Ezekiel Elliott’s Girlfriend: Everything That Is In It!

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Halle Woodard is a gracious lady in love with notable Ezekiel Elliot But, alongside her mesmerizing beauty, she has an equally mesmerizing profession. To elaborate, Woodard is a nurse by profession. 

Ezekiel Elliot, a famous and rich potential companion, Is he single? If not, then who is he dating?

Fame has a weird knack. Apparently, it gives you all the exposure required and leaves you no personal space.

Similarly, Ezekiel Elliott hasn’t yet got ready to announce his love life and have opinions on it. However, the fans have already wished Ezekiel Elliott’s girlfriend the best in their journey. Indeed, Elliott hasn’t posted a single upload from his account regarding his relationship, but his mother has already made it all valid.

Although they are yet to get engaged, mother Elliott has accepted everything about them together. 

Having said this, we still haven’t got a chance to see the duo together in their Instagram uploads. But we will provide everything about the duo and Elliott instead of running in circles.

Halle Woodard
Halle Woodard (Source- Instagram)

Let’s get a quick dose of general get-to-go facts before getting into the talks about her. 

Quick Facts: Halle Woodard

Full Name Halle Woodard
Date of Birth November 24, 1992
Birth Place Iowa, United States of America
Nick Name None 
Religion Christianity
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius 
Age 29 years old
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters)
Weight 64 kg (143 lbs)
Body Measurements  35-26-36
Hair Color  Black 
Eye Color  Black 
Figure  Hourglass
Father’s Name  Not Available 
Mother’s Name  Patricia Simpson 
Siblings Not Available 
Education  J.J Pearce High School
Iowa State University 
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Boyfriend Ezekiel Elijah Elliott
Profession Aesthetic Nurse Injector
Other Jobs  Bartender
Personal Trainer 
Affiliations  Citizen Dallas
Body Machine Fitness
Current Residence  Dallas, US
Net Worth  Not Available 
Social Media  Instagram
Last Update March, 2024

Ezekiel Elliott’s Girlfriend | Halle Woodard

Elliott’s girlfriend is a gorgeous and accomplished lady, Halle Woodard. However, they tried to keep things private, but we learned about her thanks to his mother’s upload. 

Who is Ezekiel Elliott?

Elliott (fully named Ezekiel Elijah Elliott) was born on July 22, 1995, and is currently a football running back for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).

Also, the son of former athletes Dawn and Stacy, he commenced his sports in his high school days. 

Altogether, he graduated high school as a four-star recruit and commenced his career at Ohio State University.

As a college player, he earned second-team All-America honors in 2015, and a year later, Dallas Cowboys drafted him in the 2016 NFL Draft. Besides sports, he graduated college with a marketing degree. 

Elliott has led the league in rushing yards in 2016 and 2018 while also coming for the Pro-Bowl selection three times.

Currently, his statistics stand as 6,384 rushing yards with a 4.5 rushing average. Overall, he has 45 rushing touchdowns, ten receiving touchdowns, 241 receptions, and 1,957 receiving yards.

Apart from being a great player, he is a great son to his parents. 

Right after his rookie contract in the professional arena, Elliott’s foremost action was to buy a house for his parents. As of 2024, he is also the shareholder of OnCore Golf Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of golf balls based in Buffalo, New York.

The Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott’s bio link is here: <<Ezekiel Elliott: Career, Family, Net Worth, NFL & Injury>>

Halle Woodard | Personal Life 

On November 24, 1992, Woodard was born under Sagittarius’ sun sign to her parent, Patricia Simpson. Furthermore, she is originally from Iowa and currently resides in Dallas.

She hasn’t updated or enclosed her family background and childhood days, including her father’s name and siblings. 

Therefore, like her boyfriend, Ezekiel Elijah Elliott, Woodard is no stranger to keeping her life low-key.

Alongside their dates and relationship, she has also kept her personal details in the shade. 


Halle Woodard is an academically sound lady. Initially, she completed her high school education at J.J Pearce High School, located in Richardson.

She was also a Track & Field Team member as a high schooler. Following it, Woodard enrolled in Iowa State University and graduated with a nursing degree in 2013. 

Body Measurements 

Woodard is a gorgeous lady with a toned body and an hourglass figure. Additionally, she stands at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) while weighing 64 kg (143 lbs)

Not to mention, Woodard has naturally black hair, eyes of similar color, and an oval-shaped face. All in all, she depicts a body measurement of 35-26-36. 

Halle Woodard | Profession and Net Worth

Halle Woodard fits the perfect depiction of “beauty with a brain!” But, alongside her mesmerizing beauty, she has an equally mesmerizing profession. To elaborate, Woodard is a nurse by profession. 

Hence, nursing is her main job, and some other work she does is as a bartender at Citizen Dallas.

Moreover, she is also a personal fitness trainer at Body Machine Fitness. Thus, having three professions in her hand, she may have a heavenly-sized net worth.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t enclosed her net worth to the public just as in her life, so we can only expect and estimate it. 

Speaking of net worth, her boyfriend does have a whopping amount of $12 million currently, with an average annual salary of $15,000,000.

Social Media 

It is no surprise that her Instagram account is private! Woodard doesn’t seem to use Twitter and thus, has no Twitter account.

