Does Dele Alli Have Any Kids With Girlfriend Cindy Kimberly?

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The English professional soccer player Dele Alli is currently in a relationship with the Dutch model Cindy Kimberly. Do they share any kids?

The couple has been in a relationship since mid-2022, and Cindy Kimberly has been very supportive of her boyfriend.

English Soccer Player Dele Alli
English Soccer Player Dele Alli (Source: Instagram)

Alli recently shared his struggles during an interview on The Overlap podcast hosted by Gary Neville.

Additionally, he spent six weeks in rehab to address his mental health concerns and receive treatment for “addiction and trauma.”

In response to Alli’s Instagram post featuring his appearance on Neville’s show, his girlfriend Cindy Kimberly expressed her pride in him through a comment.: “Proud of you.”

Does Dele Alli Have Any Kids With Girlfriend Cindy Kimberly?

The attacking midfielder, Dele Alli, has been in a relationship with Cindy Kimberly for nearly a year, and as of yet, the couple are yet to have kids.

Despite their strong bond, they have chosen to prioritize their professional lives at this time and have not yet started a family.

As they continue to progress in their careers, they may eventually decide to expand their family.

Relationship Timeline

Dele Alli and Cindy Kimberly were first seen together during a vacation in Capri in June 2022.

Dele Alli With His Girlfriend Cindy Kimberly
Dele Alli With His Girlfriend Cindy Kimberly (Source: Instagram)

Since then, they have been in a relationship and do not shy away from showing love for each by posting several pictures together on social media.

Who Is Dele Alli’s Girlfriend, Cindy Kimberly?

Cindy Kimberly was born in Amsterdam on November 16, 1998. She has a mixed heritage, with Spanish and Indonesian roots.

She has an Instagram account with the handle @wolfiecindy with more than 7M followers.

The model and Instagram influencer Cindy, is currently signed with UNO Models.

Her lifelong aspiration was to become a model from childhood, and her dream of becoming a model became a reality through the unexpected involvement of a certain celebrity.

In December 2015, Justin Bieber posted a photo of Cindy on his Instagram page, accompanied by the caption: “OMG, who is this?”.

This post turned Cindy into an overnight internet sensation, attracting the attention of modeling agencies who were eager to sign her.

Expressing her emotions to the Daily Mail at that time, Cindy shared, “When I saw Justin was asking about me, I got very emotional because I’ve been a fan of his for more than six years. It feels like a fairytale.”

Previous Relationships Of Dele Alli

Dele was previously in a relationship with Ruby Mae in 2016. Although they briefly separated in 2018, Ruby officially ended their relationship in early 2021.

Later in May of the same year, Dele was seen sharing a kiss with Maria Guardiola, the daughter of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.

Dele and Maria were spotted together again in October, but their relationship didn’t last long.

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