Eva Lys Parents: Meet Vladimir & Maria Lys & Siblings

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A German professional tennis player Eva Lys was born on 12 January 2002 to her parents Vladimir and Maria Lys.

Lys hails from a lineage deeply ingrained in the world of athletics.

Her father, Vladimir, boasts a notable past as a professional tennis player who proudly represented Ukraine in the prestigious Davis Cup.

Lisa With Her Father Vladimir
Eva With Her Father Vladimir (Source: Instagram)

In the present day, he leverages his extensive experience as a coach in Hamburg, further contributing to the tennis community’s growth and development.

The athletic prowess and commitment to sports excellence evidently run strong in Lys’ family, undoubtedly shaping her own journey and aspirations.

Eva Lys Parents | Father Vladimir & Mother Maria Lys

Eva Lys and her sister Lisa’s initiation into the realm of tennis unfolded as a quintessential immigrant narrative.

Their mother, Maria, encountered the roadblock of her Ukrainian law degree not being recognized upon the family’s arrival in Germany in 2003.

In response, she embarked on a journey of requalification, concurrently mastering a new language.

This transition, however, led to Vladimir, who was already established as a tennis coach, taking on the additional role of overseeing the school runs.

In the second half of the day he was working, so he took us along and we basically grew up on court” Lys recounted.

Her sister Matviyenko concluded her tennis journey in 2021 to dedicate herself to her own law studies.

Eva's Mother With Her Sister Lisa
Eva’s Mother With Her Sister Lisa (Source: Instagram)

Throughout her grind on the ITF W15s in Antalya, Lys accompanied her sister, absorbing insights at every juncture.

During her formative years, Eva was instilled with the value of having an academic backup plan by her parents.

While her focus has shifted since she continues to draw inspiration from a particular family member.

Lys finds herself guided by the example of her uncle, Ivan Berezenko, who stands at the helm of a distinguished trauma clinic in Kyiv.

His dedication and competence serve as a constant reminder of the impact one can make in the world.

This perspective became even more poignant following the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

Lys took to social media to express her profound pride in her uncle’s essential work during such challenging times.

In doing so, she not only underscored her admiration for his contributions but also reinforced her own commitment to making a positive difference, whether it be on the tennis court or beyond.


Eva is part of a trio of sisters, including Lisa Matviyenko and the younger Isabella Lys.

Like Eva, Lisa is also a professional tennis player.

Born on October 6, 1997, Lisa holds the position of the eldest among the three siblings.

She boasts a background as a seasoned traveler in the world of professional tennis, marking her presence on the WTA Tour main draw stage during the doubles competition at the 2021 Hamburg European Open.

Sister Trio; Eva, Lisa And Isabella
Sister Trio; Eva, Lisa, And Isabella (Source: Instagram)

Notably, Lisa Matviyenko made her impactful debut in the WTA Tour’s main draw alongside partner Sina Herrmann during the 2021 Hamburg European Open’s doubles competition.

The duo encountered a challenging match, ultimately being bested by the team of Astra Sharma and Rosalie van der Hoek.

This milestone underscores Lisa’s journey and contributions within the realm of professional tennis, further contributing to the family’s vibrant sporting legacy.

She concluded her pro tennis journey in 2021. 

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