Does Cormani McClain Have A Brother? Meet Sister Kaarisha McClain

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Cormani McClain doesn’t have a brother. The cornerback has two sisters, with Kaarisha McClain being the oldest sibling.

For several weeks, the situation surrounding Cormani McClain at the Colorado Buffaloes was making the rounds in the media. Many believed the cornerback and Coach Prime had a fallout after he called him out publicly. 

Cormani McClain Pictured In The Colorado Buffaloes Gear As He Sends Out A Message To His Doubters
Cormani McClain Pictured In The Colorado Buffaloes Gear As He Sends Out A Message To His Doubters (Source: Instagram)

When Deion Sanders was asked what Cormani had to do to see the field, he replied, “Study and prepare. Be on time for meetings.”

And finally, against USC Trojans, the former five-star cornerback stepped up and put up a serious performance. Even Sanders sang praises about him later in the postgame press conference saying they wanted him to be that dude. 

Does Cormani McClain Have A Brother? Meet Sister Kaarisha McClain

Cormani McClain might not have a brother, but he does have two sisters. Kaarisha is the older sister of the cornerback Cormani McClain. 

Cormani and Kaarisha share a tight-knit bond. Born on February 18, 1999, Kaarisha is five years older than her famous younger brother. On social media, Kaarisha prefers to go by the name Risha and is available on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

On her Instagram bio, Kaarisha has shared the link to her company, The Ri Effect. By profession, Kaarisha seems to be a hairstylist, and her company, The Ri Effect, does wig installments. 

Cormani McClain Sister, Kaarisha McClain, Runs A Wig Company
Cormani McClain Sister, Kaarisha McClain, Runs A Wig Company (Source: X)

She has shared posts of her clients, whom she calls Ri Dolls, to show their transformation after their wig installments. Though her business might be on Instagram, Kaarisha seems to use X more than other social media websites.

On X, Kaarisha is seen posting supportive messages about her brother and talking about game days.

On September 19, Risha wrote, “People be on the outside looking in when it comes to my brother and don’t even be knowing wtf really going on. Just a bunch of mfs worried about the next person’s life.”

But she quickly deleted the post. The post was made after people speculated that Cormani and Coach Prime weren’t on good terms. But the McClain family has always supported the Colorado Buffaloes’ coach. 

Recently, the YouTube channel Jon The Liquidator shared a video of them interviewing Kaarisha after Colorado’s game against USC. The older sister didn’t talk much but repeated the wise words, “Patience is key.”

The two also have a younger sister, who doesn’t appear much in the public limelight. On September 10, the football player’s mother shared a family photo of them four wearing the Buffs jersey. 

Cormani McClain Parents, Cory McClain, And Tikisha McClain

Cormani McClain’s parents, Cory McClain and Tikisha McClain aren’t together anymore, and the footballer seems to have a better relationship with his mother, Tikisha.

Tikisha goes by the username Dìamond Kaìshaÿ on Instagram and Facebook and works at GEICO, an Insurance Company. She graduated from Broward College and hails from Kendall Lakes, Florida. 

Cormani McClain's Mother, Tikisha White, Pictured On May 15, 2023, On Mother's Day
Cormani McClain’s Mother, Tikisha White, Pictured On May 15, 2023, On Mother’s Day (Source: Instagram)

A proud mother, Tikisha is vocal about supporting her son. Her social media pages are filled with supportive posts for Cormani. Previously, Tikisha was questioned about what made the family choose the University of Colorado. 

Tikisha said when Colorado came calling for Cormani, they had an instant connection. She praised the Colorado team for keeping 100% real with the family and cleared the air that it has never been about NIL money. 

Along with working in an insurance company, Tikisha also runs a seafood catering service, T.K. Messy Crabs. The footballer hasn’t talked much about his father’s involvement in his sporting career. 

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