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Eugenio Alejandro Suarez, popularly known as Eugenio Suarez, is a Venezuelan-born professional baseball player. He currently plays as an infielder for the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Although Eugenio signed in 2008 with the Detroit Tigers, he waited many years to appear for the Tigers in the MLB.

Instead, he made his professional baseball debut with the Venezuelan Summer League Tigers (VSL Tigers) in VSL a year later.

However, Suarez did not stay in Venezuela for much longer after signing with the US team as he moved to the United States to play in the minor leagues in 2011. 

Eugenio Suarez For Reeds
Eugenio Suarez For Reds (Source: MLB Trade Rumors)

After undergoing various complex tests for years, Eugenio finally represented the Tigers in the MLB in 2014.

Perhaps in those years of minor achievements, Eugenio learned his lessons to stand the test of time. He has never been relegated to lower leagues since his MLB debut.

Besides, many more things are fascinating about this overseas baseball player who has made America his home. We will, of course, touch upon different things concerned to Eugenio in this article below.

But before we proceed any further, let’s start with some quick facts about him.

Eugenio Suarez | Quick Facts

Full Name Eugenio Alejandro Suarez
Full Name Eugenio Suarez
Birth Date July 18, 1991
Birth Place Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar, Venezuela
Nick Name Bolibomba
Religion Christianity
Nationality Venezuelan
Ethnicity Not available
Education Not available
Zodiac sign Cancer
Father’s Name Felipe Suarez
Mother’s Name Rosalia de Suarez
Siblings Not available
Age 32 Years Old
Height 1.80 m/5 feet 11 inches
Weight 96 kg/213 lbs.
MLB debut June 04, 2014
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brownish
Playstyle Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Build Athlete
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Genesis Suarez
Kids Two (Nicole and Melanie Suarez)
Position Infielder
Profession Baseball Player
Net Worth $1–$5 Million
Salary $11 Million
Currently Plays for Seattle Mariners
League Major League Baseball (MLB)
Active Since 2014
Social Media Instagram
Merch Signed Baseball, Signed Jersey, Signed Photo
Last Update May 2024

Eugenio Suarez | Early Life & Family

Eugenio Suarez, originally Eugenio Alejandro Suarez, was born on July 18, 1991, to his parents, Felipe and Rosalia de Suarez.

The Suarez family has been a resident of Puerto Ordaz, a small Venezuelan city near the Brazilian border.

Besides, there is no information if Eugenio has any siblings. Talking more about his family, both his parents live in their home village in Venezuela and occasionally visit him, who now lives in the USA.

Eugenio considers himself a family man and never forgets to give credit to his parents for everything they have done for him.

Eugenio Suarez with his father Felipe (Source: Instagram)
Eugenio Suarez With His Father, Felipe (Source: Instagram)

They did everything they could to make his life beautiful even though their country was going through massive political turmoil for most of Suarez’s childhood.

Although it has been many years since he moved to the US for his professional necessity, Suarez still has a deep affection for his home country, Venezuela, and is a proud Venezuelan citizen.

Furthermore, there is no information about the school he attended as a kid.

Overviewing his career run, one can easily tell he was a baseball fan and had been playing the game since childhood.

He says he always enjoyed watching the MLB games and playing with his local friends.

Omar Vizquel, the Venezuelan shortstop, was his favorite player while growing up. Suarez was just 17 years old when he signed with the Tigers in 2008.

Eugenio Suarez | Career

Initial Career

Eugenio signed a non-draftee contract with the American team, but he stayed in Venezuela and played in the VSL for two seasons.

In 2011, after coming to the US, he played briefly for two different teams, namely Gulf Coast Tigers and Connecticut Tigers of the minor leagues.

Similarly, he was with the West Michigan Whitecaps of the Class A Midwest League in 2012.

With the Whitecaps, he appeared in 135 matches with a batting average of .288 and twenty-one stolen bases.

Furthermore, Eugenio achieved more over the years as he progressed from the Class A Leagues to the Class AAA International League in May 2014.

Eventually, in June of the same year, the Detroit Tigers brought him to their team to play in the MLB.

MLB Career

Eugenio Suarez made his MLB debut on June 4, 2014, but he could only make an appearance in the seventh inning. However, on June 7, he started the game against the Boston Red Sox.

Suarez had a .242 batting average, four home runs, and 23 RBIs in 85 games in his rookie season.

Even though his first season with the Detroit Tigers was pretty impressive, they traded him to the Cincinnati Reds for the new season.

