Dominik Koepfer Girlfriend: More On Parents & Coach

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German professional tennis player Dominik Koepfer has not been in a relationship for a long time and has no girlfriend.

Despite occasional rumors surrounding his personal life, the player has done a pretty good job of avoiding questions about almost anything beyond his professional life. 

Already in his late twenties, Koepfer has not won any ATP singles titles. So, at this point, the professional athlete thinks he should focus more on his career rather than speaking about his private affairs.

German Professional Tennis Player Dominik Koepfer
German Professional Tennis Player Dominik Koepfer (Source: ITA Tennis)

Born in Furtwangen, Germany, Dominik Koepfer began playing professional tennis in 2016. He won his first ATP Challenger Tour doubles title a year later, partnering with American tennis player Dennis Kudla.

A former student of Tulane University, he became the college tennis national champion in the 2015-16 season. Dominik became the first Tulane player to win the national championship since 1955.

Moreover, he has been making a presence in the Grand Slams since 2019, but he has not made any significant marks in the tournament yet. His best performance was in the 2019 U.S. Open, where he was eliminated in the fourth round.

He currently ranks at No. 75 in the singles ranking per the ATP World rankings.

Dominik Koepfer Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone?

As of this writing, Dominik Koepfer remains single and is not dating anyone.

Rather than getting attached and remaining in a committed relationship, he thinks it is the right time to pay attention to his tennis career and win as many games as possible in the upcoming tournaments.

Dominik Koepfer
Dominik Koepfer (Source: tennisnet. com)

Despite reaching the career-high rank of world No. 50 in 2021, the player has not won any major tournament titles. So, maybe he still wants to spend more time on the court working on his game without any distractions.

However, even if he is in a relationship, he has not given any clue to his fans.

Overviewing his social media handle, one can find posts mainly related to his game and practice sessions and occasionally some pictures of him spending time with his family and close ones.

More On Dominik’s Parents And Coach

German tennis player Dominik Koepfer was born to his parents, Thomas and Marianne Koepfer, on April 29, 1994, in Furtwangen, Germany.

His dad, Thomas, is an engineer, while his mom, Marianne, is a pharmacist. They both enjoyed watching tennis and even played the game during their leisure time with their kids.

Growing up in Furtwangen with his sibling, Dominik was first introduced to tennis by his parents. He attended the Otto Hahn Gymnasium in his hometown, where he excelled in tennis.

Dominik Koepfer And His Tulane University Head Coach Mark Booras
Dominik Koepfer And His Tulane University Head Coach, Mark Booras (Source: Tulane University Athletics)

His parents enrolled him in the TC BW Villingen Club to assist him with his tennis training. He practiced tennis at that club for 12 years.

After moving to the U.S. for higher education in 2012, he learned tennis under Tulane University’s tennis head coach, Mark Booras. 

Originally from Chicago, Mark was named the head coach of Tulane men’s tennis program in 2008. Following his leadership, Tulane improved drastically and became one of the top 25 teams in the country within a few years. 

Dominic, who came much later, learned a lot from his coaches there, consequently winning numerous awards and accolades during college. 

Koepfer later practiced tennis with American tennis player Rhyne Williams. Although not retired, Rhyne has not appeared in any ATP Tours since 2018.

He is currently a tennis coach at the University of Tennessee.

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