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At the 2012 London Olympics, Chinese weightlifter Zhou Lulu proved to be the strongest woman on earth by lifting 333 kg in the 75 kg weight division. This was a new world record, surpassing her own previous record of 328 kg.

Later, the athlete commented that the gold medal weighed heavier than the weights. Nevertheless, it was a joyous moment for her country, especially her family and her hometown.

From a little girl in a village in China to an Olympic gold medalist, Zhou’s journey was not the easiest, but it was definitely thrilling.

She aimed for this gold medal since she witnessed Tang Gonghong winning gold in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Chinese weightlifter Zhou Lulu
Chinese weightlifter Zhou Lulu (Source: The Excercist)

While people mostly associate weightlifting with male athletes, women like Zhou are constantly helping to break the norm.

Gracing in male-dominated sports, the female weightlifter has accumulated a net worth of $1 million in 2024. 

So how did the incredible athlete discover weightlifting? How was her early life, and how did she get into the Olympics?

In this article, we will learn in detail about the journey of this talented woman. But first, here are some interesting quick facts:

Quick Facts

Full Name Zhou Lulu 
Native Name 周璐璐
Nick Name Zhou
Birthdate 19 March 1988
Age 36 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Father’s Name Zhou Weijian
Siblings One sister
Citizenship China
Residence Yantai, Shandong, China
School Shandong Provincial Sports School
Height 5’9″/1.75 m/175 cm
Weight 133 kg/293 lb
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Martial Status Unmarried
Partner N/A
Sport Women’s Weightlifting
Category 75kg+
Olympics Wins One Gold (2012 London Olympics)
World Championship One Gold (2011 Paris), One Silver (2013 Wrocław)
Personal Best Snatch: 146 kg, Clean & Jerk: 192 kg, Total: 334 kg
Coach Yang Zhijun
Team Team China
Status Active
Hobbies Travel
Net Worth $1 Million
Social Media Facebook
Last-Update April 2024

Early Life & Family

Zhou was born in 1988 in Xilugezhuang Village, Dayao Town, Muping District, Yantai City, China. Her parents, Zhou Weijan and his wife are farmers who grow apples and cherries. 

Lulu’s parents never watched her compete until the London Olympics. Later, when someone funded their travel expenses, they traveled abroad for the first time to watch their daughter win gold.

Although her parents don’t know much about the sport, they are very proud of their daughter, who represented China at the international level. 

The weightlifter is quite secretive when it comes to her family. As per the rumors, she is very close to her grandmother and has a sister.  

Zhou started her weightlifting journey at the age of 11. 

Discovering Weightlifting

There is an interesting story behind how Zhou started weightlifting. 

It was back in 1999 when coach Shi Du of the Muping District Sports school spotted her. Shi Du needed a weightlifting student but has had no luck so far.

Zhou had participated in a Shotput competition at a sports meet. When he saw her tall and strong build, Shi Du immediately decided and took her into his wings.

Young Zhou Lulu
Young Zhou Lulu (Source: Olympedia)

But again, Shi Du had to get the permission of her family. When he visited her parents, they were not home, and he had to talk to her grandmother. 

Despite not understanding what weight lighting is, she believed in the coach and let her grandkid play. 

In this way, Zhou started her journey.

The Never Give Up Attitude

Weightlifting is a difficult sport; a day of training involves lifting 100s of kilograms, and it can get hard for anyone. There were not many kids in the school who did weightlifting. 

However, the introvert Zhohu never complained and just kept on training. Along with Zhohyu, her sister also went to train, but she gave up soon.

But it was not always the same! The training was too difficult and often exhausting.

Along the way, Zhohy started to think about quitting. But then, the 2004 Athens Olympics happened. 

When Tang Gonghong won the gold medal and made China proud, Zohu wanted to win for herself. And the fact that Tang was also from Shandong motivated her even further.  

Likewise, her attitude toward weightlifting changed totally. She started loving it and preparing herself to win the gold.


Zhou spent three years in the Yantai sports school and trained under coach Xiandong. She moved to the Shandong Province Women’s weightlifting team in 2003, where Zhijun coached her.

Zhou was brought into the limelight in 2007 when she back-to-back proved her abilities. Firstly, she won runner-up in the national urban games. In addition, Lulu also won the Asian youth championship.

In 2008, she came fourth place in the national weightlifting championships.

Lulu broke the national record in the 2009 national games, ending in runner-up. The same year, she broke the world record in women’s 75 kg weightlifting category by lifting 148 kg. 

In the 2011 world weightlifting championships, Zhou won two medals in clean and jerk with a total score of 327 kg.


Zhou Lulu won the competition with a grab of 145 kg, a clean and jerk of 183 kg, and a total score of 328 kg in the 2012 national women’s weightlifting championships and Olympic trials. 

She surpassed Russia’s Tatiana Kashirina to win gold in the 75 kg category and set a new world record at the London Olympics. 

Moreover, it was the 29th gold medal of the Chinese delegation and the 5th gold medal of the Chinese weightlifting team in the Olympics.

Zhou Lulu
Zhou Lulu In London Olympics (Source: Olympics)

With this win, she became a Grand Slam weightlifter, having won the Olympic games, world championships, and a world record.

In the 2014 Asian games, Lulu set a new Asian record for snatch with 142 kg and a clean and jerk world record of 192 kg.With a total score of 334 kg, she easily took home a gold medal.

Unfortunately, Zhou hasn’t made any public appearances since 2014. 

Body, Height, & Measurements

At 5’9″/1.75 m tall and weighing 133 kg/293 lb, Zhou has a body suited to be a weightlifter.

She naturally had a big body which made Shi Du try her out for weightlifting. During the exclusive training, her body grew even bigger. Zhou has to wear 5XL clothes, which can be very difficult to find. 

Zhou Lulu
Zhou Lulu Has A Billed Weight Of 133 Kg (Source: Facebook)

Zhou’s family owns an apple garden back in their village. Being a kind girl, she tried to help them in the orchard. But her heavy body world was just not right to work in the field.


A Pieces by her birth sign, Zhou considers herself to be a romantic at heart. After the Olympics, when the interviewer asked her if she had a boyfriend, she shyly nodded no.

But the fact that Lulu has admirers all around the globe is not a hidden secret.

As she has stepped away from the limelight since 2014, we can not tell if she is currently married or in any relationship. But we hope she is fully enjoying her life in 2024. 

Social Media Presence

Despite being one of the strongest women, Zhou has an introverted and shy nature. That might be the reason why she is barely active on any social media platforms. 

Facebook: 182 followers

There is a Facebook page of Zhou, but it was last updated in 2012. So if you want to find out more about her, an internet search is the way to go.


Zhou is a Chinese weightlifter who won gold at the 2012 Summer Olympic games. 

Zhou Lulu Search Trend 2023
Zhou Lulu Search Trend 2023 (Source: Google Trend)

The graph shows search her search trend for 12 months. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Zhou Lulu retired?

Zhou hasn’t officially confirmed her retirement from weightlifting. However, she hasn’t competed in any games since 2014.

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