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No competition, no gold, and even no achievement are more important than our personal health. Similarly, standing up with mental health and injuries, here is a biography of Brazillian gymnast Diego Hypolito.

Meanwhile, marking number for remarkable recording, Diego became one of the renowned gymnasts globally. Thus, he earned national and international championships.

However, Diego personally is so religious. Before any step, the athlete is so much concerned about its correctness. 

In fact, for more inspiration, Diego’s sister herself was also an artistic gymnast. Thus, his sister is his inspiration to be consistent over gymnastics.

Diego Hypolito
Diego Hypolito

As one of the richest players, Diego’s supporting his athletic life with some famous brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Accordingly, claiming several medals with honors, Diego Hypolito is considered one of the remarkable gymnasts worldwide.

Quick Facts

Detailing more about this world-famous gymnast from North America, here are some of his quick facts mentioned below:

Full Name Diego Matias Hypolito
Known as Diego Hypolito
Nickname Dani
Birth Date June 19, 1986
Birth Place Santo Andre, Brazil
Residence State of Rio de Janeiro
Religion Christian
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity Brazilian Portuguese
Education N/A
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Wagner Hypolito
Mother’s Name Geni Hypolito
Siblings 2 (Daniele Hypolito and Edson Hypolito)
Age 38 years old
Height 5’7″ (170 cm)
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark brown
Body type Athletic
Profession Gymnastic
Marital Status Unmarried
Gender Gay
Beginning of Professional Career 1997
Retirement 2019
Playing style N/A
Sports team CR Flamengo
Coach Renato Arujo
Victory World Champion, World Cup Gold medalist, Gold medalist in Pan American Games
Net Worth $1million – $5 million
Salary $70,000
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter
Merch  Book, Tokyo Olympics 2021 Items
Last Update July, 2024

Diego Hypolito | Personal and Early Life

Afterward, Diego was born on 19th July 1986 in Santo Andre, in the ABC Region, Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo. Meanwhile, he belongs to a family of bus drivers.

Furthermore, his father is Wagner Hipolito, and his mother, Geni Matias, was a seamstress.

After, the family moved to the city of Rio de Janeiro. In brief, Diego generally has both Greek and Portuguese ancestry from his family.

To illustrate, this athlete was so much inspired by his sister. Earlier his sister trained at the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. Just as Diego also got sport from there. 

In fact, under his sister Daniele’s guidance, he specialized his solo exercises. Even his brother Daniele Hypolito is also a gymnast.

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Diego Hypolito | Career

Junior Career

Subsequently, from the year 2001, Diego started his junior career. Back then, he participated in the Brazilian National Championship in Parana.

On the whole, he participated in the general, ground, and jump events and claimed several medals of bronze and silver.

Similarly, in the 2002 National Championship of the VI Youth Games, this junior gymnast won four gold medals on jump, solo, general, and rings. In addition, he claimed three silver for parallel, fixed bar, and team.

Thus, Diego became the biggest medalist of the competition.

Later, he also got a chance to participate in the Pan American Championship. Including Pan American, in the Brazilian Championship, he won more than 8 medals of all ranks, including 7 golds.

Accordingly, with the fame of the biggest winner, in the VII Youth Games, he claimed another six gold and a silver medal.

Back again in the 2004 Pan American Championship, this gymnast became victorious. 

Simultaneously claiming more victory on the ground and in the jump, Diego was known as tuquinha from the table.

Senior Career

Subsequently claiming some medals and competitions, Diego participated in the London World Championship just at sixteen. Finally, indeed his age, he got to participate in the stage of the World Cup in Stuttgart.

There, he ranked seventh position. On the other side of Rio de Janerio, Deigo claimed gold for jumping and solo. He became a gold medalist for championships and world cups like the Scottish, Bermingham, and Melbourne World.

Equally important, in Rio de Janerio, winning second place in the team competition, also claimed golf for both events like the jump and the ground. Hence, Diego surpassed Guillermo Alvarez, also from North America.

As a matter of fact, is Diego was just nineteen while debuting on the world podium and won gold. Again, he surpassed Canadian Brandon O’Neill.

He also ranked with medals in Beijing Olympic Games, Madrid World Cup Final- Spain, World Cup in Cottbus 2009, and Japanese Kohei Uchimura.

Diego Hypolito on gymnast
Diego Hypolito on gymnast

In between some of his competitions, several serious injuries stopped him from competing even for finals too. But, Diego has always been on top of the list of worldwide gymnasts despite his age.

Reportedly, overall, Diego has won 63 medals in the World cup.

