Did Ja Morant Use Chatgpt To Write His Apology? Fans Show Receipts

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The Memphis guard Ja Morant recently made headlines after a video of him holding a gun and jamming to rap music went viral on social media for the second time.

Following mounting criticism from media and fans, Ja felt compelled to address the situation and issued a statement.

Ja Morant Hooding A Gun
Ja Morant Hooding A Gun (Source: TMZ)

In the statement by Ja shared via Adrian Wojnarowski’s tweet, he displayed admirable accountability and humility, acknowledging his mistake and expressing genuine remorse.

However, his fans have drawn parallels between Chatgpt’s prompt and Morant’s statement.

So, what’s that about?

Ja’s Statement

I deeply know I’ve disappointed a lot of people who have supported me. This is a journey and d I recognize there is more work to do. My words may not mean much right now, but I take full accountability for my actions. I’m committed to continuing to work on myself.

Did Ja Morant Use Chatgpt To Write His Apology?

Fans flooded the NBA star’s so-called apology post with ironic humor, allegedly calling out his apology post as GPT had written.

They shared screenshots and retweets of AI-generated simulations regarding an apology that looked somewhat similar to Ja Morant’s.

But making assumptions solely based on similarities can lead to unfair judgments and misinterpretations.

Ja Morant's Statement's Similarities With the Text Generated By AI
Ja Morant’s Statement’s Similarities With the Text Generated By AI (Source: Twitter)

There is no denying that AI writing tool, a modernized technology, is an aid in many aspects.

However, fans won’t digest the lack of sincerity, which seems the same in the case of Ja Morant.

Though some fans, instead of fueling in rage, shared messages of hope that he gets the help he needs.

Ja Morant’s Future In The League

The NBA has not officially suspended Ja for his action, but it is likely that severe punishment will be imposed on the point guard pretty soon.

Because of his high-profile status within the league, any negative action by Ja has a detrimental effect on the NBA’s relationship with its promoters and sponsors worldwide.

Nike, in particular, has received criticism for not cutting ties with the 22-year-old guard, whom they signed, replacing then Nets star Kyrie Irving

His initial gun incident has already put a dent in his professional career and cost him close to $40 million. And only time will tell what this recent episode has in store for him.

Ja Morant, Gun Controversies
Ja Morant, Gun Controversies (Source: FOX 8 News)

Looking ahead to the next season, the Memphis have legitimate concerns about their point guard position if Morant is sidelined for a significant number of games.

Additionally, accusations of a drinking problem further emphasize the need for Morant to demonstrate maturity and actively work toward personal growth.

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