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Dwight Howard, the eight-time All-Star NBA Champion, is the professional basketball player who last played for the Los Angeles Lakers. Surprisingly, Dwight is also a father of five children and never opens up about all of his kids and their mothers.

Despite having five kids, NBA athlete Dwight Howard could not satisfy with being an emotionally supportive father.

Being a father of five children, Dwight always had to overview complaints about controversies. He even deals with several trolls by adding his name to social media posts.

But, his eldest son Braylon Howard is known as one who posts unexpected disappointments from his father. Thus, it’s hard for Dwight to balance his athletic and personal life.

Dwight’s children having fun (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, although all kids are not from the same mother, they share great relationships.

He also expresses his love for all of his kids equally emotionally and financially with all of those.

Furthermore, with lots of family drama, Howard’s parents also go on into marital discussions.

But, on the contrary, there’s so much going on between Dwight and his growing kids, asking for their part of love from his father.

Now let’s get to the details of Dwight Howard’s kids. First, we shall start with the quick facts!

Quick Facts | Dwight Howard’s Kids

Eldest Son (Full Name) Braylon Howard
Date of Birth 18th November 2007
Zodiac Sign Libra
Age 16 Years Old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Mother’s Name Royce Reed
Second Child Trey Howard
Date of Birth N/A
Mother’s Name Emili
Third Child (Name) Layla Howard
Date of Birth N/A
Mother’s Name Tiffany Render
Fourth Child (Name) Jade Howard
Date of Birth N/A
Mother’s Name Hope Alexa
Fifth Child (Name) David Howard
Date of Birth N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Nationality America
Father’s name Dwight Howard
Ethnicity Black
Merch of Dwight Howard Signed Mamba Jersey, Lakers Jersey
Last Update April, 2024

Dwight Howard’s Kids | Personal Life

This 38-year-old basketball player, Dwight Howard, is the father of five.

Rather than his playing, Dwight is more known for his family’s controversies.

As claimed by his eldest son Braylon Howard, he is the father of five from different mothers. So, here are their name:

  • Braylon Howard
  • Trey Howard
  • David Howard
  • Jade Howard and 
  • Layla Howard

Notably, his eldest son Braylon is 16 years old and is pretty famous via his Instagram account.

Other than that, Howard’s other kids and their mother are not well-known enough.

Eldest son | Braylon Howard

Starting to earn fame and way more followers on social media accounts, Braylon is famous.

At such a young age, his statements and overview are more liked by his and his father’s fan followers. Likewise, Howard was born on 18th November 2007 in the United States.

Indeed, his mother is Royce Reed, Dwight’s one of his ex-girlfriend.

Relating to education, Braylon is studying in grade seven as of 2021. Currently, he is looking at Montverde Academy.

Dwight's eldest son Braylon Howard
Dwight’s eldest son Braylon Howard (Source: Twitter)

Because of the separation between his parents, the court lives with his father. Although most of the time, he seems to be with his mother more.

Equally important, Braylon is also a sportsman. Starting from such a young age, he is on his school’s soccer team.

In brief, Braylon is playing with a forward attacker position.

On the contrary, he plays for SIMA Aguilas’ junior soccer team at Montverde Academy, Florida.

Moreover, he has recently deleted his Instagram account. Similarly, he is also active on TikTok, posting his dancing and lip-sync videos.

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Dwight Howard’s Kids | Mother of Kids

Mother of Braylon

Besides several love-relationship with ideal ones, Dwight also dated Royce Reed. For about three years, they have had a blissful relationship and quality moments since 2009.

Although separating started with a misunderstanding, according to the court, Dwight became responsible for their four-year-old son Braylon.

In detail, there was the separation with paternity agreement for child support, and parental guidance occurred.

Royce Reed with her son, Braylon (Source: FreddyO.com)

Meanwhile, it happened in Orange County Circuit Court, Orlando, Florida, in April 2011. 

Additionally, in an interview with Basketball Wives Magazines, Reed stated Dwight’s name on the wrong things before separation.

Thus, with full-court custody, investigators found that Reed had $551,606.74 debt, including interest.

Observing this, the court commanded Royce to be fined $500,000.

In the same way, Florida’s Child Support Guidelines held a paternity suit for medical and child care support for Braylon.

Other Children 

Earlier, Dwight was in an intimate affair with his lover Emili. But, with some personal problems, the couple departed away.

They welcomed a son. Just after that, he started dating Tiffany Render in 2008.

Together, they again had an adorable son Layla Howard in October 2010.

