Emma Hayes: The win is in the club’s DNA

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Emma Hayes, the Chelsea manager, says the win is in the club’s DNA after a historic week for both men’s and women’s teams.

Emma Hayes thanks Chelsea for their strong support of both their men’s and women’s teams. They both made history by reaching the Champions League final in the same season.

 Hayes: “It’s unique to the top team. The support we provide is rewarding.”

Chelsea Women’s manager Emma Hayes says the win in the club’s DNA followed a historic week. Both men’s and women’s sides reached the finals of their Champions League.

Thomas Tuchel‘s side beat Real Madrid in the semi-finals on Tuesday to book a place in the Champions League final against Manchester City in Istanbul. 

Team Thomas Tuchel (Source India Today)

In contrast, the team Hayes beat Bayern Munich at Kingsmeadow at the weekend to set the final match of the Women’s Champions League against Barcelona in Gothenburg.

Hayes says the success of both teams testifies to the winning tradition planted in the club from the top.

“It’s a good feeling for everyone inside. Chelsea’s DNA is winning,” she said.

“I have always said that this is a family club with the highest number of people on the board. And most connected to all the clubs in the club.

“It’s different in the top team. The only thing heard about both teams qualifying for the finals is the joy of unity. And the pleasure of the football club.

“Our support for both of us has been rewarded. We have shown the club what we can give the most outstanding support we have.”

Chelsea is in with a chance of getting the WSL crowns coming back.

Chelsea is in with a chance of getting the WSL crowns coming back. After their 2-0 win over Tottenham, midweek took them a long way to the title.

The Hayes side has secured two points at the top of the table. And will go into the final game with Reading. Knowing three points will make them champions. 

The second-placed Manchester City clash with West Ham and could oust the Blues if they win and Hayes’ side lose.

Team Emma Hayes (Source BBC)
Team Emma Hayes (Source: BBC)

If Chelsea can win the title, Hayes said it would be regarded as her best achievement so far. Given the increased strength of WSL fighters entering the campaign.

“Being the strongest team in the Women’s Super League (WSL) means it is known for the top success. The level of depth across the league is high. All the teams are in contention.

“If you have a close look at the numbers or points that Manchester City have brought in this year. Everton and Manchester United, and Arsenal. It’s not like the teams haven’t spent money. We’ve all done that.

“We’ve been a great team all season. Man City has had a great season. They’ve been pushing us all the way. I hope we’ll be able to cross the line on Sunday.”

Hayes hopes to emulate the Akers’ four.

Chelsea is the only English women’s team to finalize the Champions League after Arsenal did so in 2006/07. With Hayes being part of the Vic Akers team coaching back then.

The Akers side of Arsenal completed four unbeaten appearances that year. With Alex Scott scoring the winning goal in a team that included Anita Asante, Rachel Yankey, Lianne Sanderson, and Karen Carney, others.

Hayes hopes that she can draw on the experience alongside Akers to complete what he describes as “inhuman” at Chelsea.

Vic Akers (Source Twitter)
Vic Akers (Source: Twitter)

She said: “Every team that wants to win the trophy every season. I’ve been here so long that I know that if you start thinking about things in the next few weeks or the next few titles, you lose.

“There’s also a reason that it’s never been done since Vic Akers at Arsenal. It’s almost inhuman to try it.

“I have learned a lot of things from Vic Akers, and I still do. I learned how to build something, and he taught me that. 

“The values that underpin you. Vic has been a very massive part of my career. And he always wanted me to get to the final more than anyone else.

“I am heartily thankful for the exposure I got to him. I’m fortunate enough to work with him.”

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