Does CJ Spiller Have A Son? Meet Daughter Shania

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Netizens have an ongoing query if the NFL player-turned-coach CJ Spiller has a son. The former Chiefs player has one but keeps his son, Cade, off the radar.

The 2012 Pro Bowl honoree leads a happy family of four with his wife, Daysha, a massage therapist. They are parents of two kids, a son and a daughter.

Many are familiar that he welcomed his daughter, Shania, with his ex-girlfriend during his first year at college.

A decade and a half later, the retired NFL star embraced fatherhood again with the welcome of his son- this time with his wife, Daysha.

CJ And His Wife Share Two Children, A Son And A Daughter
CJ And His Wife Share Two Children, A Son And A Daughter (Source: Facebook)

CJ Spiller (born Clifford Spiller Jr. on August 5, 1987) is an American football player who spent eight seasons in the NFL.

The 1st-round pick of the Bills in the 2010 NFL draft, CJ comes from the same year that launched players like Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy, Eric Berry, and Joe Haden.

Having notably played for the Buffalo Bills (2010-14), he also wore jerseys of the Saints, Seahawks, Jets, and Chiefs before retirement in 2018.

Then, he joined the coaching staff of Clemson University in 2020 as an unpaid intern. Now, Spiller is the running backs coach at Clemson (2021- now).

CJ Spiller Son And Daughter: Meet Cade And Shania

Spiller, a retired NFL player, has a reputation for being ruthless to opponents on the field during his playing days but melts like butter when it comes to his children.

The former Buffalo Bills running back is the father of two: daughter Shania and son Cade.

While his Instagram or Facebook may not be wholesome of fatherly posts, his affection for his kids is visible in his wife Daysha’s social media posts.

Retired NFL Player Spiller With His Spouse And Kids
Retired NFL Player Spiller With His Spouse And Kids (Source: Facebook)

CJ Spiller’s daughter, Shania Spiller, was born out of wedlock on March 30, 2006, with his Union High School girlfriend Krystal Brown. At that time, Spiller was a freshman at Clemson University.

Spiller then found love with his wife, Daysha, who’s been a loving stepmom to Shania.

Later, on February 7, 2022, CJ and his spouse became parents of their son, Cade. The family extension came five years after he retired from the NFL.

During his NFL career (2010- 2017), he frequently mentioned his daughter in his interviews and tabloid sources. And now, his son is another spotlight stealer in the Spiller family.

In May 2023, Daysha wished their daughter a 17th birthday on her Facebook. As of 2024, Shania is 18 years old.

She enrolled at D.W. Daniel High School in Pickens County, South Carolina, in August 2023.

CJ’s second child, son Cade, is 2 years old as of 2024.

Married Life Of CJ Spiller And His Wife, Daysha

The Clemson University football coach and his wife, Daysha Jackon Spiller, married in Savannah, Georgia, on May 16, 2020. As of 2024, they have been walking the conjugal road for 4 years.

They were ‘introduced to each other via cell phone,’ possibly via text/calls or social media.

Given the fact that they officially met at Clemson Fan Day (i.e., on August 11) and her old posts from 2009 showcasing her in a #28 jersey (worn by CJ), it’s evident that she was his fan.

CJ Spiller And His Wife, Daysha Jackson At Their Wedding In 2020
CJ Spiller And His Wife, Daysha Jackson, At Their Wedding In 2020 (Source: Facebook)

Mrs Spiller first shared a picture with CJ in mid-2010 on her Facebook profile.

At that time, the football player was already a father of one (daughter) from his previous relationship.

Who Is Daysha Jackson Spiller?

CJ’s other half, Daysha, is from Liberty, South Carolina. Born on July 11, 1992, she is nearly five years younger than her retired NFL star husband.

She is 31 years old as of 2024.

Mrs. Spiller is a licensed massage therapist at Anew Day Massage (October 2020- present) in Easley, South Carolina.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she previously worked as a therapist at Massage Envy (2017-19) and Southern Beauty Aesthetics (2019- 20).

Daysha is a graduate of the University of South Carolina Upstate. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in management information systems in 2016.

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