They split so too. Subsequently, Dwight secretly dated a model, Hope Alexa. Howard had his fourth child Jade Howard born in December 2010.

Back to back, Dwight began to date Christine Vest in 2011. Unexpectedly, the relationship lasts for more than eight years.

But, several rumors came about Dwight dating Marion Denise Douglas, Camilla Poindexter, and Celina Powell(2015).

Te'a Cooper
Wife of Dwight, Te’a Cooper (Source: Pinterest)

Notwithstanding, Dwight is currently in a marital relationship with Te’a Cooper. Cooper is an American basketball player and 13 years younger than Dwight.

In addition, she is a basketball player as well for the Los Angeles Sparks of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Dwight Howard’s Kids | Relation Between Father and Kids

For the year 2020, Dwight again made several headlines. As his son posted head news mentioning his father’s name, the NBA star again got a family relation problem.

Back then, there was already the thick of celebrating the L.A team’s victory. However, he was called out by the mothers of his children.

In October, his former wife Royce Reed posted a story that Dwight’s former partner is not paying attention to her kids.

On the same note, Christina Vest, mother of another child, posted the same on her story.

In brief, the point was kids’ father, Dwight, was not giving too much time to the kids. Despite some vacations, he does not spend time with his kids.

Additionally, Braylon mentioned that kids don’t claim him as their birth father, as he had no idea if his son needed him. 

Despite this, with several calls out on social media, Dwight shuts his mouth.

Dwight’s former wife, Christine Vest, the mother of Trey (Source: Bossip)

And he didn’t respond to anything to this accusation for some period. Then, later, he opened up, mentioning he was not a bad father.

Furthermore, he spoke about how he was responsible for his son David after his mother’s demise. 

To conclude, he added he had always been a great father but still felt hurt that his son called him something like that.

Similarly, he also mentioned he never disrespects Braylon’s mother.

But instead, Dwight himself was sad and hurt by so many of his things that he did not feel like opening up.

In addition, it was difficult for him to talk to his 6-year-old son about dealing with the whole situation.

Afterward, Rios died from an epileptic seizure on 27th March at her home in Calabasas, California.

Dwight Howard’s Kids | Father Dwight Howard

Dwight David Howard II was born on 8th December 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

He was raised by his father, Dwight Howard Sr., and his mother, Sheryl Howard. Further, Dwight has two siblings, Jahaziel and TaShanda.

He was an impressive high schooler from an early age, especially a prospect in his hometown of Atlanta, GA.

Simultaneously playing high school ball at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, he got selected early by the Orlando Magic in the 2004 NBA draft.

Dwight paced his path and kept on improving. Earlier, for the first eight seasons, he served in Orlando.

Laker’s champion Dwight Howard (Source: Pinterest)

Later, he moved to the Lakers for 2012-13 reasons. Then, he spent the next of his three seasons in Houston and stops in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Washington.

After all, for the 2019-20 championship Campaign, Dwaint returned to the Lakers.

He made it to five All-Defensive teams and won Defensive Player of the Year three times (2009, 2010, and 2011).

His recent (2019-20’s) average score is 7.3 rebounds, 7.5 points, and 1.1 blocks in 18.9 minutes per game.

Moreover, this star has been awarded several achievements and honors. Howard made eight All-Star appearances and eight All-NBA teams.

Dwight Howard Kids | Net Worth

As all of the kids of Dwight Howard are still under 18, they do not earn.

But they are studying in school, and it seems they are interested in sports. Despite their earnings, Dwight Howard earns a lot.

Concluding all his earnings from playing, brand endorsements, and partnerships, his estimated net worth is $140 million.

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Dwight Howard Kids | Popularity

The names of Howard kids are searched in the United States and worldwide.

Dwight Howard’s Kids’ Popularity in the States since last year (Source: Google Trends)

The above graph illustrates the total google search results made by the people searching the kids’ names.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Dwight Howard deal with trolls on him?

Dwight always tries his best to avoid trolls, but he replied by saying he has five kids, five baby mamas, and a 21-year-old hot-smoking girlfriend.

What could be the amount of money Dwight Howard pays for his child’s support to their mothers?

Reportedly following the government’s law, Howard allegedly pays $10,000 per month.

How is the present situation between Dwight Howard and his kids?

Being a professional NBA player, Dwight always has to be on time for his practice and game strategy.

Despite having a luxurious lifestyle and a babysitter to take care of his kids, his kids still hope for some attention from their father.

So although Dwight tried his best to be a good father, he could not meet the need.

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