Floyd Schofield Parents: Father Rescued Him from Foster Care Abandoned By Mother

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Floyd Schofield, alias Kid Austin, was born to his parents, father Floyd Schofield Sr. and mother (name undisclosed), on August 27, 2002.

Abandoned by his mother when he was just a toddler, Floyd Jr. was raised by his father, coach, and friend, Floyd Sr.

On top of that, his father also served as a motherly figure to his son, showering Kid Austin with all the maternal love and support.

Floyd Kid Austin Schofield, A Professional Boxer
Floyd Kid Austin Schofield, A Professional Boxer (Source: Instagram)

Floyd III Schofield is a professional boxer who started his career in 2020.

The 21-year-old Austin-based boxer already has 16 bouts under his belt with a 100% win rate.

Floyd Schofield left no room for doubt in his latest showdown against Ricardo Lopez Torres as he swiftly defended his WBA (International) lightweight title.

Schofield exhibited sheer dominance in the ring, securing a resounding victory with a first-round TKO.

This further proves his stance, declaring without uncertain terms that he has entered the arena with serious intent.

Floyd Schofield Parents: Coach Father And Mother Who Abandoned Him

Floyd Schofield’s mother abandoned him when he was just a toddler. So, Floyd rarely mentions his mother, and there is little to no information about her.

Reportedly, she had four other children, a circumstance that presented formidable challenges in providing care for all of them.

The professional boxer’s grandmother informed Floyd Sr. to pick him up from foster care.

Reflecting on his past, Schofield Sr., who went through a similar situation, wanted to break the cycle.

So, Schofield Sr., who was in a tough situation himself, took his son with him. The father-son duo spent three years without a home, living in the car, homeless shelters, and roach-infested motels.

Kid Austin With His Father
Kid Austin With His Father (Source: Instagram)

Floyd Sr. had no money to get a babysitter, so he would take Jr. to the gym.

It was there that the seeds of Floyd Schofield Jr.’s passion for boxing were sown.

Now, a professional boxer, Schofield Jr. believes that his punching power is ‘ridiculously crazy.’

Echoing this sentiment, his father, a coach and a trainer, said, “From a coach standpoint, he’s one of the greatest boxers of all time.”

Besides training professional fighters, Schofield Sr. manages a company dedicated to assisting individuals in making financial decisions.

Floyd Jr. Changed His Father’s Life

The professional boxer’s father said, “Becoming a father prompted me to slow down, transition to a regular job, and let go of the hustle in the music industry. He was a catalyst for significant change.”

Upon securing custody of his son, Floyd Sr. transitioned to a more conventional job, diverting from the turbulent road of the music industry he had been navigating.

Floyd Jr. faced financial challenges, but after gaining custody of his son, Floyd Sr. did whatever it took to provide for both of them.

The tribulations they endured have proven worthwhile. Over two decades later, Schofield Jr. stands as one of boxing’s most compelling prospects, showcasing an impeccable record.

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