Doug Gottlieb Sister Wendy And Brother Gregg Are His Inspiration

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The well-recognized sports analyst Doug Gottlieb comes from a family engrained in basketball, with his sister and brother as his inspiration.

Doug Gottlieb is regarded as one of the bold and well-versed analysts in American sports.

However, beyond the professional world, he comes from a family with a respected legacy in sports.

American Sports Analyst Doug Gottlieb
American Sports Analyst Doug Gottlieb (Source: The Athletic)

Doug Gottlieb is a former star college basketball player, currently working as a sports analyst and radio host.

After working with ESPN for multiple years, he now appears for Fox Sports, Pac-12 Network, and CBS Sports.

Doug Gottlieb Sister And Brother

The analyst comes from a supportive family who have stood in solidarity with him as he takes on his challenges.

Doug Gottlieb Played College Basketball
Doug Gottlieb Played College Basketball (Source: FOX)

To begin with, Doug has two siblings: a brother, Gregg, and a sister, Wendy. Deeply rooted in familial ties, he draws immense inspiration from his siblings.

Wendy was born in Nebraska when their father was an assistant coach at Creighton.

She previously held a marketing position with the Oakland Raiders and is now engaged in philanthropic endeavors in Northern California.

Subsequently, she is a kind-hearted soul who believes in giving back to the community. Embracing the belief that kindness can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those around her, she is actively involved in helping the underprivileged.

Moreover, her association with the Raiders shows the sporting blood that runs throughout the Gottlieb siblings. It is easy to see why her spirit and personality motivate Doug to work hard in his field.

Doug Played Basketball With Brother Gregg

Despite a four-year age difference, Doug Gottlieb played college basketball alongside his older brother Gregg.

What is even more fascinating is that they played under the tutelage of their father, Bob.

In the fabric of their relationship, Doug and his older brother Gregg display a connection of profound brotherly love.

Continuing his association with basketball, Gregg served as the assistant coach for Oregon State.

Subsequently, he has held various coaching positions throughout his career. The brothers share a strong bond and frequently recall memories of each other in interviews.

After extensive tenures at ESPN and CBS Sports, Doug has persistently carved out a prominent presence as a nationally recognized multimedia sports personality.

Through his radio talk show and various ventures, he has skillfully expanded his platform.

Concurrently, Gregg, initially resistant to the coaching profession, has evolved into a seasoned veteran in the art.

Doug And Gregg Pictured With Their Mother, Jane
Doug And Gregg Pictured With Their Mother, Jane (Source: The Oregonian)

Despite his lifelong connection to the sport through his father, Gregg was unsure about pursuing coaching due to its unpredictable nature.

However, in a massive U-turn, he ended up as one of the most respected coaches in the game.

In a funny remark, Doug talked about how his brother gets dragged into his controversial sports takes.

To put some context, Doug is a fearless analyst who does not shy away from criticizing the star players and teams.

This sometimes gets him into hot waters in social media, the wrath of which propagates to Gregg and the Gottlieb family.

“Inevitably, I’m sure anything I’ve ever done has caused people to get pissed off. That’s not Gregg. He is his own person. He’s beyond reproach ethically. I feel bad that anybody in my family gets blamed for that stuff.”

Controversies aside, the two brothers have always shared a deep-rooted connection as they continue to navigate the world of American sports.

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