a nurturing and determined woman and mother.

Hopkins & Young Mexico Vacation 

DeAndre Hopkins and Breanna Young went on a holiday trip to Tulum in Mexico’s Yucat√°n Peninsula.

Their rumored relationship began circulating in the media in May 2021, but they officially started dating in 2022.

On New Year’s Eve, Hopkins surprised fans by sharing a photo with Breanna, sparking speculation about their relationship.

DeAndre Hopkins With BreAnna On Mexico Vacation
DeAndre Hopkins With BreAnna On Mexico Vacation (Source: nypost)

The couple’s vacation to Mexico was covered by the New York Post on June 10, 2022. They flew to Quintana Roo in Mexico, where they celebrated Hopkins’ 30th birthday at a resort.

They posed romantically in front of Cafe Monarch and enjoyed a candlelit dinner together.

Hopkins shared several photos on social media, showcasing their adventures in Tulum.

They explored ancient ruins, admired the stunning natural scenery, immersed themselves in the vibrant city life, and savored the delicious local cuisine.

The couple appeared to be enjoying their time together, further fueling rumors about their relationship.

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