However, her Instagram account goes by her real name Halle Woodard (@halle_woodard), with 1.5k followers and 2.7k following. 

Halle Woodard's Instagram (Source: Internet)
Halle Woodard’s Instagram (Source: Internet)

Additionally, her Instagram bio reads, “Aesthetic Nurse Injector. @thenaturalrn_?
Dog mom of four! ????”

Woodard and Elliott’s Story

The duo has been together since 2017 and has even gone through relationship obstacles together.

Indeed, their sail hasn’t been a smooth ride. They had even taken a short break from their relationship once.

During their journey, Elliott has been involved in plenty of scandals and cheating rumors; however, Woodard has been that loyal girlfriend ever. 

Although he has been through hell waters, Woodard has been on his side supporting her boyfriend.

Not to mention, the duo had unfollowed each other on social media sites during the scandal. 

Elliott's family's dinner out
Elliott’s family’s dinner out

Yes, during those tenures, Elliott was arrested for getting into a fight with a safety officer at the Electric Daisy Festival in Las Vegas.

Also, their break was almost four months until they got back together as before.

Did the duo get engaged secretly?

Many fans assumed Woodard and Elliott had gotten engaged or walked down the aisle after their patch-up. The news hasn’t yet been confirmed; however, it seems that they haven’t yet taken vows. 

Logically speaking, if they had tied a knot, they would have the engagement rings, which we don’t see in their pictures.

Thus, we all can wait for their good news. Till then, fingers crossed for their happy relationship. 

Mother, Dawn Elliott’s Uploads

According to the sources, Woodard first met Elliott’s parents during his six-game suspension, and then she created a deep bond with his mother.

Since their bonding, mother Elliott has been showering birthday wishes for the diva every year. 

Apart from it, she has also uploaded her pictures during their events together. So, in a way, Dawn’s post hinted at the duo’s relationship and bought it into the limelight.

Furthermore, her post also sparked rumors about the duo’s engagement. 

Dawn has been showering love on Woodard now and then, and even Stacy can be seen commenting in her uploads. But, equally important, she refers to Woodard as “Daughter-in-love.”

Ezekiel Elliott’s Love Scandals 

Indeed, before and during the relationship with Halle Woodard, Elliott has been in love scandals. Also, it was the reason that took the couple to get a break in between. 

Tiffany Thompson

One of Elliott’s love scandals involves Tiffany Thompson, who, as she says, is his ex-girlfriend.

A native of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Tiffany lives in Pickeringtonand works as a “doll” at a nightclub in Columbus, Ohio, called Columbus Sway.

Thompson had accused Elliott of domestic violence and made a police report stating that Elliott attacked her while she sat in the driver’s seat of her car.

Furthermore, she even uploaded pictures of bruises on her body, stating it was Elliott’s deed. 

Tiffany Thompson's Post on Instagram : (Source: Instagram)
Tiffany Thompson’s Post on Instagram : (Source: Instagram)

Parallel to it, she even threatened to destroy Elliott’s career and had passed along their sex tape.

As a result, Elliott was investigated and suspended from his driver’s license. However, officers did not take him into custody due to the different views of witnesses. 

Altogether, Ezekiel Elliott closed the rumor stating he wasn’t her boyfriend and had no relationship. In fact, he noted that the injuries Thompson got were from her fight in the bar. 

Furthermore, during his interview with TMZ, Elliott stated, “She was just one of the many girls he was having sex with.”

However, the NFL gave up a different view. According to NFL, they had a strong relationship where Elliott had even asked her to marry him. 

Later, Tiffany ended her relationship, stating it was “toxic.” Also, back in May 2016, a girl had snap-chatted a pic of Elliott sleeping while she lay in bed beside him. Well, it is just his other infamous viral news. 

Leanne Hursterm

Besides that messy scandal, Elliott’s name did appear alongside Leanne Hursterm back in 2015. Many suspected them to be a couple and much more than it back then.

Actually, they are high school friends, have been to the proms together, and have been friends since their early days. 

Back in the day, Elliott had also wished her birthdays through remarkable Instagram uploads that had everyone thinking about the two.

Altogether, these sum up his scandals while Halle Woodard stays as his dear one. 

Some FAQs:

Does Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard have a child?

As much as we know, there has been no news regarding the couple having a child yet; Therefore, Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard don’t share any children.

What Nationality is Halle Woodard?

Halle Woodard is American by Nationality, be that as it may, she belongs to mixed ethnicity comprising of African-Americans.

How old is Halle Woodard?

Having been born in the year 1992 makes Halle Woodard 31 years old.

What is Ezekiel Elliott’s real name?

The Cowboys star notable, Ezekiel Elliott’s full name is Ezekiel Elijah Elliott, is currently a football running back for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).

Is the couple still together in 2022?

The Cowboys star running back and his girlfriend were spotted at a Dallas Mavericks game late last year. Despite almost no photos on social media in 2022, Elliott and his girlfriend seem to be doing well. 

the Cowboys star running back and his girlfriend were spotted at a Dallas Mavericks game. (Source: Twitter)
the Cowboys star running back and his girlfriend were spotted at a Dallas Mavericks game. (Source: Twitter)
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