Devean George Son: Meet Logan And Daylen George

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Logan and Daylen George, son of former NBA star Devean George, might be the next generation of basketball players. Well, the genes have passed down from Devean to his offspring.  

Devean’s son, Logan, plays basketball for his school team, carving the path toward his dream.

Similarly, his second son, Daylen, shares the same passion, too.

Devean George Retired After 11 Seasons
Devean George Retired After 11 Seasons (Source: Center For Economic Inclusion)

A former professional from 1999-2000, Devean George spent over eleven seasons playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

After his high school career at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School, the small forward committed to play basketball at the Augsburg College.

George enjoyed a notable collegiate career, achieving back-to-back MVP honors (1997-98 and 1998-99) and setting a senior-year school record with 770 points. 

Drafted in the first round of the 1999 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers, Devean led the Lakers to three NBA championship victories.

Later, he played for two other NBA teams- Dallas Mavericks (2006-2009) and Golden State Warriors (2009-2010).

Nevertheless, after retiring from the NBA, Devean opted for a career in real estate development.

Who Are Devean George Son? Know About Logan And Daylen George

The former NBA player, Devean George, and his wife, Patricia, share three kids- two sons, Logan and Daylen, and a daughter, Julian George.

Devean frequently shares heartwarming pictures of his two sons on Instagram, showcasing their strong bond.

On Father’s Day in 2017, Devean uploaded a picture of a card his son Logan made for him. In the card, he expressed how thankful he feels towards his dad for teaching him basketball.

Further, embracing the legacy, his son follows in his father’s footsteps, sharing an equal passion for basketball.

The Player's Two Sons Kissing Him
The Player’s Two Sons Kissing Him (Source: Instagram)

As a former NBA player, Devean coaches his son; the two spend weekends practicing and training together. Despite his tender age, the youngster exhibits impressive prowess inside the court.

Under his father’s guidance, Logan performed well in the recent school match as his team stood undefeated. As a proud dad, Devean expressed his profound happiness on Instagram, admiring his son’s accomplishments.

Given such worldwide fame, Devean knows the secret to living a private life with his family. Moreover, his second son, Daylen, is still young, and he might walk the same road.

Nevertheless, given such worldwide fame, Devean knows the secret to living a private life with his family. Also, his wife and daughter appear nowhere in public and lead a low-key lifestyle.

Devean George Family

Born on August 29, 1977, Eddie and Carrol George are the parents of the former NBA champ, Devean George.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a small town, Devean struggled for the tiniest opportunities. However, with his consistent hard work and support from his close-knit family, he earned his name in the NBA. 

Devean George's Family Are Behind His Success
Devean George’s Family Are Behind His Success (Source: Wikipedia)

Devean’s parents deserve all the credit for his achievements. Despite their struggles, they worked two jobs each to support the family and provide the kids the best.

Growing up, Devean spent most of his time with his older brother, Eddie, and younger brother, Chafe.

Moreover, his brother, Eddie, would take him to the park near their house to watch him play basketball with his friends, and slowly, Devean fell in love with basketball.

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