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Francisco Lindor, famous for his nickname “Mr. Smile,” is a Puerto Rican-born professional baseball player. Currently, he plays for New York Mets in Major League Baseball ( MLB).

The Mets shortstop indeed has a lot to smile about. Besides being a four-time All-Star, Francisco has other long awards lists, including Gold Gloves, a Platinum glove, and two Silver Sluggers.

Of all of these Francisco’s achievements, his mother, Maria Serrano, is the happiest person. Though Mario had always felt her son was a good player, she didn’t see her son accomplishing this much in a brief time.

Francisco Lindor's mother Maria Serrano.
Francisco Lindor’s mother, Maria Serrano.

Maria is often seen supporting and cheering her son Francisco in the fields. She is Francisco’s biggest supporter, for which Francisco is always grateful.

However, Francisco has always kept his life private, so there are not many details about his family, including Maria Serrano.

But in this article, we will try to provide as much information as we can dig into Mr. Smile’s mother.

But before that, let’s take a glance at some quick facts related to Maria.

Maria Serrano: Quick Facts

Full Name Maria Serrano
Age In her late 60’s
Birth Place Puerto Rico
Religion Christianity
Nationality Puerto Rican
Ethnicity Black
Mother’s Name Not Known
Father’s Name Not Known
Husband Miguel Angel Lindor
Children Four (2 sons & 2 daughters)
Known For Mother of baseball shortstop Francisco Lindor‘s mother
Education Not Known
Height 5’6″ (168 cm)
Weight 102 kg 
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Marital Status  Divorced
Daughter-in-law Katie Reguero 
Current Residence Orlando, America
Favorite Food  Lasagna
Hobby Cooking
Occupation Homemaker
First Language Spanish 
Second language English
Elder Daughter Name Legna
Net worth Unknown
Social Media None
Francisco Lindor Merch  Jersey, Trading Card
Last Update July, 2024

Maria Serrano: Early life, Family & Education

Maria Serrano is originally from Caguas, Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island located in the United States territory.

Since Francisco’s mother seems to be in her late ’60s, her date of birth should lie between 1950-1960. Unfortunately, Maria’s exact date of birth is not discovered yet.

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Maria Serrano and her husband Miguel Angel Lindor divorced when Francisco was a kid. Sadly, the reason for their divorce is unknown. 

Maria and Miguel together had four children. Their elder daughter’s name is Legna & third child is Francisco. But Maria’s younger daughter is disabled.

Maria Serrano's daughter Lenna and son Francisco.
Maria Serrano’s daughter Lenna and son Francisco.

Maria’s husband Miguel moved outside of the Orlando area from Puerto Rico to support his son Francisco’s baseball career. Maria was also in favor of this decision. He then enrolled Francisco at Montverde Academy school, which was famous for its athletic program.

Similarly, Miguel started teaching fundamental baseball skills to his son Francisco already at the age of 4.

Later, his father would hit him with ground balls from the top of the field, and Francisco standing down the slope would attempt to field them.

Francisco moved to the USA, Central Florida, and her younger sister while leaving her mother Maria, and two older siblings. Francisco in America lived with his father, Miguel, stepmom, and two half-sisters for a few years.

However, once he got his first signing bonus of $2.9 million from Cleaveland Indians, he brought Maria and two siblings to America from Puerto Rico in 2011.

Maria’s other son also used to play baseball. Francisco sometimes reflected on the days when he used to get overshadowed by his brother’s performances. But eventually, his brother stopped playing baseball, but he is super proud of his brother Francisco.


Information regarding Maria Serrano’s education is not found anywhere.

But, on various occasions, Francisco has mentioned that his mother had worked very hard and is the center of the family. She even used to take Francisco to the field so he could play.

Francisco Lindor’s Mother: Age, Height & Weight

Maria Serrano is in her late 60’s but still looks gorgeous. Francisco’s mother stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 102 kg.

Francisco with his lovely mom Maria Serrano. (Source:
Francisco with his lovely mom Maria Serrano. (Source:

Like any other ordinary mother of this age, Maria seems relatively healthy and beautiful.

Maria Serrano: Elder Daughter Legna and her Battle with Cancer

Maria Serrano, the elder and oldest child of the family Legna, was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer in 2016. For a mother, to get unfortunate news of a child’s illness is harrowing.

Mario at that time not only had to be there for Legna, but she also had to console Francisco Lindor because he was very close to his elder sister.

As Maria used to work hard and being the oldest sister, Legna had to take care of little Francisco.

