Does Clint Frazier Have a Brother? Sister Taylor Frazier

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Clint Frazier, an American MLB player, grew up in a family of four. The Chicago White Sox outfielder doesn’t have a biological brother but an elder sister named Taylor.

Often in his interviews, Fraizer mentions Brett Gardner, a fellow baseball player, whom he considers his brotherly figure.

Not only that, but the former Yankees player is also a surrogate brother to Emily Rutledge.

Born on September 6, 1994, Clint Jackson Frazier is the only baseball player in the family to step into the MLB.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication & sacrifice of his parents, Mark and Kim, though.

American MLB Player Clint Frazier
American MLB Player Clint Frazier (Source: The Cold Wire)

The  Loganville, Georgia native currently plays as a baseball outfielder for the MLB team Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox initially acquired him as a free agent on April 28, 2023 (after a waiver from the Texas Rangers) & signed him on a minor league contract. A month later, on May 21, he was promoted to the major league.

Clint’s enthusiasm for baseball came from a young age, he would swing the bat & try pitching for a strikeout.

It followed him through Loganville High School & even got him a scholarship at the University of Georgia.

Frazier, the Cleveland Indians’ 5th overall pick of the 2013 MLB draft pick, opted for field experience over college.

He went through minor leagues before his trade to the New York Yankees, where he got his MLB debut in 2017.

Does Clint Frazier Have A Brother?

No, Clint Frazier doesn’t have any biological brothers.

He was one of the two children of his parents: Mark Frazier, who worked as a salesman for a fencing company, and Kim Fraizer, a preschool teacher.

Rather, the MLB player has an elder sister Taylor Frazier.

Meet Sister Taylor Frazier

Clint’s elder sister Taylor, born on August 12, 1991, is three years & 25 days older than the MLB player.

Both of the Frazier siblings went to Loganville Christian Academy before they went to Loganville High School.

Upon graduation, Clint went on to pursue an MLB career, opting out of the offer from the University of Georgia.

On the other, his sister Taylor went to study further at college & is currently works as a pharmacy technician.

Clint's Sister Taylor Frazier With Her Soon-To-Be Husband Stephen
Clint’s Sister Taylor Frazier With Her Soon-To-Be Husband Stephen (Source: The Knot)

Currently, Taylor is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Stephen Fuller.

According to The Knot, the couple is planning to marry on November 3, 2023, in Destin, Florida, in a Beach-themed wedding.

Taylor Frazier (soon-to-be Mrs. Fuller) is active on Instagram under the handle @taymfrazier but has switched to private.

Often, she & her brother Clint Frazier along with his wife Kaylee Frazier, are often an Instagram mention of their mother, Kim Frazier.

Extended Family: Clint Is A Surrogate Brother Of Emily Rutledge

Not only is Clint, an excellent baseball player, but he is also a generous & kind person- most of his relatives & friends talk about his acts of kindness.

He is a surrogate brother of Emily Rutledge, who lost her elder brother Ethan in a Thanksgiving weekend car accident in 2015.

Like Frazier, Ethan was also an attendant of Loganville High School- a year junior to him.

Frazier was there to support Emily & her family emotionally & financially. Ever since then, Clint Fraizer’s been a brother to Emily & a son to the Rutledge family.

In regard to Clint’s emotional support, Emily’s father, Charity Rutledge, said,

“Clint stepped up as a big brother to her. He contacts her all the time. Always a brother for her when she needs advice, been a big brother hero to her”.

Moreover, the MLB player’s family includes Eden, who is no blood relation with them but is being cared for part-time by Frazier because the girl’s parents struggled financially.

It is evident that no matter how much success Clint has in baseball, his heart is bigger when it comes to humanity.

Frazier Regards Brett Gardner, His Brotherly Figure

Frazier, in an interview, said, “Just how Brett Gardner treated me, he went about it in such a positive way that I felt like it was a big brother-little brother relationship. He’s such a good teammate.”

Brett Michael Gardner, born on August 24, 1983, is an American Professional Baseball Outfielder who is a free agent. He played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the New York Yankees.

Clint Frazier And Brett Gardner Whom He Considers His Brotherly Figure
Clint Frazier And Brett Gardner, Whom He Considers His Brotherly Figure (Source: New York Post)

Brett Gardner said, “It’s been a lot of fun for me to watch Clint grow, not just as a player, but as a person.”

Clint selfishly like to have Brett around until he’s like 50 so that he could finish his career with him.

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