Eli Ellis Brother Isaac Ellis- Age Gap And Family Tree

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Eli Ellis brother, Isaac Ellis, also plays basketball just like his brother. The duo has been making waves on social media and is running a business.

Eli Ellis, standing over six feet tall and possessing a remarkable physique, has been creating a buzz in the high school basketball scene and is playing in Overtime Elite. 

He achieved success at North Lawrence High School while playing as a point guard/small forward.

Ellis also averaged 16 points per game as a starter for the varsity team. He has also benefited from his competitive nature and shooting prowess in becoming a good player.

Eli Ellis Getting Ready For A Freethrow
Eli Ellis Getting Ready For A Freethrow (Source: Instagram)

The athlete has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, even at such a young age.

Additionally, he frequently discusses his passion for the sport in his stories. The point guard also appears to have a business mentality, as does his brother Issac.

They operate an internet business called “The Ellis Brother,” where they sell their merchandise and basketball-related goods.

Eli Ellis Brother: Isaac Elli

Isaac Ellis, the younger brother of Eli, is also a highly regarded basketball player. He is a point guard who has been steadily establishing himself in the sport.

He has amassed thousands of fans on social media, which further demonstrates his popularity. On Tiktok, he has over 700K followers, and on Instagram, he has over 145K followers.

He has also been showing his shooting talents at Moravian Prep, much like his brother did.

Isaac proved those who said he was overrated wrong by scoring 20 points in the first half of a game for Moravian. 

Isaac Ellis Showing His Funny Side
Isaac Ellis Showing His Funny Side (Source: Instagram)

The two brothers are very close and have even played together. However, Eli’s transferred to OTE, and the brothers were split up.

Regardless, Isaac stands by his brother in every way and would even like to take the same course.

Eli Ellis Brothers’ Age Gap And Family Tree

Eli is the older brother of Isaac, although their exact ages are not known. They were born to their father, Jeremy Ellis, in Hickory, North Carolina. 

Both brothers were raised with a strong emphasis on being exceptional athletes, instilling in them a solid work ethic and a sense of respect for others and oneself.

It is likely that their father, who also acts as their coach and mentor, played a significant role in shaping these values.

Jeremy Ellis Supported Eli Ellis Decision To Move To OTE
Jeremy Ellis Supported Eli Ellis’s Decision To Move To OTE (Source: Instagram)

Athletics seems to run in the Ellis family, as their father played basketball at Liberty University during his college years. Similarly, their mother was a skilled Division I volleyball player.

The Ellis siblings have always expressed their gratitude for the unwavering support they received from their parents, who consistently encouraged their sons to strive for success.

During an interview, Eli mentioned that his father had inquired him about Overtime Elite (OTE), a professional basketball league for 16–20-year-olds based in Atlanta, Georgia.

When Eli agreed without hesitation, they set off on a journey toward Atlanta.

With their talent and determination, the brothers hold hopeful aspirations of making it to the NBA.

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