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In the final analysis, up until now, Diego participated in three of the Olympics. Adjacently he is the first Brazilian gymnast ever to receive a medal at Worlds.

Despite dengue fever in 2008 and elimination during the qualification stage at the 2012 Summer Olympics, he held history in the 2016 Olympics. Thus, he received a silver medal in the individual event final.

Despite all, Diego is all set up to represent his best in Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Diego Hypolito | Injuries

While preparing for the Pan American Games 2007, Diego fractured his tibia.

Similarly, preparing for the 2008 Olympic Games, dengue fever affected him. Thus, recovered while in time to compete.

Moreover, his shoulder was injured. In fact, the injury suffered him out of action for more than three months. Back again, he missed the Olympic test in January 2012.

For the exact purpose, he required surgery to correct a minor tear. Same time of the year, the injury was in the meniscus of his right knee.

In addition, he missed the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada. Similarly, Diego could not make up to qualify for the event because of a back injury.

Diego Hypolito | Depression

Notwithstanding, Diego revealed in 2014 that Diego suffered badly from the depression. While Diego and his family moved from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo after being released by Flamengo, it started to get into him.

Similarly, his severe anxiety issues and depression made him afraid of getting into the elevator, fly on the plane, car,s and many more. So even a big state of anxiety got into him.

Afterward, moving to Sao Bernado, there came so many improvements in his mental health issues.

Diego Hypolito | On his sexuality

Right before anything, discovering something different in ourselves is completely unacceptable in the beginning.

Same as with defining a wholesome gender of self with Diego. As it all started naturally, at the age of 10, his coach insisted his mother raise Deigo differently.

Although his mother talked to him worriedly all of a sudden, everything stuck with him. To illustrate, Diego belongs to a poor family, a completely religious family.

Indeed, he also has a Jesus tattoo. Similarly, having a huger and electricity with low maintenance was common with them.

Thus, he did not want to give more problems to his family, as he believed being gay is not acceptable. Somehow, it made him felt like he involved himself in some of a crime.

Likewise, his family gave up their old location for the future welfare of him and his sister’s career.

Hence, Diego did not want to make them worry about such a serious issue. Eventually, this made him worry and lonely. Additionally, every time he opened out about this, he felt like everyone would make fun of it.

In fact, dealing with his homosexuality, Deigo was also afraid of losing his sponsor. 

Open up

Simultaneously, with lots of thoughts and observations over other gay people, Diego opens with Michel Conceicao. Meanwhile, Michel is a well-loved, popular, and openly gay athlete.

As soon as he shared his secret with Michel, he made him comfortable. In fact, Michel suggested Diego have fun in gay clubs. In the beginning, he somehow felt awkward to be in between gays. 

But sooner or later, Diego couraged himself and send a text to his mom about it. Although his mother did not respond for a while, she was a bit upset about it. Thus, she was already aware of but afraid to accept it.

As a result, Diego kept himself away from his family almost for a year. Despite all, his brother supported him, and slowly Diego came to uncovered himself in the gay party.

Slowly, his family accepted him, as Diego did not choose to be gay and accepted his well-being. Indeed he accepted some may not like him the way they used to be, but Deigo chooses to stay open about it.

Finally, in 2019, Diego stated he would never again not live as he used to be. Furthermore, he said he’s gay.

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Diego Hypolito | Awards and Achivements

  • The floor exercise event at the Brazilian National Championship: 1997
  • All-around Junior National Champion: 2001
  • First male south American gymnast to medal at Worlds: 2005
  • Competed in five World Gymnastics Championships: 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007
  • 3 (Gold)* World Cup Final
  • 5(Gold)* Pan American Games
Diego Hypolito on his achievement
Diego Hypolito on his achievement

Diego Hypolito | Net Worth

Consequently, claiming a number of the national and international championships, Diego Hypolito became one of the richest athletes from Brazil. In addition, he has the support for sponsorships and brand endorsement.

Overall, Diego’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million.

Diego Hypolito | Social Media Appearances

Being a true representative with remarkable achievements from Brazil, Diego has lots of followers. Similarly, he is active on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

There, he posts his athletic lifestyle along with other sports posts. Thus, he has the following number of followers shown as below:

Instagram: 585k followers (@diegohypolito)

Facebook: 145k followers (@Diego Hypolito)

Twitter: 34.5k followers (@hypolitoginasta)

Frequent Questions (FAQs)

Is Diego Hypolito married?

Even after the announcement of being gay, Diego Hypolito has no record of even dating anyone. Thus, he is unmarried.

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