Fahmarr McElrathbey Age And Wiki: Where Is Ray McElrathbey Brother Now?

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Ray McElrathbey took custody of his younger brother, Fahmarr McElrathbey, when the latter was 11 years of age.

The McElrathbey brothers became a topic of national concern in the mid-2000s after their family struggle & Ray’s brotherly love came to light.

Due to an unstable home, Ray, a collegiate football player, took Fahmarr while managing studies & raising him.

Furthermore, the two brothers got global exposure after releasing the 2020 biographical sports film ‘Safety.’

It chronicled the life events from Ray’s college days and his struggle during his sail to a better life.

Fahmarr's Brother, Ray McElrathbey, A Former Collegiate Football Player At Clemson
Fahmarr’s Brother, Ray McElrathbey, A Former Collegiate Football Player At Clemson (Source: The Athletic)

Raymond “Ray” McElrathbey is a former college football player who played for the Clemson Tigers for three seasons.

It’s been home to NFL players C. J. Spiller, DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Williams, Deshaun Watson, and many more.

While he did not achieve the best in sports, the Chicago native’s immense decision to become a guardian for his brother, despite being a teenager, won the respect of many.

As a result, he was honored with the FedEx/FWAA Courage Award at the 2007 Orange Bowl. After graduation, he went to Howard University for a master’s degree, opting out of the NFL draft.

Fahmarr McElrathbey Age & Wiki: Where Is Ray McElrathbey’s Now?

Fahmarr is the younger brother of the former Clemson Tigers player Ray McElrathbey. Born in Atlanta in 1993, the younger McElrathbey is 31 years old as of 2024.

His elder brother, Ray, born September 26, 1986, is 37 years old.

When Ray was six, his family moved from Chicago to Atlanta, where his brother Fahmarr was born. At that time, the collegiate football player-turned-speaker was only seven years old- meaning the brothers’ age gap is seven years.

A Throwback Picture Of Ray And His Brother Fahmarr During His Days At Clemson Tigers
A Throwback Picture Of Ray And His Brother Fahmarr During His Days At Clemson Tigers (Source: The Clemson Insider)

Fahmarr resides in Atlanta, Georgia, but further details on his professional venture are unknown. As reported, he works alongside his brother in Ray Ray Safety Net Foundation (2020- present).

Neither he nor his brother has a Wikipedia page, but their names are well-spread across online tabloids due to their inspiring story.

Fahmarr is active on Facebook and Instagram (@_imfaydidd), which he has switched to private.

The 2020 biographical sports movie ‘Safety,’ about the struggle story & brotherhood of the McElrathbey brothers, implanted their names in the list of inspirational stories.

McElrathbey Family: Why Ray Took Custody Of Fahmarr?

Raymond McElrathbey didn’t have a good childhood as he grew up in the infamous hoods of Atlanta.

Born to African-American parents Raheem and Tonya, he had a broken home; his parents were separated. His father was in and out of the family, while his mother struggled with drug addiction.

As a result, to mend his life track, he lived with his little league football coach. On the other, his small brother was living with their mom.

McElrathbey’s mom occasionally entered rehab; in fact, when Fahmarr was born, she was in rehab.

Ray McElrathbey With His Mother And Younger Brother
Ray McElrathbey With His Mother And Younger Brother (Source: People)

So, to prevent his brother from going to the foster care system, Ray took custody of his then-11-year-old brother. At that time, he was in his freshman year (in 2005) at Clemson University.

After that, he and Fahmarr began to live in off-campus housing; he would manage his studies, games & work, which was no less than a parental duty then.

Ray didn’t see the custody coming unless his younger brother, who had come to visit his college, was unwilling to return home. As reported, the younger one said that he would prefer to get into foster care rather than home.

Thanks to McElrathbey’s supportive teammates & staff in Clemson, he got to keep his brother.

Fahmarr & Ray’s Father Died In 2018

Raheem, the father of Ray and Fahmarr McElrathbey, died on July 15, 2018, at 55.

Even though the former football player had some issues with his dad at some point, he told The Players Tribune that he later understood his situation. However, he never got to say that he came to grips with it.

Aside from him & his brother Fahmarr, their dad is survived by their other siblings, Cornelius, Tanea, Sabra, and Brittany.

Things have changed for the better these days. Ray’s mother, Tonya, has been sober for years and works with her son at Safety Net Foundation.

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