Does Tom Kim Have A Sister? Meet Brother Jaewook Kim

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Tom Kim has a brother named Jaewook Kim, but does he also have a sister? Let us debunk whether it is actually true or just a rumour.

Tom Kim is a professional South Korean golfer. His professional career kickstarted in 2018.

Tom Kim With Award For PGA 2023
Tom Kim With Award For PGA 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Kim turned a professional golfer in May 2018 when he played on the Philippine Golf Tour. In 2019, he played on the Asian Development Tour, in which he won his first event. It was the PGM ADT Championship. 

Furthermore, he also won the Ciputra Golfpreneur Tournament in Indonesia. Kim was then given promotion to the Asian Tour for the rest of 2019. 

The same year in the month of November, Tom Kim won the Panasonic Open India and became the youngest professional to win on the Asian Tour at the age of just 17.

The golfer is an Asian Tour Order of Merit winner for 2020 throughout 2021. In 2021, he was named Korean Tour Player of the Year and Korean Tour Order of Merit winner. 

Does Tom Kim Have A Sister?

There are rumors on the internet that Tom Kim might have a sister. However, the golfer has not yet revealed any information as such. 

Furthermore, it is known that Tom has only one brother and no other sibling of his own. 

Therefore, the confusion about Kim’s sister might have appeared because of his cousins. People might have mistaken female cousins of Tom to be his own sister. 

It is wiser not to assume about his family until the golfer reveals the details himself. 

Meet Tom Kim Brother, Jaewook Kim

Tom Kim’s brother is Jaewook Kim, and it is a very well-known thing. The former, with an age gap of 5 years, is younger than the latter one. 

The Kim brothers were raised together in Seoul, Korea, before the family moved to Australia when Tom was only five years old. 

The siblings learned English together since their parents planned to move to Australia once the kids were fluent.

When Tom was five, his entire family migrated to Australia and lived there for seven years.

Tom Kim In Action During PGA Tour
Tom Kim In Action During PGA Tour (Source: Instagram)

Due to rising living costs in Australia, the Kim family opted to return to Asia, choosing the Philippines as their new home.

Jaewook is an important figure in Tom’s life. Tom often says that his brother is his biggest fan and source of inspiration.

It is worth knowing that Tom’s family prefers to maintain a low profile and avoid media attention. There isn’t much information about their private lives on the internet. 

The golfer’s family values privacy and maintains the closeness of their relationships, separate from Tom’s golfing career.

Know More About Tom Kim

Tom Kim was born on 21 June 2002 in Seoul, South Korea. 

His father, Kim Chang-ik, was a professional golfer on the Tour and later became a golf instructor.

Tom Kim Becoming The First PGA Tour Winner Born After 2000
Tom Kim Becoming The First PGA Tour Winner Born After 2000 (Source: Instagram)

The golfer’s real name is Kim Joo-hyung. However, he is popular by the name Tom. It was derived from Thomas the Tank Engine.

He was actually called ‘Thomas,’ which later turned into ‘Tom’ as it was just shorter and more simple. Hence, all his family and friends called him Tom now. 

Tom is active on Instagram and Twitter, sharing his golfing journey through pictures on his social media.

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