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Roller Skating is a sport based on speed and agility. Therefore, it requires an athlete to be physically and mentally at his best.

Dhanush Babu is a 29 years old skater, coach, and freelance ethical hacker from Bangalore. Babu is a well-known name in the Indian Roller-Skating scene.  

From an early age, he showed signs of excellent quality. Accordingly, Babu has fulfilled the expectations establishing himself as a versatile skater.

Dhanush Babu in action
Dhanush Babu, an Indian Roller Skater

The Asian & International Championship path was nothing short of a struggle. Yet, despite the setbacks, he has had an inspiring journey to the top.

In this article, you will find more information regarding the player. So, let’s dig deeper into Dhanush Babu’s early life, career, height, weight, and other information.

Also, here are some quick facts about the player before we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

Name Dhanush Babu
Nickname “Triple Crown King”
Birthdate 6 January 1995
Birthplace Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Age 29 years old
Gender Male
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Pig
Nationality Indian
Religion Unknown
Body type Athletic
Height 1.83 m/6 feet
Weight 64 kg/142 lb
Hair color Brown
Skin Fair
Education Carmel High School
Profession Speed Skater
Hobbies Ethical Hacking
Dominant Leg Left
International Wins Asian Speed Skating Championship (Bronze)
World Speed Skating Championship (Bronze)
Highest Position 5th Fastest in 2019
Parents Balaji Babu
Sudha Babu
Siblings Mouna Babu (Sister)
Relationship status Single
Social Media Twitter


Net worth $1.5 million
Merch  Roller skates
Last Update February, 2024

Dhanush Babu | Early Life and Background

On 6 January 1995, Dhanush Babu was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He was grown and brought up in the same city known for its parks and nightlife.  

Dhanush was born to Balaji and Sudha Babu in a family of two siblings, including him. He has one sister named Mouna Babu. Surprisingly, she has an added interest in skating too. 

But there is not a lot of information about the personal lives of his parents and brothers. We can trace his source of inspiration and passion for picking up skating as a career to his parents. 

First, his mom had an athletic background. She was a long-distance runner during her college days. 

Dhanush Babu Indian family
Dhanush Babu with his family.

Dhanush wanted to fly like an eagle with its wings spread out when he was three years old. 

Similarly, his father had a sports background too. Balaji was an amateur cricketer with Malleswaram Gymkhana. 

Consequently, his parents ran a skateboarding academy for the city’s skaters. But his parents established the academy to train their children after setbacks. 

Hence, Dhanush was heavily motivated by his parents. Despite skating being a doubtful choice, both his parents inspired him to give it a try.

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Dhanush Babu | Career

Getting into skating

Dhanush and his mother passed by Kanteerava Stadium one day when Babu saw the skaters’ training and instantly showed an interest in the sport. 

Consequently, his parents took him to a skating park right away and registered his name.  And that is how Babu began skating at four years old.

However, he took a few classes before dropping out. The right leg usually propels the body forward in skating, but Dhanush’s left leg was more muscular.

Therefore, his coaches found it hard to train him. 

Nonetheless, his parents didn’t give up. Surprisingly, they decided to open a skating class and train Dhanush by themselves. 

Moreover, the athletic background of both of his parents aided him greatly. Plus, they researched skating coaching.

Likewise, Dhanush started to get better at skating quickly. He completed an environmental awareness rally at the age of six. The route was a long one from Bengaluru to Madikeri. 

Thus, his first steps were paired with his parents’ motivation and interest. Despite a lot of challenges, they kept pushing forward.

Early Career: Journey and Setbacks

Consequently, he won a lot of medals at that time. But he couldn’t get to the stage where he could win the gold. 

However, he faced an entirely different challenge. Babu got jaundice and was bedridden right before the races in 2007 when he was at the top of his game.

Hence, he could not participate and was forced to take a nearly three-year break. It took him almost three and a half years to completely recover and get back to skating. 

In 2011, he made a comeback to realize how far he had fallen behind and how far the world had progressed.

During this stage of his career, his only goal was to win a national gold medal. Moreover, he would be qualified to compete in the world championship selection trials. 

In 2012, he bagged his first national gold medal on his home track in Bangalore. This win was a special moment for him since it came after more than ten years of competition.

An engaging national career

After his successful performance in 2012, he never looked back. He carried the same momentum in 2013.  

Furthermore, he continued the same dominance in the 53rd National Roller Championship. 

Surprisingly, Dhanush repeated the same in the 56th National Roller Sports Championship in Visakhapatnam. He bagged a gold medal in Rink 4 and Road 3, silver in Road 2, and bronze in Rink 5. 

