Eric Hosmer Parents: Mike And Ileana Hosmer- Ethnicity And Religion

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Eric Hosmer’s parents played a big part in his success. They traveled a lot for his games, even going to places like Cooperstown, New York, just for tournaments.

He learned from watching the Florida Marlins play. His dad, even after working long hours, helped him practice hitting. His mom supported him academically and recorded his games to help him improve.

Hosmer was really committed to getting better. He spent about seven hours a day working out in high school and ate a lot of protein to stay strong.

His family also got him a good coach, Bladimir Marrero, to help him get even better at hitting.

In short, Hosmer’s family support and hard work were critical to his success in baseball.

Eric Hosmer Announces Retirement From MLB
Eric Hosmer Announces Retirement From MLB (Source: Instagram)

Eric Hosmer, former All-Star first baseman, recently announced his retirement at the age of 34

He shared the news on social media while introducing his new business venture alongside former Royals Minor Leaguer Anthony Seratelli.

He will also co-host a podcast with former Royal Peter Moylan and performance development coach Justin Su’a.

Hosmer’s last stint in the Major Leagues was with the Cubs in 2023, during which he played 31 games before release.

However, he is most celebrated for his impactful tenure with the Royals, who drafted him third overall in the 2008 MLB Draft straight out of his Florida high school.

Eric Hosmer Parents: Mike And Ileana Hosmer

Eric Hosmer grew up in a very loving household. He was born on October 24, 1989 in
South Miami, Florida, U.S., to his parents, Mike and Ileana Hosmer.

His father, Mike, is a retired firefighter who worked in Miami for several years. Meanwhile, Eric’s mother, Ileana, is a nurse.

Ileana is originally from Cuba; she came to the United States when she was only seven years old to escape the regime of Fidel Castro. Her parents settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Ileana grew up.

Eric Hosmer' Childhood Picture With His Mother
Eric Hosmer Parents; Childhood Picture With His Mother (Source: Instagram)

Mike and Ileana met while working at Coral Gables Hospital in Florida and got married in 1979. Their first child, Mike Jr., was born in 1985, followed by Eric in 1989.

Eric often credits his family for his success in baseball. They introduced him to the sport and supported him throughout his career.

When he made it to the Major Leagues, he expressed his gratitude to his parents, saying, “We made it.”

Eric Ethnicity And Religion

Eric Hosmer, the baseball player from South Miami, Florida, identifies himself as American, but his background is a mix of American and Cuban heritage.

His father is American, and his mother is Cuban, although she later became American.

Eric Getting Married With Kacie McDonnell Hosmer
Eric Getting Married With Kacie McDonnell Hosmer (Source: Instagram)

The Hosmer family follows Christianity, which is reflected in their personal beliefs and practices. For instance, Eric and his wife, Kacie McDonnell Hosmer, had a Christian wedding ceremony.

While they haven’t openly discussed their religious beliefs, the influence of Christianity is evident in their lives, especially in significant events like their marriage.

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