Francisco Cerundolo Girlfriend Brenda Chullmir

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While there has been no public announcement or confirmation regarding Francisco Cerundolo’s relationship, it is evident from his social media posts that Brenda Chullmir is his girlfriend.

Francisco Cerundolo, previously known for keeping his relationship status private, has recently entered into a relationship with Brenda Chullmir, an enthusiastic soccer fan.

Brenda is quite active on social media platforms. Her TikTok and Instagram profile showcases her passion for sports, especially soccer.

Argentine Tennis Player Francisco Cerundolo
Argentine Tennis Player Francisco Cerundolo (Source: Instagram)

Francisco Cerundolo is a talented tennis player from Argentina. He has achieved great success in his career.

In 2021, he made history by reaching his first ATP singles final as a qualifier.

Cerundolo continued to impress in 2022 by winning his first ATP title, which booked him a place in the top 100 in singles rankings.

The Argentine tennis player also did well in the Australian Open and French Open in 2023, making it to the later rounds.

Francisco Cerundolo Girlfriend

Brenda Chullmir is Francisco Cerundolo’s girlfriend.

Besides her official Instagram, Brenda has another account under the handle @bc_dump, which offers glimpses into the couple’s quality time spent together.

While the precise timeline of their relationship remains unknown, Chullmir posted their first TikTok together on May 1, 2023.

Francisco Cerundolo Girlfriend Brenda Chullmir
Francisco Cerundolo Girlfriend, Brenda Chullmir (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she publicly shared a picture of the couple attending a soccer match on Instagram on May 8, 2023.

Given the limited information available, it can be inferred that the couple might have recently started dating.

Who Is Brenda Chullmir? 

As mentioned earlier, Brenda is Francisco Cerundolo’s girlfriend. With the little information about her professional life available on the internet, it is clear that she is a sports fan. 

Furthermore, she is an avid social media user, particularly on TikTok. On this platform, she frequently captures moments with her closest friends and her boyfriend.

Brenda Chullmir has become a significant figure in the life of Argentine tennis player Francisco Cerundolo, especially during his recent triumph at the ATP in Rome. Brenda’s presence at the tournament seems to have brought good luck. 

The couple’s relationship seems to have blossomed through their shared passion for sports.

The only time this lovely couple opposes each other is while supporting their favorite soccer team – Brenda is a Boca Juniors fan, while Cerundolo supports River Plate.

The playful rivalry, however, does not seem to have affected their relationship, and they even attended a River Plate match together.

Francisco Cerundolo With His Girlfriend Brenda Chullmir
Francisco Cerundolo With His Girlfriend Brenda Chullmir (Source: Instagram)

Beyond her interest in soccer, Brenda is also active on social media, with an active Instagram account and TikTok.

Her posts often showcase her love for the beach, where she enjoys posing with the sea in the background.

In her recent Instagram posts, she shared her travel adventures with her boyfriend. 

Moreover, she is a very supportive girlfriend, as Brenda can be seen offering her unwavering support during Cerundolo’s games.

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