Overall, Dhanush Babu won 11 national championships and 17 gold medals. Thus, we can say that he had an impressive career.

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An engaging international career

Dhanush had his eyes set on international glory too. Hence, he started taking part in these events regularly. 

Thus, his first international event would be the World Roller Speed Skating Championship. After that, he participated in Rink 3, Rink 4, Road 2, and Marathon. But he couldn’t secure a top finish in any category. 

However, in the 16th Asian Roller-Skating Championship, he came near to securing a medal. He secured fourth place in the Rink relay category. 

Accordingly, Dhanush participated in the World Roller Speed Skating Championship in 2015 and 2016. Despite not winning any medals, he never gave up. Instead, he took it as an opportunity to learn from the best in the game. 

Dhanush Babu in Barcelona
Dhanush Babu represents his national team.

Consequently, results started to show in the 17th Asian Roller-Skating Championship.

Dhanush Babu with his team won the bronze medal in the 3000m team relay event in Lishui. This win was India’s first senior international roller-skating medal. 

Furthermore, Dhanush carried this winning streak to the 18th Asian Roller-Skating Championship. He won a bronze medal in the 3000-meter rink relay. 

Dhanush Babu | Drawbacks in India

Roller Skating is a very uncertain career choice in a country like India. Cricket and hockey training courses dominate the entire nation. Hence, it was customary for Dhanush to face challenges during his journey.  

The first issue he had was locating qualified coaches. He was a lefty, so finding a coach who could accommodate this difference was tricky.

Consequently, his father then trained as a coach, and he has been coaching him ever since. 

Similarly, he had access to a limited track that did not meet the necessary international standards. As a result, the first international skating track opened in Bangalore in 2007.

Before that, he had to fly to places like Mysore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. They were the only cities with tracks that met the international requirements.

A 130m synthetic track that is suitable for training is costly. There are insufficient funds available from the government to build it. Further, Dhanush believes that performance increase if the athletes train on proper tracks. 

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Is Dhanush Babu Married? | Know About His Marital Status

According to several sources, Dhanush isn’t married or in any relationship with anyone. It’s hard to believe the athlete is single because he has a warm personality. 

Many of Dhanush’s friends, on the other hand, believe he is secretly dating. However, he has avoided public appearances with his girlfriend. Nonetheless, the athlete has made no indications about his possible relationship. 

Besides, Dhanush has a bright future in roller skating as a rising star. As a result, he might be concentrating on his job rather than putting effort into love or marriage. 

Regardless, he has maintained the distance between his professional and personal life. Thus, not much information is known about his personal life. 

Dhanush Babu | Age, Height, and Personality

Dhanush Babu is an international Roller Skater, and he has a body to prove it. He has a lightweight body with remarkable flexibility and strength in his left leg. 

When writing this article, Dhanush is currently 29 years of age. However, he still looks fresh and fit enough to compete in the skating scene.

Moreover, the athlete is acrobatic and stands at 6 feet (1.83 m). 

Additionally, he is a leftie, and turning on the track was always a problem. Hence, he dedicates himself to exercises that enhance his attributes in these areas.

Furthermore, Dhanush has trained with his dad ever since he was a child, which he continues to do. 

From his pictures, it is clear that the skater has kept himself fit to be agile. However, his exact body measurements are unknown.

Dhanush Babu | Net Worth & Earnings

Dhanush Babu accounts for much of his net worth as a professional roller-skater. He has been a regular starter in national and international competitions. 

The government gives cash prizes to both national and international medalists. But the prize money is insufficient to cover the expenses of competing and winning the medal. 

Furthermore, government scholarships are typically offered in compensation for expenses.  But since skating is such a costly sport, many people cannot meet the costs. 

Dhanush has won 14 gold, ten silver, and five bronze medals. Therefore, we can assume that he could accumulate a lot of earnings during his time here. However, Dhanush Babu’s expenditures are not well-documented. 

Thus, there is no exact information on his net worth and salary. However, research says that the average median salary of a Roller Skater is $44,680 per year.

Dhanush Babu | Social Media

Instagram: 7k Followers

Twitter: 94 Followers

Queries on Dhanush Babu

What is Dhanush’s favorite drink?

Dhanush Babu loves drinking Monster Energy the most. Juice Monster Mango Loco is his personal favorite.

Is Dhanush’s sibling a professional skater too?

Yes, Mouna Babu is also a skater representing India in national and international competitions.

Is Dhanush the fastest Indian skater?

Dhanush is not the fastest Indian skater. Vishwaraj Jadeja is well known for being the fastest Indian skater.

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