So Legna was not only a sister, but she was like a second mother for Francisco. Thus, he was very heartbroken because of her sister’s condition.

Francisco Twitter post on the occassion of Mother's Day for his mom Maria and sister Legna.
Francisco’s Twitter post on the occasion of Mother’s Day for his mom Maria and sister Legna.

Maria’s children share an extraordinary bond and are there for each other during good and bad times.

So when the doctor talked about immediate options after diagnosis, firstly, she put a condition to fly to see her little brother. She knew her brother wouldn’t be able to receive such news over a phone call. So she wanted to tell the news in person herself.

Later, when Legna went for treatment Francisco had a new purpose. That year he was named to the American League All-Star team for the first time.

Luckily, Maria’s daughter was able to beat cancer. This news brings back happiness to the family. Also, Legna is happily married and a mother to two daughters.

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Mother and Son Bond

Francisco has taken that smile from his mama Maria. This mother-son duo is unbeatable.

Although Maria and her husband couldn’t afford to give everything to Francisco back in Puerto Rica, there were limitations like every middle-class family. Still, for their son’s future, they never made compromises.

And Francisco being the good son, understood those situations. So because of all those sacrifices and love from his mother, Francisco is extremely grateful. 

When Francisco moved to the USA, he was boarded at the school. Initially, it was tough for him to adjust there, so he would cry and call Maria. Spanish was his first language, and at that time, he didn’t understand the English language.

The language barrier problem was extreme for him, but his mom encouraged him during those difficult times. But eventually, everything came into the track.

Likewise, Francisco signed with Cleaveland Indians in 2011 and joined his mother and sisters in Florida by his side.

According to Francisco his mom Maria is the best cook and loves eating food prepared by her. Recalling his childhood, Francisco was always the skinniest kid in the neighborhood. But his mother’s cooking aided his attempt to alter that.

Francisco visits his former grammar school in Puerto Rico alongside his mom Maria Serrano.

Even after becoming a baseball star, Francisco has not forgotten his roots. In 2018, he visited his former grammar school in Puerto Rico with his mother.

The reason behind this visit was to lead a special baseball clinic for approximately 250 students in Gurabo.

Who is Francisco Lindor?

Francisco Lindor is a famous baseball shortstop born on November 14, 1993, in Puerto Rico. His birth sign is Scorpio.

He has an athletic build, stands 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighs 86 kg.

In the 2011 MLB Draft, Lindor was selected by the Cleveland Indians. And then debuted with the team in June 2015. Not only he debuted, but he also helped the team reach the 2016 World Series.

Francisco Lindor.
Francisco Lindor.

Francisco, also nicknamed “Paquito” and “Mr. Smile,” left Puerto Rico and moved to central Florida at the age of 12. He then enrolled at Montverde Academy Prep School.

Lindor is known for his shortstop defense and is the first Puerto Rican to win the Gold glove award. In 2013, he was named a promising Indian candidate, and indeed he exceeded those predictions.

His other achievements are the winner of the Esurance MLB Award 2016 for the best defender, the Platinum Glove Award in the same year, and the Silver Slugger Award in 2017.

Likewise, Francisco is engaged to his girlfriend Katia Reguero, and the couple is blessed with a baby girl in December 2020.

Recently he signed a ten-year contract extension worth $341 million with New York Met.

Maria Serrano: Net Worth

Francisco Lindor‘s mother’s profession is not disclosed yet, but she indeed is living a luxurious life. She spent her early days only investing in her children’s futures. Now it is her children’s time to take care of her.

Besides, Francisco is a star baseball player and has played baseball for a decade now.

Recently in 2021, Francisco signed a ten-year contract extension worth $341 million with New York Mets. Also, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million.

His soaring bank balance of Francisco allows his mother to live a comfortable life with all sorts of modern-day amenities.

Maria Serrano: Social Media Presence

We couldn’t find Maria Serrano on any social media site. Moreover, she must not like to be on social media or might have one but only for her close family and friends.

On the other hand, Francisco Lindor is active on both Twitter and Instagram. Also, he is seen sharing about her mom on some special occasions like Mother’s day with sweet captions.

Moreover, social media is not that important. You don’t need to share everything with the world to prove how much you love and care for others.  

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Some FAQs:

How many siblings does Francisco Lindor have?

Francisco Lindor is the third one out of four siblings. He has an older sister and brother and one younger sister.

Are Francisco Lindo’s parents divorced?

Francisco Lindo’s parents got divorced when he was a kid.

But his parents had maintained good relations even after the divorce.

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