He remained with the Reds for around six seasons until 2021.

Eugenio Suarez For Seattle Mariners
Eugenio Suarez For Seattle Mariners (Source: The Spokesman-Review)

He found a tremendous opportunity with the Reds to showcase his talent to his full potential.

With them, he kept improving his batting average and RBI numbers, at one time leading his team with 49 home runs and 103 RBIs in 2019.

In the meantime, he suffered an injury in his swimming pool at his residence that cost him many games.

He eventually returned to the game after recovering from a loose cartilage removal surgery on January 28, 2020.

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Career Awards & Accolades

Some of his awards and achievements are:

  • MLB All-Star (2018)
  • Luis Aparicio Award (2019)

Eugenio Suarez | Net Worth, Contracts & Salary

According to multiple sources, Eugenio Suarez has a net worth ranging from $1 million to $5 million.

However, some websites claim it to be more than that range. Their claim might be valid, analyzing his time in the MLB and his past salary records.

Starting in 2014, Eugenio earned around $316k for his games with the Detroit Tigers. Following that, Suarez signed numerous one-year extensions with the Cincinnati Reds, each worth over $500k

As he became successful in impressing the team owners and his fans alike, the team proposed him a new contract worth a large sum in 2018. Consequently, Suarez signed a seven-year contract worth $66 million on March 16.

He earned around $30 million, playing for the Reds after he signed that contract until the 2021 season. Unfortunately, the club decided to trade him to the Seattle Mariners, which cost Eugenio about $36 million.

However, on the other hand, the Mariners signed a new four-year contract worth $48 million with him in 2022. He currently has a base salary of around $11 million.

The player has already earned over $35 million in his MLB career.

In addition to his earnings from league games, the Venezuelan player makes a good amount of money through endorsement deals with companies such as Franklin, Bazooka Bubble Gum, etc.

Age & External Features

As of 2024, Eugenio Suarez is 32 years old.

About his physical stats, Suarez stands at 1.80 meters (5 feet 11 inches) tall and weighs around 213 lbs. In addition, talking about his facial features, he has brown eyes and hair of the same color.

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Eugenio Suarez | Relationship Status

Eugenio Suarez has been married to his longtime girlfriend, Genesis Suarez. There is no detailed information about the beginning of his relationship with Genesis, but they married on December 21, 2014.

The couple has been blessed with two daughters, namely Nicole and Melanie, whom he holds very dear to him.

Their first daughter, Nicole, was born on September 19, 2021. 

Eugenio Suarez with his wife and daughters (Source: Instagram)
Eugenio Suarez With His Wife and Daughters (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, the couple was blessed with their second daughter, Melanie, on September 17, 2020. 

Every time he gives an interview after his match, Eugenio never fails to mention his wife and daughters’ names, telling how important they are to him.

The fan-favorite couple currently lives together with their children in their residence in Pinecrest, Florida.

Political Interest

It is common knowledge to every Eugenio fan that he is very patriotic and loves his home country, Venezuela, dearly. However, only a few may know that he hates the political system that prevails there.

Eugenio grew up at a time when the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela became the dominant political force and eventually emerged victorious.

Soon, the government under President Hugo Chavez declared the establishment of the socialist political system angering the country’s ruling elites and promising the fulfillment of basic needs to ordinary families like Eugenio’s.

However, the new system failed to deliver as it faced numerous threats from different imperialist countries, mainly led by America, including economic blockades and coup d’etat attempts.

As a result, many people who had initially supported the revolution wanted a regime change, and they continue to undermine the present authority to this day.

Following the same political line, Eugenio wholeheartedly advocates for the system change in Venezuela.

In 2019, when Juan Guaido of the Popular Will Party, representing the minority elite population, undemocratically declared himself president of the country, Eugenio extended his support to him through his social media post.  

Social Media Presence

The man has over 70k Instagram followers as of this writing. He shares posts related to his personal and professional life on the platform.


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A post shared by Eugenio Alejandro Suarez (@eugenio_suarez7)

Instagram: eugenio_suarez7

Popularity Graph

Eugenio Suarez Over The Past Five Years
Eugenio Suarez Over The Past Five Years (Source: Google)

Frequently Asked Questions

What jersey number does Eugenio Suarez wear?

Eugenio Suarez wears jersey number 28 for the Seattle Mariners.

Who is Eugenio Suarez’s favorite music artist?

Eugenio Suarez’s favorite music artist is Puerto Rican rapper and singer Daddy Yankee.

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